Alfresco Community 2.1 Release

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Focus Simple Access from your Tool of Choice Simple Access and Mashup internal and External Content and Services Access via a URL for All Content and Services Massive Scalability – Web-Oriented Architecture Alfresco 2.1 integration techniques, Web Scripts enable web sites, portals, blogs, applications and Microsoft Office to access or mashup enterprise content without the need for integration tools and complex programming.

News Updates (January 21, 2009)

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The latest release of Mainsoft's client-side plug-in for Lotus Notes supports the integration of custom IBM Lotus Domino and Java applications with SharePoint document libraries as business mashups that run on the Lotus Notes 8.5 BlueTie for Mac. BlueTie added Apple Safari support to its messaging and collaboration service.

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Understanding Cisco's Collaboration Strategy (Part 2)

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Enterprise Collaboration Platform (ECP) is based on open source components (search, semantic web), standard interfaces ( Java and document APIs), intellectual property added by Cisco, and the Liferay portal. Pulse integrates with Cisco collaboration solutions (TelePresence, WebEx), as well as with other social applications and custom mashups. The following is Part 2 of a series on today's announcement by Cisco. What is Cisco announcing?

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Collaborative Thinking: What A Yahoo! Acquisition Might Mean To Microsoft

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While some platform components may not fit cleanly (those based on Java and XMPP), there are synergies overall with what Microsoft is delivering re: Office Live Workspace. Microsoft also picks up some interesting mashup tools and social networking technologies: Pipes and Mash.

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A continuum of social models

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Decentralized communities & Spaces

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Can Web 2.0 Evolve Into an Enterprise Technology? - SaaS - Network Computing

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Growing Pains Wikis, mashups, social networking, even Second Life can have a place in business, but they need to improve legacy interoperability—and IT needs to overcome its skepticism. While theres a lot of hype and hubris surrounding wikis, mashups and social networking, theres also a lot of real innovation—much of it coming from increasingly tech-savvy business staff, not the IT department.

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BroadBand Mechanics presents People Aggregator

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This same approach can be utilized for bringing social features to any Java, Python, VB or any other kind fo comuting platform, Intranet or legacy web site.

IBM developerWorks : Blogs : Community and social computing

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qualities of different social experience models

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Ten leading platforms for creating online communities | Enterprise Web 2.0 |

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LDAP Live ID openid Lightweight Service Models Mashups Enterprise Mashups Situational Software Network Effects Open APIs Products Rich Internet Applications (RIA) Ajax SaaS SOA Business Process Management Global SOA Governance Orchestration Web-Oriented Architecture (WOA) WS-* Social Computing Social Software Community Customer Community Grassroots Community Social Media Social Networking Tolerance Continuum Web 2.0

34 More Ways to Build Your Own Social Network

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It has had a yahoo-maps mashup component since before people were calling that ‘web 2.0′ I didn’t see any rails, django, and I don’t think there was any java on there either.

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