Painting of Stephanie Jordan Jazz Fest 2014

Portals and KM

Here is a second 16" x 20" painting of Stephanie Jordan from a photo I at took at  Jazz Fest   201 4. She brought her big band and put on a great show of jazz standards. 

Jordan 158

12 Rules for Life

Jenny Connected

Earlier this week I travelled to Manchester to hear Jordan Peterson speak at the O2 Apollo Theatre about his book ‘12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos’ This was one event in a punishing schedule of 80 cities – [link]. Personal 12 Rules for Life Jordan Peterson Kathy Newman

2018 148

Online Community Expert Interview: Jordan Williams, REI

Online Community Report

This month’s Online Community Expert interview is with Jordan Williams, Manager of Digital Engagement at REI. In this role, Jordan is responsible for creating deeper customer engagement through the creation of content and community touch points on and throughout the social web.

Death is a friend of life

Jenny Connected

In a recent discussion that Iain had with Jordan Peterson, Peterson said that death is a friend of life (in Iain’s words, a friend of being) and a necessary stage in life. The Self-Unseeing (by Thomas Hardy). Here is the ancient floor, Footworn and hollowed and thin, Here was the former door.

2018 130

Painting of My Old Sneakers

Portals and KM

They are vintage Air Jordans. These shoes have played a lot of hoop but they could not get me to dunk. This is a 18" x24" acrylic painting of them.       

Jordan 151

NOLA 2014 Jazz Fest Highlights: May 1

Portals and KM

       Marlon Jordan is part of the New Orleans Jordan musical family including Kid Jordan. This is my second  New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival  and once again I will be at all days.

2014 163

Focus on the Process - The "Why" Not the "What" for Social Software

Michael Sampson - Currents

Jordan at Traction Software reviews the recent Deloitte study and my User Adoption book , and comments: " When you focus on the "why," people stop looking at the platform as a "blog" or "social" system but rather as a work-process system. I think this means we have agreement on what to focus on between three parties - Jordan, Deloitte, and Michael.

2011 122

A biology lesson for bankers

The Bumble Bee

Thanks to Jo Jordan for pointing out research on how biological systems such as the animal kingdom or the environment can offer lessons on how we might have predicted and controlled the behaviour of bankers and thus avoided the financial panic that has rocked our financial system to their core.

2009 127

Weekend Reading 09.12

Michael Sampson - Currents

Alexa for Business (Jordan Crook) … “ The interface is evolving. There are many people doing interesting work around the world. Here’s a selection of the interesting ideas I have come across this week.

2017 116

Listening is a Key Component of Social Media Success

Portals and KM

Rob Paterson recently wrote about two such innovators, Baochi Nguyen at Boingo and Jordan Miller at Kotex. Jordan Miller leads the new Kotex social media campaign that is built around listening and engagement. Jordan and Kotex are now connected to a community of 1.4 Joe McKendrick commented on the FastForward blog on a post by Irina Slutsky of Advertising Age, ' Chief Listeners' Use Technology to Track, Sort Company Mentions.

NOLA 2014 Jazz Fest Highlights: May 2

Portals and KM

      Stephanie Jordan brought her big band to the Jazz Tent for a powerful performance. This is my second  New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival  and once again I will be at all days. Here are highlights from the first day, Friday, May 2.

2014 163

You're Invited to a Social Media / Beer Event at ZAAZ: Thursday June 18th

Web Social Architecture

ZAAZ is hosting the latest in our social media events series next Thursday, June 18th, at ZAAZ hq in downtown Seattle. Join us from 6 - 9 for a panel discussion on agency / client relationships in social media.

2009 164

Community as lens

Learning Alliances

During Rich Ling’s talk, I happened to be sitting next to Shirley Williams and Tim Jordan, who had just given a talk about hackers immediately before the presentation I did with Beverly Trayner and Patricia Arnold. IT University lobby during the AoIR 9.0 Conference.

2008 206

March was my month of exploring virtual reality for learning and development.

Joitske Hulsebosch

An example of storytelling is Clouds over Sidra about a refugee camp in Jordan. We are the proud owners of 10 Virtual Reality (VR) cardboard glasses. We use them in our learning trajectory. However, we get stuck playing with a roller coaster and walking under the Eiffel Tower.

2018 117

#openedMOOC Week 5: Research on OER Impact and Effectiveness

Jenny Connected

Katy Jordan has done some amazing work in relation to this. Click on image for source. I have not done any research into OER Impact and Effectiveness and I don’t, in my career as a teacher, remember ever heavily relying on a textbook that students would have to buy.

2017 130

Traction TeamPage: The One System to Rule It All

Michael Sampson - Currents

Last week I was speaking with Jordan Frank from Traction Software about security in collaboration platforms. There was one thing during my talk with Jordan that really stood out, and that was paragraph-level security. The Traction team have done a fantastic job building security in from the ground up, and the level of configuration is fantastic. If you are in the market for a collaboration platform, check out what they are offering.

