Moving Beyond “Collaboration” Meaning Video and Calling: Cisco Partners with Jive

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In light of what I wrote all those years ago, and being mindful of my perplexity last month, it was good to see Cisco (who has focused very heavily on video meetings, calling and presence, but struggling to get a foothold in the other Pillars) announce a partnership with Jive for integration between their respective offerings. Cisco and Jive plan to progressively link these products at a technology level so they work in a more integrated fashion.

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Jive SBS Design Practices, Part 1 » Connected

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To avoid doing this with your community’s design, try using what we here at Jive call, “Barry’s Community Flower&# to figure out what your community is all about. To spark your thinking, check out these communities, powered by Jive SBS.

Free Download: Community Manager Salary Survey 2014 by The Community Roundtable and Jive

Managing Communities

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Jive SBS Structure Best Practices, Part 1 » Connected

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—– There are generally two approaches to creating an initial Jive SBS structure: emergent , and prescribed. Next Entry: Jive SBS Structure Best Practices, Part 2 Posted in Enterprise 2.0 , Jive SBS You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0

Jive for Customer Service

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Jive will be releasing a version of its social business software tailored at the customer service scenario in organizations : " The product, which will be called Jive Social Customer Service Solution, will include native integration with CRM (customer relationship management) and case management applications, social media monitoring capabilities, mobile access and elements of play intended to promote usage through "gamification.".

Jive SBS Structure Best Practices, Part 2 » Connected

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Read Jive SBS Structure Best Practices, Part 1 before reading this. Special shout-out to my colleague and friend, Kathryn Everest , for writing this entry. —– Jive SBS Spaces Types of Spaces In a large enterprise, space structures should reflect: key enterprise knowledge domains (e.g.,

(Intranets2011) "A social intranet - two years on" - Melissa Hendry, REA Group

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They use Jive Software. The IT Group ran an ideation session in Jive, and the winners got 2 days away from their day-to-day jobs to make it happen. In the second-to-last session for the day at Intranets2011 , Melissa Hendry from REA Group talked about their social intranet journey.

Collaboration Loop - Jive Software Launches New Edition of Clearspace X

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Feb 20th, 2009 | Janetti Chon Crowdsourcing the Enterprise 2.0 Conference Session Since we build this conference for your attending pleasure, we want to hear from all of you which sessions are most appealing. Today’s the last day of our conference survey. Please take part and tell us what you want to hear at the Enterprise 2.0 Conference this June. Collaboration One Comment Feb 20th, 2009 | Janetti Chon (Google) Collaboration Can Be Beautiful.

Let’s Have Another SharePoint Failure! #sharepoint #office365 #culture #failure

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What’s actually needed – regardless of whether the tool is SharePoint, Office 365, Jive, Google, IBM Connections, or anything else – is an audit of the organisational readiness for collaboration and sharing as cultural tenets, followed by an assessment of what tools, capabilities and approaches would fit within that assessment. The third step of taking a strategic approach to the use of Office 365 focuses on creating the right organisational context for achieving value.

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Fortune 500- How do you know when you need a community?

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I recently met with Barry Tallis, (Jive Software) to learn if more of the Fortune 500 companies are lining up to start an online community. Tags: AEV Blog Building Community Fortune 500 Jive Software Online Community

When a Client Only Wants Part of Office 365

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– uses Jive for its intranet and collaboration spaces. Not all clients want to buy into the complete service offering that is Office 365. For various reasons, they have separate systems in their IT toolkit that they want to maintain, but notwithstanding that desire, they want to cherry pick specific capabilities from Office 365. For example, consider a client that: – uses an LDAP server for access and authentication.

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Belonging to an Open Network

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Enterprise social tools, such as Yammer, Jive, or IBM Connections, provide ways of expanding your network within your organization. Writing on Medium, Michael explores the power of an open network as a contributor to career success , and uses it to analyse what made Steve Jobs so successful.

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GE Goes Box (What about Its Other Collaboration Tools?)

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October 2013 – Jive Software. In this session, GE will review its marketing, adoption and rollout strategy; how it launched Jive University as its user support hub (with questions, videos, classes, and library); how it created a strategy behind the support system including a process for community managers to support users; and it’s “light bulb” lessons learned. Box announced a new strategic customer : GE.

"Collaboration" vs "Social Media" = "Internal Collaboration" vs "External Engagement"

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The challenge comes because you can use technologies like those that power social media - a Twitter-like service such as Yammer or Chatter, or a LinkedIn-like service such as Connections or Jive (over-simplifying here, sorry) - for internal collaboration. Steven shares his analysis of the difference between collaboration and social media : " Here’s the difference.

