Apache Shindig 1.0-incubating released

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Apache Shindig aims to make it simple to create your own OpenSocial container by providing an open source implementation (in both Java and PHP) of the OpenSocial APIs. Components of Apache Shindig Java Server Side container.

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Birds of Kaua’i

How to Save the World

the puffin-like java sparrow. P art of my practice of noticing is taking photos of birds (and other living creatures). Here’s what came into view today by the beach near Kapa’a: plumeria blossoms. golden plover, locally called the kōlea. ubiquitous zebra dove.

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eXo Extends Cloud IDE - Cloud-based Development Platform

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It targeted the Java environment and has support for a wide range of PaaS environments, including Red Hat OpenShift, Salesforce Heroku, CloudBees, and VMware Cloud Foundry. You can develop a Java app online and deploy it as a PaaS.

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OpenSocial, Apache Shindig, And Project SocialSite

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OSDE is a new Eclipse plugin that lets you develop either OpenSocial JavaScript (gadget) client applications or OpenSocial Java client applications using OpenSocial 0.8's OSDE is able to provide a complete, standalone development environment because it bundles the same code running on many OpenSocial containers today into a single Eclipse plug-in: for serving gadgets and OpenSocial data, Apache Shindig is bundled along with a compact Java H2 database , allowing for social data persistence.

Getting Ahead of the Curve: Workforce Planning to Anticipate Talent Gaps

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Knowledge about Java or the insurance business is useless if you can’t apply it on the job. Mind the Talent Gaps. Image by limaoscarjuliet on flickr. People have been predicting boomer brain drain for years. In 2008, a SHRM / AARP study warned about the impending brain drain.

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A Hard(ware) Keynote To Watch

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James Gosling and John Fowler of Sun joined Scott on stage - lots of subtle messaging that Java is going to be ok, that MySQL is going to be ok, that Oracle will continue to invest in Sun technology, etc. Last night was an interesting keynote session to jumpstart this year's Oracle OpenWorld. Scott McNealy lead things off with an innovation theme that went through a list of Sun's accomplishments in the industry.

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eXo Announces Plans for eXo Release 4.0 and Codenvy

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The eXo Platform is built using enterprise-standard tools such as Java EE, WEBDAV, CalDAV, JCR and CMIS to maximize its interoperability within the applications already available within the information system.

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San Francisco Restaurants: 2011 Update

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Java Beach – 60s style coffee house near Thanh Long - It is located at 2650 Sloat Boulevard  San Francisco. I was in San Francisco recenlty and want to report on some new places I tried as well as some recommendations I received.

What is your tacit knowledge productivity premium?

Governance in a Networked World

The lowest level is writing your own plug-ins, which requires a knowledge of java and is sadly now beyond me (despite having programmed in machine code assembler languages in the 1970s). I blogged elsewhere about the "death of the manual" [link] Over the past week or so I have been busy integrating our product suite into a Confluence Wiki platform. There are many levels that you can work with on the confluence wiki.

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Introduction to Social Dilemmas

Jenny Connected

Play all three of these versions of Prisoner’s dilemma and write a reflective blog post: [link] A simple Java-based game. This is the focus for Week 3 in Howard Rheingold’s course – Towards a Literacy of Cooperation.

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Australia: Bans, Filters and Government 2.0 Taskforce

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

As web based java games are also included, that means any kid creating a game, up to an advertising agency making a viral *cough* game through to a Facebook app or iPhone game. . Burning Books and Websites PIC: BookShopBlog.

Leadership Networks

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network

Java - JavaEye??

Introduction to Social Dilemmas

Jenny Connected

Play all three of these versions of Prisoner’s dilemma and write a reflective blog post: [link] A simple Java-based game. This is the focus for Week 3 in Howard Rheingold’s course – Towards a Literacy of Cooperation.

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Digital Literacy


If you haven't used Elluminate before, you'll need to download Java and make sure your speakers work with the platform! Instructions, Java check and download available here: [link] More very soon.

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Looking at the Social Enterprise with eXo CEO Benjamin Mestrallet

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  It describes itself as a “user experience platform” for creating modern, user-centric Java applications that can be deployed on premise or in the cloud. ?Much has happened to bring social applications into the enterprise in the past few years. I recently spoke with eXo CEO Benjamin Mestrallet who shared his observations on this trend. First, a bit about eXo. Their new release, eXo Platform 3.0, provides a foundation for portal-based enterprise apps. 

