Carl Jackson on Supporting Online Communities in International Development

Nancy White

Carl Jackson of Westhill Knowledge Group (formerly at IDS – Institute of Development Studies ), colleague at KM4Dev , friend and all around smart and funny guy took 20 minutes to share some of his experiences supporting and participating in online communities in international development.

Death of the corporate portal?

Governance in a Networked World

but as a former corporate KM person I know how hard it is to encourage staff to participate in collaborative corporate portals. A couple of years ago I met a lady from a global portal software provider who was dispairing about how someone had set up a Linkedin group for their firm which attacted in a matter of days hundreds of members. In contrast getting people to join up with the corporate portal was like pulling teeth. Maybe thats a bit harsh.

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SAP StreamWork for Direct Relief International: To Focus and Accelerate Projects

Michael Sampson - Currents

SAP StreamWork published a case study on how Direct Relief International is using SAP StreamWork for collaborative decision-making : " Humanitarian aid organization Direct Relief International has been bringing critically needed medicines and supplies to people affected by poverty, disaster or civil unrest for more than 60 years.

Facebook as a Corporate Portal Platform

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network KM

Facebook as a Corporate Portal Platform? He shares: “At CMS Watch we’ve been experimenting with Facebook as a collaboration platform internally and with external partners, and we like it. There are some definite limitations to Facebook as a portal. The inconsistent behavior and security profiles of different Facebook applications will be familiar to any portal developer struggling with third-party portlets or Web Parts.

Shovel Ready Civic Projects #2: A News Portal for Global Health


In addition, in places like Seattle, global health is a key economic driver , with billions of dollars of government and private aid being channeled toward reducing international crises and improving global stability with drug development, services delivery, and impact evaluation. One obvious "shovel ready" project would be to stitch these resources together into a compelling contemporary media portal that would engage the web audience and have the opportunity to go viral.

Green Chameleon » Leadership 2.0

Green Chameleon

The talk was about the successful rollout of their Sharepoint portal named Minerva, which includes Web 2.0 What was remarkable to me was how participatory the leaders of ERM were in the rollout of the portal. Are there other CEO blogs, perhaps internally-directed, that exist but aren’t publicized? blog articles how-to guides events publications book videos about Leadership 2.0

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Enterprise RSS: Changing the Way We Communicate Internally

John Tropea - Delicious Collaboration

Categories Articles Case Studies Ideas on how to use RSS+Aggregator Media NewsGator NGES Research Roundup Web/Tech Weblogs « RSS Battles Information Under-Load, Too | Main | Battling Corporate Information Dysfunction » January 31, 2007 Changing the Way We Communicate Internally Karyn German had an interesting post about information under-load last week, and I wanted to add to the conversation by talking about how Web 2.0 Enterprise RSS Enterprise 2.0

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Collaborative Thinking: Social Networks Seem To Travel Well

Collaborative Thinking

On April 1, the travel department plans to launch new functionality to enable travelers to post travel plans and set up internal meetings with other employees. Sabre has used Cubeless internally for about six months and said it has loaded more than 10,000 user profiles into the system.

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Oops! (Learn from My KM Mistakes) « Apin Talisayon’s Weblog

John Tropea - Delicious Community

A KM champion is COUNTERPRODUCTIVE in an organization divided by factionalism I was a believer in looking for an internal KM champion. CoP portal before community building We helped a loose network of NGOs set up their CoP portal, with the help of Phase 1 money from a donor development institution. As a result we set up a portal nobody hardly ever uses!

2010 31

Collaborative Thinking: YouTube + Digg + Obama = YouBama

Collaborative Thinking

Collaborative Thinking Perceptions on collaboration and social software by Mike Gotta « SproutBuilder: Making Widget Creation Easy | Main | Peter Saint-Andre on Presence » January 31, 2008 YouTube + Digg + Obama = YouBama So what if employees where to create a "place" on a corporate intranet and upload user-generated content that they captured ( through inexpensive tools ) related to some internal strategy, project, idea, etc.,

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Collaborative Thinking: Networks Without Walls

Collaborative Thinking

» February 11, 2008 Networks Without Walls I love the graphic - yes, I understand the security, identity, and other reasons why organizations are hesitant to bridge internal ("digital work") and external ("digital life") worlds but some level of federation/interoperability/data portability is inevitable - and its happening regardless of what employers try to dictate.

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Blog>> KM Practitioner Interview Series: Arief Amron

Green Chameleon

We also disseminate information daily via our enterprise portal. There is no social feature like Q&A or Likes, so we are limited to the portal, email and posters to raise awareness of KM. The KM function needs to align with business interests, whether internal or strategic.

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Is Oracle Beehive DBA(Dead Before Arrival)?

Michael Sampson - Currents

WebCenter Suite 11g received "significant enhancements" back in January , including in the collaboration area: " - Oracle WebCenter Suite 11g enables organizations to develop and deploy internal and external portals and websites, composite applications, mashups, and social and collaboration services all tightly integrated with enterprise applications. I haven't heard anything from Oracle in quite a while about Beehive, its next-generation collaboration suite.