Intranets 2015 in Sydney

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What was less good was that the technology underpinning all that work has been discontinued by the vendor (Cisco Social / Cisco Quad), with no migration path to anything else from that vendor (although the vendor has partnered with Jive). Last week I was in Sydney for the fifth annual Intranets conference, hosted by Step Two. With pre-conference and post-conference activities added in, it was a full week! Some comments: Big Ideas.

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Boston E20 Notes: Designing Social Applications

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 The panel included: Ellen Feaheny, CEO, AppFusions, Mark Weitzel, Director, Platform & Ecosystem; President, OpenSocial Foundation, Jive Software, and Michael Weir, CEO, Sparqlight. Mark works for Jive and is President of Open Social Foundation. Mark said they wanted to invoke apps within Jive in an easy way wherever you are and put it into the flow within the activity stream. I am pleased to be back for my sixth Enterprise 2.0 conference in Boston.

KM World 2014: Some Useful Sessions: Thursday, Nov 6

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Above and Beyond KM, Jean-Claude Monney, Chief Knowledge Collaboration Energizer, Microsoft Services, Microsoft, Stan Garfield, Community Evangelist, Global Knowledge Services, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited Author, Implementing a Successful KM Programme; Founder, SIKM Leaders Community, Deirdre Walsh, Jive Software. KM adoption experience is facilitated and discussed by three KM practitioners from Deloitte, Jive, and Microsoft.

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In The Next Version - Enterprise Collaboration Vendors I’m Currently Tracking

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In The Next Version. Alan Lepofskys blog about technology, travel and the occasional golf post. About. Enterprise Collaboration Vendors I’m Currently Tracking. January 7 2012 01:30:27 PM. Add/Read Comments [5]. The following lists are sorted alphabetically, not by my ranking. Several could be placed in more than one column. Not all are publically available yet.

Just thinking…

Chris Collison

It’s the domain of knowledge jams on Jive and Yammer, questions to our Twitter networks. Is it true that the best things come in small packages when it comes to knowledge? I came across this helpful framework for thinking about the way we approach the packaging and sharing of knowledge.

Badgeville Offers Cloud- based Gamification Platform and Expertise

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Badgeville can also be integrated with such applications as and Jive. Badgeville provides the Behavior Platform™ a cloud-based gamification platform that allows organizations to build custom gamification programs for their employees, business partners, and customers.

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Results from 2012 SharePoint Study: Value is a Work in Progress

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The most widely used additional tools are Yammer at 19%, Newsgator at 10% and Jive at 4%.  Vizit , maker of SharePoint. collaboration and search tools, recently conducted a study: SharePoint Study: Insights into Content Use and Collaboration. There were 1100 participants who were responsible for SharePoint in their organizations. I thank my friend Marc Anderson for pointing it out. The key findings include the following.

Boston E20 Notes: Social as a Layer, Not a Place: Are We There Yet?

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He said you have enterprise platforms like IBM Microsoft, Oracle; social platforms like Jive, Telligent; social layers like Newsgator, Yammer.  I am pleased to be back for my sixth Enterprise 2.0 conference in Boston. Here is a link to a summary of last year’s notes. This is another of my notes for this year. There will be more to follow. I attended session - Social as a Layer, Not a Place: Are We There Yet? " " led by The Kashyap Kompella, Analyst, Real Story Group.

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User Adoption Strategies Workshop in Gouda with Silverside (June 26, 2013)

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Jive, same. In conjunction with Silverside in Netherlands, I will be presenting a one-day User Adoption Strategies Workshop in Gouda on June 26. The details are now live, and registration is open. I'm looking forward to being back in the Netherlands for this workshop. As Roland mentions in the description below, this workshop is not aligned with any specific collaboration technology. If you are using Microsoft SharePoint, be there. IBM Connections, ditto.

IBM Connections Conversations - 2: Overview of Next Release

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One of the enablers of this tighter integration is the use of Connections with the OpenSocial Foundation,  a standards board that IBM  and other firms such as Microsoft, Google, Atlassian, and Jive collaboratively develop or utilize.

Online Community Platform & Vendor Research

Online Community Strategy

Tags: Community 101 Community Management community drupal hivelive jive leverage lithium liveworld mzinga online platform satisafaction social media vendor webcrossing

Rethinking Intranets as Social Workplaces (Dion Hinchcliffe, DachisGroup) #intranets2012 @dhinchcliffe

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Launched Jive in late 2009. -. Dion Hinchcliffe from the DachinGroup is talking about "Rethinking Intranets as Social Workplaces." Dion is the EVP at DachisGroup. I haven't been at the same conference as Dion since Enterprise 2.0 2007 in Boston - I was presenting a workshop on the IT Manager 2.0, and Dion was presenting a workshop at the same time on the big trends in the space. Key points: - Dion is going to talk through the ideas at the leading edge of intranets. -

