On Twitter and in the Workplace, It's Power to the Connectors - Rosabeth Moss Kanter - Harvard Business Review

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Fewer people act as power-holders monopolizing information or decision-making, and more people serve as integrators using relationships and persuasion to get things done.


Collaborative Thinking: Integrating SharePoint And Confluence

Collaborative Thinking

It would be valuable for Microsoft to continue down this path of providing well-defined and public interfaces (as opposed to vendor point-to-point deals) so that other blog and wiki vendors could integrate with the platform.

On Twitter and in the Workplace, It's Power to the Connectors - Rosabeth Moss Kanter - HarvardBusiness.org

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Fewer people act as power-holders monopolizing information or decision-making, and more people serve as integrators using relationships and persuasion to get things done. The editors Rosabeth Moss Kanter Rosabeth Moss Kanter holds the Ernest L. You can follow Rosabeth Moss Kanter on Twitter at www.twitter.com/RosabethKanter Become a fan of hers on Facebook at www.bit.ly/RosabethKanterFacebook


Collaborative Thinking: Lotusphere 2008: Social Computing Chess Match

Collaborative Thinking

That said, the social computing capabilities within MOSS 2007 out-of-the-box are not comparable with best of breed tools from specialized vendors. Previously, Microsoft had integrated with Socialtext as well. Virtually every client I talk to is looking at MOSS as some level.

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“Case Study: InSite - Implementing SharePoint” (Pete Sayers, South Taranaki District Council)

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Not an expert on PRA, MOSS, EDRMS and project management. MOSS 2007. record keeping experience, MOSS knowledge, business analyst, floor walking / user support, governance. Some final comments: - MOSS won’t solve all IM challenges. CorasWorks (for roll-ups and aggregation across multiple sites), Colligo (for integration into Outlook, for dragging-and-dropping into SharePoint more efficient), and iWorkplace (from Information Leadership; the design wiki in particular).


SharePoint 2010 - Recent News

Michael Sampson - Currents

Yammer integrated its micro-blogging service with SharePoint. - The integration is via a Web Part; it supports WSS and MOSS 2007. There is integrated search too. - Metalogix released a migration tool for shifting blogs and wikis to SharePoint. Moves blog and wiki content to SharePoint; supports Google Blogger, WordPress, Telligent, Confluence, and Wikimedia. Supports SharePoint 2007 and 2010. Available immediately. -

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Notes on "Document Management and Third Party Extensions" (Debbie Ireland and Cameron Dwyer)

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MOSS for records. in MOSS, can "Save As" and use My Site, cross site collections. Adds email management to SharePoint, via seamless integration with Outlook. Debbie Ireland (from EnvisionIT ) and Cameron Dwyer (from Scinaptic ) talked about using SharePoint for document management, along with two third-party products. Signs of maturity with SharePoint: - minimal structure. a bit of dabbling, corporate documents; some metadata, few or no content types, published content.

NewsGator Acquires Tomoye

Collaborative Thinking

In June 2008, I published a blog post Microsoft's Maturing Social Computing "EGO" , that outlined different ways that vendors could integrate with MOSS 2007 to provide social computing capabilities. Overall - a pragmatic move by NewsGator and Tomoye but we should wait and see how an integrated solution pans out and some actually client implementations before hailing things as being successful.

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Circling Around To Enterprise 2.0 Again

Collaborative Thinking

The 2007 release was arguably the first concerted effort to deliver an integrated platform, adding additional components along the way. MOSS 2007 exacerbated the existing problem. MOSS 2007 forced organizations to regain control and was the "wake-up call" to the governance problem that organizations had created for themselves.

News Updates (May 29, 2009)

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The main Dark Blue Duck Scanning EnablerTM product enhances Microsoft® Office SharePoint® Server 2007 (MOSS) and Windows® SharePoint® Services 3.0 (WSS) Large organizations are using the Scanning Enabler with MOSS to extend their Enterprise Content Management and search capabilities. Google released GoogleWave, a new integrated communication and collaboration environment. It combines email, IM, discussion threads, documents and photos into an integrated client.

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News Updates (January 30, 2009)

Michael Sampson - Currents

IBM and Tungle announced planned integration between the Tungle online calendaring service and IBM Lotus Notes. see Ed's comments , " Once the integration is done, I think we'll all be more effective at meeting scheduling. This new release also supports the migration of security access control (ACL) information between Lotus Notes, Lotus Quickr, and SharePoint (WSS, SPS 2003, and MOSS). EverNote and Google Notebook.

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Response to "SharePoint 2007: Gateway Drug to Enterprise Social Tools"

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With SharePoint not giving everything that’s needed in the 7 Pillars framework above, you have to buy in and integrate in, other Microsoft and third-party products to get closer to a pass in other areas. A couple of other points: - MOSS stands for “Microsoft Office SharePoint Server”, not “Microsoft Office Online” - which I think is “MOS” for Microsoft Online Services.

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Year-End Thoughts On Enterprise 2.0 Social Software (Part 3)

Collaborative Thinking

However, in general, vendors will have to integrate with SharePoint 2010 at some level (e.g., IBM squandered (my opinion) the time between MOSS 2007 and SP2010 to do the type of broad and deep integration with SharePoint that would have given it a beach head to compete when SP2010 does come out. Previous posts: Year-End Thoughts On Enterprise 2.0 & & Social Software (Part 2). Year-End Thoughts On Enterprise 2.0 & & Social Software.

