Ireland: Night Falls

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Did the security checks, got on the plane, flew to Ireland, found the taxis were on strike, so experienced the bus from the Dublin airport to the other side of the city. Got to my hotel in London last night at 10pm. Slept (fitfully). Up at 6am for breakfast, then took the bus back to Heathrow.

Insomnia in Ireland

Michael Sampson - Currents

Anyway, last night in Ireland I finally slept, and slept soundly. I've been in Europe for 12 days now; will be back in New Zealand in 4 days. With having to totally reverse my wake / sleep pattern due to the 12 hour time difference between where I normally live and where I've been working for the past few weeks, I've had very little sleep since getting here. Most nights I've lain awake for hours at a stretch. I'll remember Europe as the place where the nights are very long!

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End of Ireland; London Awaits

Michael Sampson - Currents

My day and a half in Ireland are basically done, and it's time to head to my final destination before going back to New Zealand. The two days in Ireland have gone well. many thanks to the team at Storm Technology (Karl, Eoghan and Derek, among others) for the invitation to come, and for Microsoft Ireland for hosting the event at their Irish headquarters.

SharePoint Collaboration and Governance Masterclass: Ireland in March 2010

Michael Sampson - Currents

Next Thursday I'll be in Ireland to deliver the SharePoint Collaboration and Governance masterclass, in conjunction with Storm Technology. Ireland’s first “SharePoint Roadmap for Collaboration” Master Class hosted by Storm Technology and led by industry guru Michael Sampson. The master class will discuss, debate and provide the blueprint for the right approaches for planning, collaboration and governance required to make SharePoint a success in organisations.

Art of Hosting in Ireland, January 5-8, 2012

Chris Corrigan

Unlocking_Leadership Art of Hosting, The Burren Ireland _Jan2012. Clare, Ireland from January 5-8 2012 for an Art of Hosting gathering. Start the new year with a deep dive learning journey in moving from Silos to Systems. I’ll be joining Lorraine O’Rahilly and Chris Chapman at The Burren College of Art in Ballyvaugh, Co. Download to incredible invitation here and join us! Art of Hosting

Productivity Roadshow in March 2015, with ShareThePoint in New Zealand

Michael Sampson - Currents

Debbie Ireland and members of her team at ShareThePoint are touring the country with a SharePoint roadshow in March. The team will be running two hour seminars in 15 cities. Here’s the schedule: Introductions (5 minutes). ?Brief Brief introduction and overview of session. ? ?What What does moving to the cloud mean for your business? (20 20 minutes). ?What What are your options?

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New publication – Towards a participatory community mapping method: the Tilburg urban farming community case

Making CommunitySense

In Adjunct Proceedings of the Communities & Technologies Conference (C&T 2015), Limerick, Ireland, 27-30 June, 2015 (to appear in International Reports on Socio-Informatics ). Just published: A. de Moor (2015), Towards a participatory community mapping method: the Tilburg urban farming community case.

An Update on my European Tour – Eight Engagements in 10 Days

Michael Sampson - Currents

There could be 40 or more people in attendance … which isn’t quite as big as my record of 65 in a workshop (Ireland, March 2010), but about twice as many people as I normally work with. At the end of next week I’m heading to Europe for a two week workshop tour. I wrote about the tour last month , and in the intervening weeks there have been a couple of changes. My schedule now is: - Monday May 5 – Collaboration Roadmap ( Norway with IBSG ).

Research on Collaboration and SharePoint in the UK - All is Not Well

Michael Sampson - Currents

Fujitsu released results from a recent survey of IT managers in the UK (and maybe Ireland) on collaboration and SharePoint: " The research - commissioned by Fujitsu - shows that of all collaboration technologies, SharePoint is by far the most common.

I Think I May Have Just Experienced The Future…


2012 112

Designing with introverts in mind

Chris Corrigan

In Ireland in September we had a particularly gregarious group of Irish language scholars and activists, and I learned about “Irish silence” which something of a dull roar rather than a raucous buzz!

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The Dark Side of Greater Transparency - We All Look the Same

Michael Sampson - Currents

John asks if IT will slowly strangle corporate outposts : " While the home of most corporate parents (America) worries that IT may not be helping the business enough, the home of many subsidiaries (Ireland) worries that IT is a tool that will force the closure of corporate outposts.

New publication – CulTech2015: Cultural Diversity and Technology Design

Making CommunitySense

2015): Proceedings of the Work-In-Progress Track of the 7th International Conference on Communities and Technologies , Limerick, Ireland, 27-30 June, 2015 , pp.153-156. Just published: H. He, N. Memarovic, A. Sabiescu, A. de Moor (2015), CulTech2015: Cultural Diversity and Technology Design. In Avram, Gabriela; De Cindio, Fiorella; Pipek, Volkmar (eds.)