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The Future of Collaborative Networks

John Tropea - Delicious Collaboration

Built on fine Open Source Software from projects like Apache , Drupal , Java , Linux , MySQL and PHP.

IBM's Mike Rhodin on the Convergence of Social Business, Analytics and Commerce: Part One

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It showed that open standards could work and provided a language for the Web with Java. Over the last decade IBM has driven a significant transformation of its business model as they shifted to higher value areas, improved efficiencies, and invested in a number of firms to fill out their portfolio of software offerings. They have acquired over 80 software firms since 2000.

News Updates (February 8, 2010)

Michael Sampson - Currents

Project Wonderland is a Java-based virtual world platform which has been piloted by a few educational institutions, including Boston College, U.K.’s Write and Google Wave. Wrike announced an integration with Google Wave, for better task tracking. " Now people who use both Wrike and Wave just need to add Wrike as a contact to a new wave, and this wave will be automatically turned into a task in Wrike.

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Technology: How to choose an aggregator

Joitske Hulsebosch

blogbridge is mentioned as a good one because it is java-based, open soure and designed by someone who understands collaboration and can be integrated with delicious. Denham Grey in a discussion on CPsquare about web 2.0 and communities of practice pointed to a podcast on aggregators. It rightly supported my own learning process on RSS. I heard about RSS about a year ago and was really lazy in finding out how and what (and life kind of continues happily without it :)).

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SXSW Notes: No Brochures: Digital Storytelling for Nonprofits

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Treesaver.net is an HTML5 platform based on Java script. Here is another in my series on SXSW events. I am pleased to be attending SXSW for the first time. I am grateful for Adobe Acrobat for enabling me to attend. I will be attending a number of Adobe sponsored sessions. As I do with other events I will be posting my notes from most of the sessions I attend.

A continuum of social models

John Tropea - Delicious Community

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IBM Plugging Holes In Connections/SharePoint Integration

Collaborative Thinking

For shops that are willing to move farther away from SharePoint, then Jive comes up (influenced in part because they have a SaaS option that avoids the Java question in SharePoint-centric shops) more frequently than IBM (unless they have that WebSphere centricity). Well-worth your time checking out the demo (just follow the link below). If you are using SharePoint but are considering Lotus Connections for blogs, communities, social networking, etc.,

Open source software in the courts

Making Sense With Facilitated Systems

Perhaps surprisingly, it's about JMRI: the Java Model Railroad Interface. I've written before about the merits I see in open source software and the problems I see with certain EULAs. Tonight I stumbled across a court case that seems to give strong support to the ideas of open source licensing. See Bruce Perens: A Big Change for Open Source , United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, 2008-1001, ROBERT JACOBSEN, Plaintiff-Appellant, v.

Understanding Cisco's Collaboration Strategy (Part 2)

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Enterprise Collaboration Platform (ECP) is based on open source components (search, semantic web), standard interfaces ( Java and document APIs), intellectual property added by Cisco, and the Liferay portal. The following is Part 2 of a series on today's announcement by Cisco. What is Cisco announcing?

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News Updates (January 21, 2009)

Michael Sampson - Currents

The latest release of Mainsoft's client-side plug-in for Lotus Notes supports the integration of custom IBM Lotus Domino and Java applications with SharePoint document libraries as business mashups that run on the Lotus Notes 8.5 BlueTie for Mac. BlueTie added Apple Safari support to its messaging and collaboration service.

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Decentralized communities & Spaces

John Tropea - Delicious Community

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Collaborative Thinking: What A Yahoo! Acquisition Might Mean To Microsoft

Collaborative Thinking

While some platform components may not fit cleanly (those based on Java and XMPP), there are synergies overall with what Microsoft is delivering re: Office Live Workspace.

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News Updates (June 11, 2009)

Michael Sampson - Currents

It supports Microsoft Exchange, Sun Java Communications Suite, and IBM Lotus Domino corporate email servers, as well as IMAP/POP3 consumer email back-ends. KnowledgeTree Update. KnowledgeTree released Version 3.6.1 of its document management solution, and a new plug-in for Microsoft Office. Also featured prominently in this release is the Microsoft Office Add-in, which integrates KnowledgeTree seamlessly with the entire Office suite.

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Going from social networks to Communities

John Tropea - Delicious Community

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News Updates (February 11, 2010)

Michael Sampson - Currents

The Java-enabled MessagePhone handsets feature a full QWERTY keyboard, large color LCD screen, MP3 and MPEG4 player, camera, SD memory expansion, a robust personal information manager (PIM), optional Bluetooth connectivity, USB connector, and a built-in FM radio. Synchronica MessagePhone. Synchronica released MessagePhone, a low cost smartphone with a keyboard, aimed at emerging markets.

