mIRC: Internet Relay Chat client


Most popular windows-based chat client. Tags: cp2tech02 chat

Comparison of Internet Relay Chat clients - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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ChatZilla :: Firefox Add-ons


An easy to use Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client for Firefox users. Tags: cp2tech02 chat

The Tribulations of Customer Service with Opera


I know that may sound as pure heresy by those who live on Internet Explorer, FireFox or Chrome, for that matter, but, it’s true.

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The Power Of Pull: Joi Ito And Yossi Vardi Have Pull, And So Can You (Book Excerpt)

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network

Joi was by his own admission getting nervous as he fired up his Nokia GPRS with the last of his batteries and signed on to Internet Relay Chat.

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