My Crazy Week

Michael Sampson - Currents

fly to Ireland, workshop in Ireland, sleep in Ireland. workshop in Ireland, fly to London, sleep in London. Week 2 of my European Tour is well underway. This is the crazy of the two weeks: - Sunday. sleep in London. Monday. work in London, fly to Norway, sleep in Norway. Tuesday. workshop in Norway, fly to London, sleep in London. Wednesday. Thursday. Friday. workshop in London, fly to New Zealand, sleep from here to there.

Ken Carroll » Blog Archive » Language and social distance

Ken Carroll

This is massive cultural overkill IMO) In Ireland you have a completely captive audience of every school kid from age 4 to 18. So Ireland is really only discovering the www now. Ken Carroll networks, languages, and learning 2.0

A Bright Start to the New Year: Welcome Eric Weaver to Ant’s Eye View

Ant's Eyeview Blog

In 1997, Eric’s technical assistance helped a small town in Ireland win the Irish Government’s Information Age Town Competition, guaranteeing the townsfolk $32MM in computers, connectivity and training.

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FSLT13 Reflections on teaching

Jenny Connected

Catherine Cronin articulated this very well in her keynote this morning to the ICT in Education Conference in Ireland in terms of student voice. Focus on your own learning experiences, how do you learn best? How have your own learning experiences influenced how you teach?

The village as a venue

Chris Corrigan

Clare in Ireland about this concept. How’s this for a conference centre? Last week, we hosted a group of 35 emerging and legacy leaders in the human services sector on Bowen Island to kick off our sixth Leadership 2020 cohort.

Home from The Burren

Chris Corrigan

An incredible trip to Ireland and England with my dad, and yesterday I have returned home. We were in The Burren in Co. Clare for an Art of Hosting and then my dad and I drove to Armagh to see the house his great grandfather was born in. Along the way we met some distant cousins, found the graves of our ancestors and drove through the landscape of our history. Afterwards we went to Engalnd and stayed with friends in Hertfordshire where we lived 30 years ago.

Update on my Europe Tour in March 2010

Michael Sampson - Currents

Wednesday March 10, Executive Briefing (Ireland). Thursday March 11, SharePoint Masterclass (Ireland, by invitation only). It's less than a month and I'm off to Europe for two weeks. I'm greatly looking forward to it!

Influence | Forum One: Internet Strategy, Social Media, User Experience and Web Site Development


Skip to Navigation Careers News Client login About Us Services Our Work Blogs Events Contact Us Home › Blogs › Influence Social Networking and #AIDS2010 Suzanne Rainey in Influence 15 Jul 2010 There’s a flurry of action this week as we await the start of the XVIII International AIDS Conference (#AIDS2010) in Vienna, Austria, next week. I wish I was able to attend, but am glad that many of my clients have the opportunity to go. The conference is held every two years, and is always.

Rediscovering conversation: mighty altogther

Chris Corrigan

Ireland has been leading the European Union the past six months, including chairing and hosting the EU’s meetings. It had to be an Irish politician that finally suggested this! Micheal Ring tried a different approach to having all 27 ministers show up and read a speech. Sports Minister Michael Ring might actually have made a difference. At the Council of Sports Ministers in Brussels, the Ringer pioneered a new approach to these meetings.

Culture, Change and Faith

Online Community Strategy

It is a transformative recording from a band that had, to date, been cast as a folksy and righteous rock and roll band from Ireland. File under: slightly off topic but personally meaningful. Disclosure: I’m not a massive U2 fan.

The One Thing That Makes Collaboration Work - Larry Prusak - Harvard Business Review

John Tropea - Delicious Collaboration

nd such accounts throughout the world: just think for a moment of the Middle East, Ireland, South Africa. This seems to have happened in Northern Ireland and Colombia. nd such accounts throughout the world: just think for a moment of the Middle East, Ireland, South Africa. This seems to have happened in Northern Ireland and Colombia. Harvard Business Publishing. |. For Educators. |. For Corporate Buyers. |. Visit Harvard Business School. HBR ON: iPhone. |. iPad. |.

2011 21

Gran Canaria – Celebrating the Mini-Continent


In fact, all along, I have always felt it was probably the best decision I have ever made in my life, next perhaps to the one I have made 10 years later when, just recently, a bit over a month ago, I decided to make a move from IBM after 17 years of service in three different countries: The Netherlands, Ireland and Spain. Today is a special day for yours truly. A very special day, actually.

