Thinking of knowledge as a graph

Jenny Connected

Thinking of knowledge as a graph. This is the real challenge, i.e. moving from thinking and seeing knowledge in a linear way to thinking and seeing knowledge as a network/graph. The state of my knowledge can then be represented by the map.

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Blog>> Method Knowledge

Green Chameleon

One of the knowledge types we take pains to highlight during a knowledge mapping exercise is method knowledge - the type of knowledge that a team builds up over time and that which makes them effective. It is knowledge that is seldom captured because people are either unaware of how valuable that knowledge is, or they do not see capturing it as a priority. To mitigate the risk, we embarked on a programme of documenting their method knowledge.

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Identifying international knowledge partnerships

Net-Map Toolbox

With my colleagues Kerstin Tebbe and Bruno Laporte I just had an interesting design conversation for a session in which they want to help the members of a water basin commission better understand with whom they have knowledge exchange partnerships.

Why Do I Share My Knowledge?


and Social Business thought leaders and blogger extraordinaire, Oscar Berg , put together a rather inspiring article that I thought would be worth while reflecting on, specially, since it is at the heart of not just social software, but also collaboration and knowledge management in general.

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Knowledge Management & Climate Change Adaptation

Michelle Laurie

A few months ago, the KM4Dev Journal put a call out for contributions linking Knowledge Management and Climate Change Adaptation. I wrote a short story: Lessons on bridging knowledge management with climate change adaptation: a story from southeastern British Columbia, Canada. knowledge management climate change Visual Thinking Given these are two of my most passionate areas of work, I could not resist.

Blog>> Knowledge Retention Roundtable and Knowledge Risks

Green Chameleon

We had a great afternoon yesterday with Shaharudin Mohd Ishak from IE Singapore , Arshad Ahmed a KM practitioner from the UK and Carla Newman from Kuala Lumpur on practical knowledge retention strategies.

Blog>> UNICEF Knowledge Exchange Toolbox

Green Chameleon

The United Nations Children’s Fund has just released a set of tools and techniques for facilitating knowledge sharing, some of which have been written by very experienced facilitators.

theTeam – Knowledge Management Done Right


Have you seen “ Using Knowledge Management “? and Social Business are pretty close to some of the basic key principles behind traditional Knowledge Management, drafted back in the day, like I have blogged about, just recently, under the heading “ KM, Enterprise 2.0

The Evolution of the Knowledge Web Worker


“ A knowledge worker is someone who gets to decide what he or she does each morning “, by Thomas A. Specially, if you are looking for the right experts with the right level of acquired knowledge, experience, skills and know-how.

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Blog>> Knowledge Manager Lifespans Getting Longer?

Green Chameleon

In 2008 I ran a global survey on knowledge manager professional development and experience. It found that only 29% of knowledge managers had been in their role for more than 4 years, and only 25% were confident of moving on to another KM role. Nick Milton recently surveyed his KM contacts on LinkedIn and found that knowledge managers average lifespan seems to last about 6 years – which shows progress!

2018 100

Scaffolding for sharing knowledge

Chris Collison

Whilst they are similar in concept to maturity models, the purpose is less to track and measure – and more to create a shared vocabulary to enable more targeted knowledge sharing. I like to think of them as scaffolding for knowledge sharing.

Rhizomatic learning, knowledge and books

Jenny Connected

Last week Sarah Honeychurch in the Google Hangout asked whether nowadays all knowledge is up for grabs? We are in Week 4 of Dave Cormier’s open online course – Rhizomatic Learning: The Community is the Curriculum - and the topic is ‘Is Books making us stupid?

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Improving Things for Knowledge and Information Workers

Michael Sampson - Currents

Knowledge and information workers don’t produce physical product. They are paid to use their brains – leveraging a domain of knowledge, ways of thinking, ways of approaching a problem, ways of creating solutions to problems, and so on.

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Three musketeers, time and knowledge gaps


Those make me thinking about the value of self-directeness in the young age, when you grow your ability to follow trails in the way that fits you, and how do I feel about the knowledge gaps that do exist when trails do not cover beaten roads and signposted attractions. The post Three musketeers, time and knowledge gaps appeared first on Mathemagenic. I wanted to share with the kids D’Artagnan and Three Musketeers movie of my childhood, an iconic musical of its time.