Learning, its context, and me

Learning Alliances

There were no organizations to speak of in the Lave & Wenger midwives example (apart from the unmentioned funding that Gitti Jordan must have had to study them in the Yucatan).

2013 158

Auckland Session on User Adoption Strategies for SharePoint

Michael Sampson - Currents

Thanks also to Jordan Mayer (Intergen) for organizing the session on the day (and for bringing lunch), and Cliftons Training for hosting the user group. Today I presented the first of four sessions to SharePoint User Groups in New Zealand. The topic for each session is "User Adoption Strategies for SharePoint," based on my recent governance report on user adoption and the new book. Today's session was in Auckland, tomorrow is Hamilton and Tauranga, and Thursday is Wellington.

2010 109

Inspiring students through research-based education

Jenny Connected

Jordan, F. & Research-based education was the focus of a one day conference at University College London (UCL)- this week (Thurs 3 April).

2014 187

FSLT12 PechaKucha Presentation

Jenny Connected

Lindsay Jordan was one of the winners. People who participated in the FSLT12 MOOC this summer and who continue to very generously give their time to support the research the FSLT12 team are currently working on, might be interested in our contribution to this year’s ALT-C conference in Manchester, UK. Submission of a research paper for the conference came too early for us – we had not run the MOOC – but we were invited to do a short PechaKucha presentation.

2012 107

Mapping a community – easy and not-so-easy

Learning Alliances

One response per country: Australia, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Chile, Denmark, Djibouti, Fiji, Indonesia, Jordan, Pakistan, Paraguay, Peru, Senegal, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, Three responses had blank IP addresses so no country information is available.

2013 173

Traction TeamPage 5.0: It's Out, and Tasks Are Coming

Michael Sampson - Currents

Anyway, just off the phone with Jordan Frank, their VP of Business Development. Last month Traction Software released Version 5.0 of TeamPage , its collaboration software for organizations. Version 5.0 includes a variety of new things: - A revised user interface, using Google technology. Profiles for people, which can be extended depending on what you want to have in there. -

2010 114

How Social Media can Fix the Troll and Bullying problem

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

After having his car vandalized four times, Jordan Addison said it would cost $2,500 to fix the damage. This article covers: What is a troll, History of Trollling and How Social Media can Fix Trolling (how can society fix trolling, actually).

2012 284

Lindy Hess changed our lives and so many others

Endless Knots

About nine months earlier, Jeff Stamps and I had sold Networking , our first joint book to Methuen, the British publisher, which was starting up an American list (for the publishing historians, Fred Jordan, for many years of Grove Press, was the publisher of this effort).

2013 182

Selling the Case for Accelerating Business Performance with Enterprise Collaboration Technologies: Enterprise 2.0 Conference Notes

Portals and KM

They include Jordan Franks, Traction, Brian Stern, NewsGator,   Omar Divina, Socialtext.   Jordan said it is hard to do elevator speeches with these tools.   Jordan related a situation where a client asked what to call the social software system.   Jordan said he was a little surprised when he first started dealing with IT people.   Jordan said he found the best selling point is to start with IT and have them bring you into the enterprise.

Cisco on Enabling the New Collaborative Workspace

Portals and KM

Jordan , Vice President, Communication and Collaboration IT, Cisco Systems presented a Key note: Enabling The New Collaborative Workspace. Sheila Jordan has led the transformation behind Cisco’s Integrated Workforce Experience (IWE); she will share some of the best practices and lessons that she and her team have learned to help you down a successful path of your own.”. I am attending Forrester's Content & Collaboration Forum 2011.

2011 138

Report Back from the Online Community Summit 2009

Online Community Report

Jordan Williams of Forum One hosted the eighth annual Online Community Summit 2009 last week in Sonoma, and by all accounts (and feedback) it was one of the strongest.

2009 46

Online Community Summit 2009

Online Community Strategy

Panelist: Jordan Williams, REI. We’re just about 2 weeks away from our 8th annual Online Community Summit in Sonoma, CA, on October 8-9. We have a fantastic speaker and session line-up that I’ve detailed out below.

2009 54

From the feed

Chris Corrigan

Morsels on inspiration and thought: Ashley Cooper on Chris Jordan’s trip to Midway to document the catastrophic results of our plastic world. Dave Pollard articluates a framework for personal action. Phaedra Eliis-Lamkins on Van Jones, green jobs and the meaning of the moment: “Our team doesn’t feel fierce enough to be a team.&# (link via Dave Pollard).

Sneaking into EPIC 2008

Learning Alliances

Beverly Trayner and I had been corresponding with Gitti Jordan about a CPsquare-sponsored dialog on Sunday October 19, so to get the conversation going we snuck into the EPIC conference to join a workshop she was leading on Mobile Work and Mobile Lives.

2008 130

Collaboration and Clarity Make Us Greater than the Sum of Our Parts

Evolving Web

Photo of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra by Jordan Fischer. A year-end retrospective. Imagine Yo-Yo Ma performing a solo. Now imagine him performing a duet with Hai-Ye Ni. Now imagine him performing the duet on his own. First he’ll play his part, then he’ll play hers.