Global Tech Spending on the Rise According to Forrester

Portals and KM

The weakest markets in this area will be Italy, Spain, Belgium, Greece, Ireland, and Portugal. This is good news. According to a new forecast from Forrester , global tech spending will rise 7.1 percent in 2011 to $1.7 trillion, according to new forecast data from Forrester. Analyst Andrew Bartels writes that while the 2011 global tech market will be similar to the 7.2

Civic activism toolkit


In Northern Ireland the Building Change Trust has just published what it calls a grassroots democracy toolkit for civil society. Here’s a curate’s egg for yer. There’s lots to like.

The London Masterclass on SharePoint for Collaboration and Governance

Michael Sampson - Currents

That was a good number (it wasn't on the Ireland scale, to be sure), but it meant that the discussion and engagement was at a different level. That was about the same point we got to yesterday when we did the same exercise in Ireland. Photo credit : Seb Matthews.

The one reason not to bother with lists about ‘community’


You don’t have to spend time in Northern Ireland to appreciate that, I believe there are plenty of places in north America where the ‘communities’ are quite strong enough thank you. Kaid Benfield has written some good stuff, but this latest Atlantic piece – ‘ What Are the 7 Keys to a Strong Community? ’ - is perplexing. It’s based on this previous article by Scott Doyon. Not long ago I had a little dig at the ritual of offering lists , so no more on that theme now.

Remoteness as a colonization strategy

Chris Corrigan

To get to Iona from Glasgow involves two ferries and when you’re finally there, you’re much closer to Ireland than to Glasgow. But Ireland is away across the sea.

Europe Trip in February-March 2010

Michael Sampson - Currents

I have really enjoyed being here -- seeing new things, going to new countries (Norway, Ireland, Hong Kong -- on the way home!), Eoghan in Ireland, for playing point man on getting me there, and then making sure I got to the various places I needed to be. people to the SharePoint Roadmap masterclass in Ireland. And thanks for the Microsoft Ireland people for hosting the event, too. - My Europe trip in February and March 2010 is in its final hours.

Wrap Up of 2nd Annual Community Manager Day: Voices Around the World #CMAD « Web Strategy by Jeremiah Owyang | Social Media, Web Marketing

John Tropea - Delicious Community

2011 21

Interior transformation

Chris Corrigan

The products of colonization – whether in North America, Ireland, the middle east, Africa or elsewhere leave communities and people dispirited, dispossessed and disillusioned. On the plane to Minneapolis for 12 days of teaching, learning and co-creating with the Art of Hosting.

Windows Mobile 6.5 in HTC HD2

Michael Sampson - Currents

A couple of the Microsoft guys in Ireland were showing off the new HTC HD2 smartphone with Windows Mobile 6.5. While they were willing to show it , they weren't willing for me to leave with one myself! A couple of observations: - the screen is beautiful.

HR Magazine - Exclusive: Google research heralds arrival of the human systems director

John Tropea - Delicious Collaboration

The need to innovate quickly is becoming more important to business," says Robert Whiteside, Google head of enterprise UK, Ireland and Benelux. Features. HR TV. Blogs. About. Contact. HR Most Influential. HR Excellence Awards. HR Vision. Employee benefits. Learning & development. Employment law. Recruitment. People. Research. Technology. Analysis. Interviews. Opinion. Videos. Blogs. People. Exclusive: Google research heralds arrival of the human systems director.

2011 18

SharePoint Saturday New Zealand

Michael Sampson - Currents

I attended various sessions throughout the day: Chan from KnowledgeCue on SharePoint 2010 Operational Management, Alan Marshall from Gen-i on SharePoint Information Architecture, Mark Orange from KnowledgeCue on Metadata and Content Types, Debbie Ireland from envisionIT on Planning for Training, and Kathy Hughes (over from Sydney) on SharePoint Designer. The first SharePoint Saturday in New Zealand was held in Christchurch this past weekend.

Where in the world is Michael?

Michael Sampson - Currents

I will be in Ireland for two days, giving an Executive Briefing and presenting the SharePoint Roadmap masterclass. I leave for Europe tomorrow. It's an action-packed two weeks of talking, listening, discussing, delivering, and learning. Basically: - I'm in Denmark next week, for the IntraTeam Event 2010. I'm giving two sessions: a pre-conference workshop on User Adoption Strategies, and a conference keynote on Evaluating Collaboration Tools. -

Rationale - Adventitious. Causality - Contingent


As part of a project looking at the digitisation of archives and collections held by members of the public, I've been wandering around an absorbing example called CAIN , which is about conflict and politics in Northern Ireland.

Getting by?


The nearest I came was with a project in Derry, Northern Ireland, but I don’t know what happened to the small amount of content created.

20 Years of SNA/ONA

TNT - The Network Thinker

I recently gave a presentation on those 20 years in Galway, Ireland at the Digital Enterprise Research Institute [DERI]. This autumn[2007] I will celebrate 20 years of doing "practical social network analysis" in organizations and communities. Some things have changed, others have not.