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What motivates knowledge workers?

Joitske Hulsebosch

Daniel Pink (I liked his book A whole new mind) explains how motivation of knowledge workers works. For knowledge workers, it doesn't work. One thing I'm missing is that knowledge workers in organisations also need recognition.

Bloomfire Provides Comprehensive Knowledge Connections

Portals and KM

is a relatively new offering in the knowledge management space, founded in 2010, that is meeting a need that has remained with us for some time: how do you connect people with the knowledge they need to accomplish their work tasks? Bloomfire.

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Guidelines for Knowledge Partnerships

Michelle Laurie

The Asian Development Bank has recently released “Guidelines for Knowledge Partnerships”, a report prepared by Heather Creech of IISD and myself. This is a major step forward in our thinking on how to set up and manage partnerships that are primarily for the purposes of the generation and exchange of knowledge. knowledge management collaboration development knowledge networks partnerships

Why Is Knowledge Sharing Important? A Matter of Survival


That man has got plenty of golden nuggets to share around the topics of Knowledge Sharing, Collaboration, Communities, Learning and Enterprise 2.0 Have you checked out one of his most recent blog posts on Why is Knowledge Sharing Important?

About blogging, tunneling visions and knowledge entrepreneurship

Joitske Hulsebosch

Julie is doing research for the university of Amsterdam (VU) into (micro-)blogging as part of her PdD research about knowledge and power in the development sector. You might say there were new lines of thinking, new directions explicited by these knowledge entrepreneurs.

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Blog>> Survey on Knowledge Audits

Green Chameleon

I’m currently working on a book about knowledge audits and knowledge mapping. I’d like to get a better sense of the variety of understandings of knowledge audits that exists out in the professional community. Here’s a short survey that should take between 10 and 20 minutes of your time – do take it, and recommend it to others. Responses are anonymous, but if you leave your email address, I will share the survey results when completed. Thank you!

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Blog>> Knowledge, Story, Insight

Green Chameleon

Back in September 2011 we organised a workshop in Singapore on the relationship between Insight and Storytelling , with luminaries Gary Klein and Shawn Callahan.

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Three Questions About Knowledge Management

Portals and KM

 The topic was knowledge management and I liked their questions. The results were posted on May 15 on the blog – see 3 Questions With Bill Ives About Knowledge Management. I was recently interviewed for the Simplicity 2.0

The Tilburg story of knowledge sharing for social innovation

Making CommunitySense

Topic of my talk was “Knowledge Sharing for Social Innovation: The Dutch Tilburg Regional Case” I published the slides of my talk in a previous post. In it, you can find the Tilburg story of knowledge sharing for social innovation.

2015 239

Shell All of That Knowledge, Please!


Can video make a difference in Knowledge Transfer? Nick actually shares along a few reasons as to why it may well be a rather effective method for transferring knowledge across. Specially, with senior knowledge workers.

2011 189

Knowledge Cafe Report: Reslience

Platform Neutral

This is a brief report on our Bristol Knowledge Cafe on ‘Reslience’, kindly introduced by Phillipa Bayley, keenly discussed by about 30 of us, space kindly lent by the ever effervescent Pervasive Media Studio.

Blog>> Knowledge Audit Infographic Poster

Green Chameleon

Here’s our latest infographic poster (formatted for A2 printing) on our knowledge audit process. We also have a video tutorial on the process here. Let us know if you have any questions! Download the full-size poster here (2MB file

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Blog>> Straits Knowledge Bulletin August 2017

Green Chameleon

Here’s the link to our August issue of the Straits Knowledge Bulletin. Lots of good stuff on upcoming events, knowledge audits, KM Assessments, and a book review! Enjoy

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Blog>> ISKO UK: Knowledge Organisation and Social Impact

Green Chameleon

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Gurteen Knowledge Cafe: Ethics

Platform Neutral

The next Gurteen Bristol Knowledge Cafe is going to be held in the exceptionally ethical Pervasive Media Studio , Bristol, on Thursday February 11th, from 18:30. Bristol Gurteen Knowledge Cafe mailing list link. Bristol Gurteen Knowledge Cafe Facebook group.

