Networks: More Than People

Collaborative Thinking

To use this interactive tool, just click on a circle to see which stories mention that topic and which other topics it connects to in the network. Liked the way they correlated people, places, groups,etc to produce a graph. Original Source: barrywellman : Everything's a network, properly interpreted. link]. Introducing News Dots - By Chris Wilson - Slate Magazine. Like Kevin Bacon's co-stars, topics in the news are all connected by degrees of separation.

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Voicethread: a creative way to use video online in training or workshops

Joitske Hulsebosch

Voicethread is a paid tool. A few observations about voicethread Participants think this a fun , interactive tool. Not everyone finds it attractive, it is quite '' angular'' and does not look as a very dynamic tool, though opinions varied about the attractiveness of voicethread.

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Exploring the place between boundaries in communities and networks

Nancy White

I think there are similar things we can describe around different online interaction tools and the practices associated with them. We can examine this from the quintessential change these tools and practices create in our ability to “be together.&# .

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Online Community Toolkit | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

Looking for specific tips, tools and ideas? 1999) Conversations With Your Customers – A human voice behind business interactions. Planning, Designing and Running Online Events Designing Online Events Online Events Assessment Tool Case History: CGIAR’s Gender & Diversity “Creating Connections Online&# Report (Aug 2002) LINK Evaluation Examples: 2002 and Net*Working 2004 Online Event Evaluation Report (nice to see a full event evaluation!)

Skype as a community platform

Learning Alliances

You probably already know that Skype is a great tool – especially for community leaders. If you are a technology steward, it’s not only a great tool but it’s also a handy example for illustrating some of the use and integration issues that we have to deal with and be able to talk about.

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Online Facilitation Workshop | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

Online work and interactions require facilitation skills beyond those used in face-to-face meetings. intermediate workshop brings together the basic processes of online facilitation in its first two weeks, and then an exploration of how online facilitation is changing with the introduction of new tools and the proliferation of many forms of online interaction, from groups, to communities, and even to wider, unbounded networks.

Data and Story Telling: 6 Ways to Use Data to Move Your Mission


Moving beyond info-graphics and simple into interactive tools that let the users take control of the data themselves are another powerful way to reveal your story through data. Data is the new black. These days everyone is releasing it, visualizing it, aggregating it, and mashing it up.

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Publishing research? Move beyond the book with a web application


So move beyond the book - you might end up at a web-based tool / application that allows users to interact with the data and, thereby, "get it" on a much deeper level. The Wallace Foundation recently took advantage of the opportunity presented by web-based tools. Note as well that you need to plan this into the project from the outset to ensure the research and results lend themselves well to an interactive tool.

Seven Steps to Graphing Your Facebook Strategy

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network

While they may not have all the bells and whistles available with other tools like YahooGroups or Eventbrite or a Wordpress blog, for most basic purposes they work pretty well. While other social networks such as Orkut and Tribe (and YahooGroups) have provided similar functionality in the past, the simplicity and ease with which these sub-communities can be established within Facebook are what make it such a powerful tool for communication. are essentially just interaction tools.

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