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Notes on ASK102 Ask the Product Managers

Michael Sampson - Currents

It's done in Java. In the third-to-last slot at IBM Connect 2013, the Ask the Product Managers session is kicking off. Each product manager is introducing themselves: - Ed Brill - he will be moving to a new role in IBM in the mobility area. Eric Otchet - Notes Traveler, Symphony. Traveler 9 will be great for BYOD. Scott Sounder - iNotes, Connections Mail, etc. Will be taking over from Ed. IBM Notes/Dominos 9 "rocks your blinkin' face off.". Jeanette - IBM Docs. It's shipping.

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Collaborative Thinking: Integrating SharePoint And Confluence

Collaborative Thinking

Have you wondered if this can be done if the external system is written in Java?

Accounting for trillions through OMB

Endless Knots

We've added these OMB positions and other top spots in the newest edition of our OrgScope chart of the accountability structure, as portrayed in our US Gov Map (click, patiently wait a moment for Java to load, click on the Executive Office of the President at about 1 o'clock on the map, then follow the chain down through OMB). When President Obama receives his first report on "open government" this coming May, we're wondering what it will include.

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Understanding the Real Structure within Your Organization with NetAge OrgScope

Portals and KM

Once configured as desired, the OrgScope maps can published to the web as a Java applet and viewed in a browser, as the examples show. If you in the US do not forget to vote today if you have not already. I voted early to avoid the lines.

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Mapping the recovery - "follow the money" - part 2

Endless Knots

You can see the recovery network model live in your browser (wait a moment for the Java to load), and trace the grant along four axis as described below. -- Jeff Stamps What’s in the Recovery Picture?

2009 136

My KM World Notes: Enterprise Search Technologies

Portals and KM

It is Java based with an Apache license, prolific documentation, many implementations, and you have total control over search and relevance.   This is another in a series of notes from the  2009 KM World.    Enterprise Search Technologies  was a preconference workshop. These notes are done near real time so please excuse any typos or spacing issues.  It was led by independent consultant  Miles Kehoe  from New Idea Engineering, Inc.

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Alfresco Community 2.1 Release

John Tropea - Delicious Community

Property as Simply as Accessing a URL Simple Access and Mashup internal and External Content – Use of lightweight scripting without the need for complex.NET or Java programming Access Via a URL – All Content and Services Massive Scalability - Web-oriented REST style architecture Alfresco 2.1

Enterprise 2.0 Conference Notes: Three Approaches to Social Computing Platforms

Green Chameleon

We are platform independent - java - and less expensive, best of breed. I went to an interesting session at the Enterprise 2.0 conference on Wednesday led by our very own Jevon MacDonald. It had a large software firm - Microsoft (Lawrence Liu) a small firm - Jive (Sam Lawrence), a custom effort, - Sabre for travel (John Samuel), and a company that includes consulting and software, nGenera. Jevon asked each person: "why would people want to buy from them.” Here are responses.

The Business Case for In-house Social Networks

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network KM

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Mind the edge of the platform

Engineers without Fears

Just as Java & Yahoo! WSJ says Microsoft wants a piece of Facebook. Charlene Li crunches some interesting numbers and works out that Facebook's 42 million users (which may be an overestimate) are worth somewhere between $142 to $238 each. Gav talks about Facebook as a platform of influence and Ross talks about value shifting to social networks. My own experience of Facebook is that it is morphing into a social collaboration portal - with people, links, events, updates.

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Corporate Community Trend: Focus on People at Fast Wonder Blog: Consulting, Online Communities, and Social Media

John Tropea - Delicious Community

Even some of the applications designed to help coworkers find other people within the company were often skill based, which made it easy to find someone with Java programming expertise but not the sort of information that tells you about the person behind the skill set.

IBM Lotus Connections, in plain English " Connected

John Tropea - Delicious Collaboration

We support Lotus Domino, Tivoli Directory Server, Microsoft Active Directory, and Sun Java System Directory Server. Connected Search Archives IBM Lotus Connections, in plain English Edit: I used to be the IBM Lotus Connections Technical Evangelist.

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Social Graph: Concepts and Issues

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network

Yet, one can not help but think that a similar challenge was successfully solved by another tech community:Java. The Java Community Process is an industry-wide effort tocome to around a table, to define and drive the implementation and adoption of Java APIs.

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