The Crisis of Meaning in the Knowledge Workforce


to me, are all part of the knowledge workforce and, if anything, instead of talking about different generations at work, I always tend to think that it is mostly about embracing and facilitating different working styles within the workforce.

2011 264

What did Einstein know about Knowledge Management?

Chris Collison

Here are my top ten favourite “Einstein on KM” quotes, which I have roughly curated into a journey from information to knowledge, through to learning and simplicity, experimentation, failure, curiosity and imagination… Information is not knowledge.

Why conversation is the best way to share knowledge

Social Reporter

David Gurteen has been demonstrating that over the past decade in the field of knowledge management, which is rich in examples of costly failed technology solutions. Everyone feels special, and knowledgeable. Gurteen Knowledge website.

2013 275

Knowledge Is … All About Working Smarter, Not Necessarily Harder!


You could probably say that it is not even knowledge work altogether, right? What if we would have that unique opportunity of injecting both smart collaboration and open knowledge sharing into the mix? Because, after all, “ knowledge is … passion and desire to learn!

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Threshold Concepts and Troublesome Knowledge

Jenny Connected

This week Professor Glynis Cousin from Wolverhampton University spoke at Lancaster University about her long-standing interest and research into threshold concepts and troublesome knowledge. For her the most interesting aspects of threshold concepts are troublesome knowledge and liminality. So there is a lot of ‘noise’ going on as students find themselves in a state of liminality, oscillating betwixt and between mastery and troublesome knowledge.

2012 127

Blog>> Benefits and Pitfalls of Knowledge Management

Green Chameleon

Nick Milton and I have written a couple of blog posts on the Kogan Page website to introduce our new book The Knowledge Manager’s Handbook , due out in 3 weeks. Nick has written a post outlining four reasons why knowledge management can benefit organisations, and I have written a post describing some of the pitfalls you might encounter in implementing knowledge management and how to avoid them.

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Blog>> Knowledge Retention: Beyond Guidelines and Rhetoric

Green Chameleon

From a knowledge management perspective, however, the guidelines alone are not enough. Without concerted effort to retain or transfer the skills and experience of older employees, the loss of those valuable knowledge is inevitable. Shortly after my mom turned 50, she decided to retire.

Knowledge Pit Stops

Chris Collison

I was interested to see that Formula One was in the news again this week with another example of curiosity-driven cross-sector knowledge sharing – this time with public transport.

2013 63

New publication – Knowledge Weaving for Social Innovation: Laying the First Strand

Making CommunitySense

Knowledge Weaving for Social Innovation: Laying the First Strand. We propose a process for building a networked community-commons called knowledge weaving. This is a reflective sensemaking effort in which existing communal knowledge sharing practices, initiatives, and resources are tied together into coherent commons-based knowledge fabrics that support intercommunal collaboration, such as for social innovation. Just published: A. de Moor (2015).

2016 147

Knowledge Management’s Fried Egg moments…

Chris Collison

If you haven’t read it, and you work in the field of knowledge management, organizational learning, improvement or in any medium-large consultancy, then please do. Behaviours Knowledge Management Knowledge transfer Learning Lessons Learned Organizational learning Storytelling

Blog>> Innovations in Knowledge Organisation

Green Chameleon

This is going to be fun…

2014 141

Is this Knowledge Management’s most effective tool?

Chris Collison

One of knowledge management’s most powerful tools. Let me share with you a couple of quotes from middle managers in a smart, knowledgeable organization which regularly spends over £1Bn annually on construction programmes. There are a lot of KM-related words beginning with the letter C.

2013 102

What can knowledge interventions contribute to development?

Joitske Hulsebosch

The first difference I remember is about what knowledge is. In my practitioners view- knowledge resides in the head of people, practitioners or policy makers. Eric Smaling would consider a phd research as knowledge. I would prefer to call this information rather than knowledge (if it does not reside in anybody's head except the phd student's head.). One of the first questions was 'what kind of knowledge should the Netherlands 'export' or 'transfer' ?

2011 177

Knowledge Networks

Net-Map Toolbox

I found this brief text about the meaning of different network structures for knowledge sharing and he does a good job of explaining how you can quantify the quality of a connection by looking at it’s multiplexity (do these two people just share knowledge or do they have more than one different link). He concludes: “In sum, dense, core/periphery networks are very efficient at spreading knowledge.