Tom Vander Wall Nails My Sharepoint Experience | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

You get some features, like Office and Exchange integration, in exchange for those limits. What I thought would be easy (from a Drupal perspective) was complicated or just not supported with MOSS.

Dreams of my garden (thanks to Mr. Lea)

Endless Knots

The catechism here is unequivocal: industrial amendments undermine soil viability, weaken the integrity of plant structure, and invite pests and plagues to make a wasteland.

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2009: Planning Considerations For Enterprise 2.0

Collaborative Thinking

Microsoft Office SharePoint 2007 (MOSS) is a disappointing platform for social computing in my opinion. Standards: Pretty normal - standards are needed for integration, interoperability, etc. native wiki) and I would like to see deep integration with SharePoint. . Telligent: Telligent could be the "Jive of 2009" given its latest release (which rounds out the features), its integration with SharePoint, and alignment with a Microsoft environment overall.

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Tom Vander Wall Nails My Sharepoint Experience | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

You get some features, like Office and Exchange integration, in exchange for those limits. What I thought would be easy (from a Drupal perspective) was complicated or just not supported with MOSS.

GridLock - Just another KM Blog " Compete on Knowledge with CoP's

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These networks are integrated into the workflow and produce bottom-line results in industries demanding exceptional speed and accuracy. GridLock - Just another KM / Tech Blog Knowledge Management, Web 2.0

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Enterprise 2.0 Conference Notes: Three Approaches to Social Computing Platforms

Green Chameleon

Microsoft - we want to make sure MS platform that has key elements that work with all components - e.g. not just tags in wikis but also in enterprise applications - we want the integration of all data - like tags (I think Microsoft and Jive both made good points here). Audience Question - Jive and MOSS customer where people are using other wikis - how to support these people? I went to an interesting session at the Enterprise 2.0

IA Webinar: Real-time Working with Collaboration | Information Architected

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Are the tools involved well-integrated into the flow of collaborative work (search, research, document, refine, revise, publish, re-use, etc.),

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CollectiveX - Create a Groupsite for sharing and keeping your group connected!

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CollectiveX Home | Tour | Uses | Pricing | About | Instant Enterprise | Groupsites Directory | Login - Trish Stafford Director, Non-Profit Learn More - Glenn Moss Advertising Executive Learn More Create a Groupsite for Free Social Collaboration & Networking for Groups.

Slowing Down, Making Space

How to Save the World

I tell myself 5 stories, shown in the upper left box, that I believe to be true stories (to the extent any 'story' can be 'true'), that I don't think I can significantly change, and which evoke in me the flurry of what Richard Moss calls "tamed" emotions in the box connected to my box of stories (they are called "tamed" because one can learn to live with them, in contrast to the ones that eat you alive). They, too, are an integral part of who I am. BLOG Slow Down and Make Space.


Collaborative Thinking: Of bread, butter, cheese, and mousetraps.

Collaborative Thinking

If CodePlex is not your "cup of tea" then you can look for third-party vendors that have integrated their social software tools with SharePoint. These vendors are investing a lot of time, money and resources to deliver a high-level of integration. RSS feeds in SharePoint are a good example of a “platform feature” – they’re everywhere, and they’re seamlessly integrated.

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Lessons on the hard job of designing communities in the organization | Bertrand Duperrin's Notepad

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As Rosabeth Moss-Kanter said in the above mentioned post, when it comes to execution or production, self organized groups without hierarchy are a myth. cf CISCO) • Light integration and structure : chancy business value but acceptable cost (“traditional&# community management&# ).

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What's New in Tomoye Communities 3.0

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Remember this solution can be integrated with SharePoint or used on its own. Ecco SharePoint deployment option: There's support for both WSS and MOSS, including authentication, integration with SharePoint Search Server Express to search SharePoint sites, profile synchronization and mutual links the SharePoint and Tomoye Ecco profiles and more.


How to Save the World

They travelled to areas where indigenous nomadic peoples were thriving and learned from and integrated themselves into them. We stopped when we came to a clearing, soft, flat and moss-covered. The padding of the moss and the blankets cushioned us perfectly.

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Resting in the feminine

Chris Corrigan

I felt truly in that moment the integration of masculine and feminine: that one co-creates the other. I am a poor student of the feminine, of the integration between the masculine and the feminine. The transformation that happened at Beyond Sustainability was one of seeing anew, and is one that requires much time to properly understand, integrate and embody. A continuation of my exploration of the past six months. The goddess who consumes all exhausts herself.

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Links of the Month: January 27, 2013

How to Save the World

A real environmental policy to stand against the environmental colonialism of the ‘green economy’ Sovereignty over natural resources as a prerequisite for the emancipation from neocolonial domination and a movement towards integral development of peoples.

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Tomoye Ecco - Enterprise community of practice software

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Tomoye Try Tomoye Ecco online | Attend an online demo | Pricing and deployment options Overview Community taxonomy Powerful questions and answers Find experts and network Videos, blogs, bookmarks, documents and more Leader and technical features SharePoint powerpack Employees learning from each other. Customers sharing new ideas and best practices. Partners collaborating more effectively. That’s what communities are all about.

Collaborative Thinking: Social Networking (?) With Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007

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Interesting - but I remain quite skeptical - especially regarding "MOSS 2007 as your default option for enabling and managing social networks for business use" But this document is the best effort Ive seen to-date to represent the capabilities that do exist into a social networking storyline. Excerpted below are key portions of the white paper, which I hope will get you to think about MOSS 2007 as your default option for enabling and managing social networks for business use.

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