A "Sop to the Millennials" - Don't Do New Collaboration Tools Just Because Younger Staff Want It

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We've all heard this rationale for implementing new collaboration tools-- tools such as instant messaging, mobile e-mail, Facebook-for-the-enterprise type tools like SharePoint or Jive, or Twitter-for-the-enterprise tools like Yammer. There are good and bad reasons for implementing new collaboration tools. One bad reason is that new employees "expect it" in the office, because this is what they have used at school / university / with friends. "

Online Collaboration Tools by Robin Good | ZEEF

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ZEEF works best with a modern browser. Browse Happy. Upgrade your browser today! Type Subject Company Personal Page name Curator Site or domain Tag Language EN NL FR. ui-button. This page. Subjects. Companies. Curators. Links. Create a page. Sign up. Login. Preferred region. Global (selected). Nederland. France. Online Collaboration Tools. Software tools, web apps and services for online collaboration. by Robin Good. Since 1998 publisher of MasterNewMedia. views (loading latest) views.

My Favorite Tweets for October 15 - 30 2011

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RT @lehawes : RT @DowBrook : Forbes - Sequoia & Kleiner Perkins are each investing an additional $20M in #Jive. Here is another in a series of posts that provide access to my favorite tweets that contain links to useful information.    Some of these I did to link to things I found useful and others are RTs that I want to save for the same reason.

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IBM Verse – It’s Here

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A lot of my work deals with reducing the email problem by shifting people and teams into other systems that are more fit-to-purpose for communication and collaboration – Microsoft SharePoint, IBM Connections, Jive, and similar tools.

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KM 102

Patti Anklam

Moreover, KM (because of behemoths like SharePoint and Jive) has subsumed (or is subsumed by — take your pick) document management and collaboration, it is the relationship and boundaries between KM and organizational learning that continues to spark conversations.

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My Favorite Tweets for August 1 - 14 2011

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RT @dhinchcliffe : Jive, Salesforce & Lithium Lead Gartner's Social CRM Magic Quadrant [link] #socbiz #scrm. Here is another in a series of posts that provide access to my favorite tweets that contain links to useful information.    Some of these I did to link to things I found useful and others are RTs that I want to save for the same reason.

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Is SharePoint "Worth It" as a Collaboration Tool? - Joe Shepley

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To answer this, we need first to compare SharePoint to the other options out there for enterprise collaboration, i.e., best-of-breed, purpose-built social computing platforms, like Jive, Lotus Connections or Socialtext. Joe Shepley, the VP and Practice Leader at Doculabs asks whether firms should be using SharePoint 2010 as their collaboration platform at all: " I’m in the middle of a series on SharePoint collaboration.

Collaboration Roadmap (2011) - Technology Agnostic / Indifferent / Neutral

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if you use Jive, you can take the advice in Collaboration Roadmap and apply it to your work with Jive. When I wrote SharePoint Roadmap for Collaboration in 2009, the focus was on talking about the key business and human-factors disciplines essential to collaboration success. Chapter 2 in SharePoint Roadmap looked at the technology of SharePoint 2007, and critiqued it against the Seven Pillars , a way of looking at the requirements of teams from collaboration technology.

The Further Integration of Cloud Services

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Appfusions offers PaaS servcies to intergate enterprise apps such as IBM, Atlassian, Jive, and others This is the start of other tech week on this blog.

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Following the Voice of the Employee within SharePoint

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Companies that use SharePoint (or Lotus Connections , Jive , Newsgator , Traction , and other social software platforms) are generating massive volumes of user generated unstructured data. If awareness is the ability for the observer to conscious of events, then one would welcome as much information as possible to be on top of his/her game. 

SharePoint: Is It Worth Using as a Collaboration Tool?

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To answer this, we need first to compare SharePoint to the other options out there for enterprise collaboration , i.e., best-of-breed, purpose-built social computing platforms, like Jive, Lotus Connections or Socialtext.

Avoid Profile Potpourri

Collaborative Thinking

The three major players right now for social network sites within the enterprise are: IBM (Lotus Connections), Jive (Clearspace), and Microsoft (SharePoint). Each of these vendors (IBM, Jive, Microsoft) have profile modules.

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Five Realities of Enterprise Collaboration & Technology - Managing Technology - Dennis D. McDonald's Web Site

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This may call for the need for an assessment that distinguishes between enterprise level factors, for example, as discussed in this white paper developed for Jive Software. Home Innovation Customer Comm Collaboration Metrics eGovernment Project Management Procurement Mobility Reviews Dennis D.

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Culture Challenges and Adoption with Collaboration - A Response to Joe Leno

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There are many tools to do that - such as Lotus Connections ( see re Lowe's ), SharePoint, Jive, and others.

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