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Collaboration 2.0 Inside Electronic Arts

Collaborative Thinking

conference: The presentation will provide insight into EA's internal social collaboration strategy, successes and failures, solution, insights, best practices. Know more about employees from external information that info available internally. Doing all this internally, 9 year journey, beginning with a "knowledge portal" that included user profiles. Knowing your users" as important internally as externally.

Bitrix Provides Robust Intranet with Social Components

Portals and KM

These include Bitrix SaaS, Bitrix Site Manager, and Bitrix Intranet Portal. Stephen walked me through many of the features of the Intranet Portal.   You can add widgets linking to both consumer Web sites like ESPN and to internal content sources like employee profiles.

Notes on ECE402 The Liebe Company: Social Business Collaboration in Mid-Sized Manufacturing

Michael Sampson - Currents

wanted an online presence for internal teams so they have the ability to reach out in real-time to suppliers or customers. Future direction - using a portal to give customers full visibility into the status of their order. Portal offers the right level of security, to keep information private. Jimmy Liebe fand a couple of people from IBM are talking about their social business collaboration journey. Some notes: 1. Been in business for 90 years.

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Australia: Jobs in Online Communities

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

Typical initiatives may include: Local and international artist’s online / mobile websites / social networking widgets. Warner Music consumer portal enhancement / management. Want a job running a social network? . Warner Bros Music Onl ine Content Editor. . Online communications. CMS experience. Passionate about music! Warner Music Australia is recruiting for a Web / Online Content Editor to join the Marketing & Promotions division.

Can Media Sites Keep Up Their Garden Walls?

Green Chameleon

Search Portals - The Other Side of the Wall. During the web's adolescence, the relationship between content producers and content consumers was direct, and web content promotion efforts were limited to internal site factors - UI, navigation and basic site search.

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Musings on Oracle/Sun re: social networking

Collaborative Thinking

Some quick thoughts: Sun has an internal "Corporate Facebook" platform called " SunSpace ". This could help bootstrap an Oracle effort to deliver a dedicated social network site (ala Lotus Connections) to compliment WebCenter (which is more of a portal-centric play for social networking). There is some internal work going on to pilot an enterprise social messaging systems ( called !sweet

Saba Social Left Out Of IBM Deal

Collaborative Thinking

It allows IBM to sell Saba's learning solution directly (augmenting the value proposition of WebSphere Portal via a learning accelerator). In addition, IBM will offer a new Learning Accelerator for WebSphere Portal that is based on Saba Learning. By combining learning opportunities with portal-based collaboration, employees, customers and partners can participate in broader informal learning channels, making them more effective and productive.

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CoP Series #7: Roles and Scalability

Nancy White

This might be seen as a set of domain specific portals. The bottom line is that support roles are neither fixed, nor limited to paid, internal resources. This is the seventh in a series of blog posts I wrote for Darren Sidnick. I am finally getting the rest of the series up.

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Looking Back - Moving Forward

Collaborative Thinking

enterprise content management, portals, search, identity, security, CRM, BPM). Cisco I believe has a compelling story and legitimate chance to re-shape the collaboration market (internally as well as externally).

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Interview about the birth and growth of the HR community

Joitske Hulsebosch

Currently I have 16 international groups, such as Italian and Russian groups. I search local group managers and organize international conference calls. We use a tiered model, the most current topics owners make a summary for the knowledge portal and the newsletter.

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GE Goes Box (What about Its Other Collaboration Tools?)

Michael Sampson - Currents

From a presentation at JiveWorld last year: “ GE’s social business journey began with its small consulting business and a community that grew from 250 to over 4000 internal users. The company will also address how it sustained adoption and usage, how it built bridges between its internal and external community; and how it transitioned GE Engage to a true customer support portal. Box announced a new strategic customer : GE.

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Masterclass: The cultures of collaboration - Inside Knowledge

John Tropea - Delicious Community

Real story In 2007 senior managers at an international engineering firm became increasingly concerned that the firm was gradually losing its engineering competency. So it was a good example of a global action, local action at the hospital and also internally coordinating those activities.

Changing the Way People Find Experts at CEMEX, Luis Garza (Social Connections V, Zurich)

Michael Sampson - Currents

Resulted in the introduction of SHIFT - a Connections-based intranet, along with Portal. Roadmap for social business - one direction is to integrate internal and external collaboration tools to core apps. Luis Garza from CEMEX is talking about how people now find experts at CEMEX. Some notes: 1. Luis started by showing a video about how bringing ideas together improves current practices at CEMEX. CEMEX is a global building company. More than 50 countries. About 44,000 employees.

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News Updates (February 11, 2009)

Michael Sampson - Currents

This started with Cisco’s innovative use of the internet in the ’90’s to essentially move all the company’s internal and external operations online, ushering in a decade of productivity through increased efficiency. More recently Cisco’s internal processes and discipline applied to web 2.0 On #4, she writes " More than just training in portal functionality is needed. Mobile Working. The Bottom Line on BBC last week talked about mobile working. "

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Formicary Offers a Trial of Group Chat in Lync Server 2010

Michael Sampson - Currents

Formicary launched a free evaluation of Microsoft Lync Server 2010 , to allow firms to experience the benefits of real-time group chat before paying up: " Formicary Collaboration Group, a provider of real-time team collaboration solutions, has launched a hosted Group Chat evaluation portal. Persistent IM, the previous Parlano tag line (which Microsoft purchased and integrated into Lync Server) was a Twitter-style internal network before the days of Twitter.