2009 213

Technology: blogging projects

Joitske Hulsebosch

reflecting on the fact that countries like Cambodja, Iran and Jordan have a dynamic blogosphere, while others don't. I came across the African mentoring project set up by Ore Somolu from Nigeria. She is inspired by the Young Caucasus Women project in which I was the first mentor, and which seems to move quite well at a good pace.

2006 100

Reader's Corner: While I Was Away.

Collaborative Thinking

Jordan provides commentary on several other blog posts and analysts reports. Jordan Frank, Traction Software On Post SharePoint vs. Connections: The Battle Continues. There have been several comments left on different blog posts that I have not been able to respond to of late. I thought I would summarize a few of them here: Enterprise 2.0 & & The Economic Downturn. A couple of things come to mind: (1) The issue is not about "Enterprise 2.0".

2008 100

Revisiting the Hero’s Journey

Viv Mcwaters

It’s about 10 years ago that I decided I wanted to be a scriptwriter. I’ve since discovered that everyone, at some stage or another during their lifetime, wants to be a scriptwriter. Or so it seems.

2010 141

Mass math

Endless Knots

Jordan Ellenberg wrote up Massively Collaborative Mathematics for the NY Times Sunday Magazine's 9th Annual Year in Ideas--and what an idea this one was. Tongue twister? No, mind bender. Cambridge University mathematician Timothy Gowers and Toronto writer and physicist Michael Nielsen launched the Polymath Project earlier this year, throwing out an intractable math proof to the digital masses. They wrote up their experiment for Nature under the same title the Times used.

2009 114

Online Residency

Jenny Connected

Lindsay Jordan – ‘Teaching should be done with your mouth shut’. Yesterday (April 19th) I dipped into an HEA workshop (face-to-face in Oxford with open virtual access – I was in the latter group) and enjoyed it so much that I stayed the entire day. The Process. There were a few things that made this event enjoyable. I knew, at least by name, quite a few of the people attending – both face-to-face and online. It felt like a comfortable space.

2012 119

Four Examples of Wikis Working within the Enterprise

Portals and KM

Thanks to Jordan Frank of Traction who alerted me to this article A recent Computerworld article, Wikis that work: Four IT departments get it right , provides early adopters success stories at Enel, ShoreBank, NYK, and SAP. The first two used Traction Team Page , NYK used Atlassian's Confluence and the SAP example did not mention a vendor. This is a comprehensive article that goes into good detail on each example. I recommend looking at the complete coverage.

Wiki 100

Online Residency

Jenny Connected

Lindsay Jordan – ‘Teaching should be done with your mouth shut’. Yesterday (April 19th) I dipped into an HEA workshop (face-to-face in Oxford with open virtual access – I was in the latter group) and enjoyed it so much that I stayed the entire day. The Process. There were a few things that made this event enjoyable. I knew, at least by name, quite a few of the people attending – both face-to-face and online. It felt like a comfortable space.

2012 113

Social Network Travel Logging

Governance in a Networked World

Two more this trip being Israel and Jordan. Sidebar 12 – I find a personal connection with Yolie and Larry (new connections) Yolie and Larry joined our organised tour of Jordan. Riad joked that one of the main products from small villages in Jordan are children.

2014 130

The Patience to Wait for Courage: A Meditation

How to Save the World

photo by jordan wooley (jrwooley6 on flickr, creative commons). S o I sit in the forest, this place of astonishing beauty that I pretend for now is my place, preparing to meditate. “I am the open-source collaborative project of trillions of cells”, I tell myself.

2014 94

Wrap Up of 2nd Annual Community Manager Day: Voices Around the World #CMAD « Web Strategy by Jeremiah Owyang | Social Media, Web Marketing

John Tropea - Delicious Community

Find events and voices First of all, see all the regions around the globe and the companies and individuals that backed the physical events Physical events in Boston, NY, Austin, London, Barcelona, SF, Denver, Narobi, Amsterdam, Switzerland, Bolivia and Jordan.

2011 79

Binding affordances and GIS in hybrid places

Taming the spaces

Troy Jordan, Martin Raubal*, Bryce Gartrell, and Max J. There is an interesting paper that provides some ideas how to use affordances together with geographical coordinates. This would enable the practical exploration of geolocative spaces. However, this framework is yet limited in describing hybrid places - the various virtual artifacts and meanings and action cules that are simultaneously mapped geolocatively must be part of the place description with affordances.

2009 109

News Updates (September 2, 2009)

Michael Sampson - Currents

The Enterprise Collaboration Platform is scheduled to be announced in early November and should be available in a beta-test form around that time, according to Sheila Jordan, vice president of IT at Cisco. Silence in Virtual Teams. Phil comments on the destructive influence of silence on virtual teams, and what to do about it. While the old adage says “Silence is golden” it could be eroding trust in your business or on your team.

2009 109