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Online Communities: Surviving & Thriving Webcast

Online Community Strategy

Since its founding in 2005, Rubyred has developed social software for a range of startups and leading portals. The archive for Online Communities: Thriving in the Economic Downturn Webinar&# >Online Communities: Thriving in the Economic Downturn Webinar is now available.

Jackbe Releases Presto 3.0 and Opens Enterprise App Store

Portals and KM

  Two of the main additions are a platform for creating internal Enterprise App Stores, as well as a robust visual toolset for creating secure Enterprise Apps.

2010 215

Moxie Spaces Enhances Customer Engagement

Portals and KM

as it conveys both an internal focus and the need to align them. The second major effort is the introduction of an internal product fro the enterprise. Finally Click-to-Publish seamlessly publishes content to the Knowledgebase portal reducing the time spent finding the right answer.

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Re-Inventing Collaboration: CRM as Social Technology

Alchemy of Change

Microsoft Office is still the behemoth here, but Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions evolved over time so that they too, play an important role in internal sharing of social objects. So how did companies keep track of the relationships behind all this internal sharing of social objects? Extranets and customer portals are how we do this today by, in effect, punching a hole in organizational boundaries so that we can safely share objects with people outside the firm.

2011 201

Threshold Concepts and Troublesome Knowledge

Jenny Connected

“A threshold concept can be considered as akin to a portal, opening up a new and previously inaccessible way of thinking about something. As a consequence of comprehending a threshold concept there may thus be a transformed internal view of subject matter, subject landscape, or even world view.

2012 127

Forrester Discusses Barriers to Intranet Use and Suggestions to Get Better

Portals and KM

They found that 93% of employee respondents said they use an intranet or company portal (Forrester uses the terms interchangeably) at least weekly, and more than half reported daily use. In fact, Forrester reports, “Most enterprises at least try to offer usable online experiences to their prospects and customers — but continue to inflict user-hostile internal systems upon their employees.” Forrester recently released a report on What’s Holding Back Your Intranet?

Thoughts On Salesforce & DimDim

Collaborative Thinking

The reason for a gateway of some type is to apply security and compliance policies, as well as to control how the identity of internal users are represented to the outside world. They also expect integration with enterprise portals. Web conferencing vendors have had to integrate with office productivity suites, e-mail/calendaring clients and even with enterprise portals (“My Conferences”, “My Recordings” portlets). Old habits die hard with this post.

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Social Network Analysis in the public sector

Collaborative Thinking

Alexis Naibo of the SAP BusinessObjects Innovation Center gave a demonstration of the SNA technology, explaining how it can import data from a wide variety of sources including internal business applications, corporate databases, and external interfaces. Many people today are active members of professional social networks such as LinkedIn or Viadeo, and want it to be as easy to find an internal contact as it is externally.

2010 Update on IBM Social Software Efforts: Part One

Portals and KM

Someone made the point that much of the IBM focus has been on internal social media rather than external social media. IBM was an early leader in internal uses and this has given them a head start in the enterprise 2.0

2010 200

Challenge: SharePoint and NGOs/NonProfits -go or no go?

Nancy White

In the past week three separate conversations have come up about the challenges of using SharePoint as an organizational intranet or portal in international NGOs. (I

Understanding Cisco's Collaboration Strategy (Part 2)

Collaborative Thinking

Secure inter-company: Boundary-less computing that allows internal and external collaboration across employees, partners, suppliers, and customers. Externalization trends are resulting in companies needed to collaborate as easily externally as they do today internally. Cisco Intercompany Media Engine (IME): simplifies high-definition audio and video across organizations (common user experience internally or externally).

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Shocker of a site:

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

The centre piece is this web site, which provides local and international students with a portal of information, resources and communication. … your right as a student during O-week to get a prepaid ANZ credit card ? Welcome to Student Rights ! This is Australia’s social, educational and commercial network for students only.

2009 122

Jackbe Offers Real-Time Intelligence

Portals and KM

and opens internal Enterprise App Stor e.  Apps can run on any mobile device (Blackberry, Android, iPhone, iPad, Tablets), as well a SharePoint webpart or in an enterprise portal, often without any code changes.

2011 151

Australia: AdAge Power150 Top Bloggers

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

Not decided by the local BlogMafia -heh - but internationally recognised and independently evaluated? Please note - this is AdAge (international) Power150 list of Most Influential Bloggers - I simply extracted out the Australian names.

Enterprise 2.0 Conference, Social Networking Workshop

Collaborative Thinking

I'm also moderating a session on the role of portals in an E2.0 world with representatives from IBM and Oracle on Tuesday (Socializing Enterprise Portals) and sitting on a general session panel Wednesday morning discussing social messaging in the enterprise. Indeed, analysis of the study data reveals a repeating pattern of 15 critical issues organizations will likely encounter as the move forward with their internal social networking initiatives.