Collaborative Thinking: AP-AOL Instant Messaging Trends Survey

Collaborative Thinking

Forty-three percent of teen IM users say they have used instant messaging to say something they would not say to someone in person. Teens today are more likely to upload photos (42 percent in 2007 vs. 34 percent in 2006) while instant messaging.

Turning Instant Messaging and Presence Upside-Down & Inside-Out

Collaborative Thinking

I've posted a lot recently regarding enterprise social messaging ("Twitter for the enterprise"): Twitter in the Workplace. Social Messaging & Socialtext Signals: Before We Get Too Excited. Right now, enterprise instant messaging is dominated by IBM and Microsoft. The need for better intra-domain presence integration and interoperability is clear - but at the end of the day - communication vendors will not be well-positioned as the "master" presence system.

Bowling Alone: The State Of Enterprise Instant Messaging

Collaborative Thinking

Instant messaging has not taken off in the enterprise as have other communication tools, such as e-mail. One of the older reasons I used to hear from clients years ago was the question of "need" - e-mail was already deployed, and e-mail messages arrived in "near time", so what was the extra value (i.e., As an integrated component within a UC platform, it was thought that enterprise IM would finally become a reality.

Facebook IM Integration

Collaborative Thinking

First thought: If Meebo can integrate with XMPP systems - why can't Microsoft? Second thought: Why hasn't IBM integrated with Facebook's XMPP-based IM system? Third (and last) thought: Given Cisco's acquisition of Jabber and efforts with WebEx Connect - you would imagine integration with Facebook as well. Tags: Instant Messaging Presence Note: This is not the first time I've picked on Microsoft (and others) for ignoring XMPP-based IM.

Thoughts On Salesforce & DimDim

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Below, I’ve outlined some of the those issues organizations should consider when this type of situation arises in the market: Instant Messaging (IM) & Presence. Enterprise IM platforms do not naturally “plug and play” to exchange messages and share presence information. Integration requires vendor cooperation to deliver a supportable configuration. Application Integration. They also expect integration with enterprise portals.

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Facebook Developers | Integrating Facebook Chat Everywhere

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Every day people send more than two billion chat messages to each other on Facebook. Today we're making it easier for people to extend those conversations with their Facebook friends to instant messaging clients beyond Facebook Chat now supports Jabber/XMPP , the open standard for instant messaging. Now developers can integrate Facebook Chat with their Web-based, desktop, or mobile instant messaging products. Finally.

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IBM’s Trip to Become A Socially Integrated Enterprise


A large chunk of that precious knowledge would have been retained in locked up systems like Instant Messaging, private Teamrooms, or shared drives, in obsolete Intellectual Capital / traditional KM systems, inside people’s computers, or, my good old time favourite: email!

Enterprise Versions Of Twitter (updated)

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Most IT organizations will treat "Twitter-like" tools as they do Enterprise IM products which will raise questions such as: Directory integration. Integration with anti-virus and content filtering tools. Integration with Microsoft Communicator and IBM Sametime. Application development (plug-ins, integration with productivity tools). Instant Messaging Social Software There are several emerging (e.g.,

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Enterprise Twitter: Not Dismissive, Just Realistic

Collaborative Thinking

These points also reflect comments I hear often from enterprise IT groups (architects, infrastructure planners, etc) concerning introduction of new messaging/communication tools. I do expect that vendors putting together unified communications and collaboration platforms will be forced to address the type of social messaging represented by tools such as ESME. Twitter-like tools will not have a free-ride without competition from existing messaging/communication vendors. .

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UC And ROI: Round2: IBM's Truth And Fiction Example

Collaborative Thinking

the total cost of ownership is not clearly outlined, a reasonable TCO model would establish a timeline (say 3 years) and include the total costs, including various weighting factors for planning, operational support, integration costs, help desk, change management, and so on.". You need to integrate on-hook/off-hook signaling, integrate with other customer response management tools (telephone, web, e-mail, IM, etc).

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Vizit 4.0 for SharePoint - with Integrated Conversations about Documents

Michael Sampson - Currents

Vizit Social eXchange integrates social conversations with SharePoint content, workflow, records management, and security. Vizit SX leverages social techniques such as instant messaging and micro-blogging to facilitate interactive conversations about SharePoint content. ".

UC And ROI: IBM's Truth And Fiction Example

Collaborative Thinking

I caught a couple of blog posts on the IBM Keynote for UC ( Lotusphere Message: Yes There Is a UC ROI ) and then one on the Sametime blog (see below). Thumbs-Down: The concern I have here is that the total cost of ownership is not clearly outlined, a reasonable TCO model would establish a timeline (say 3 years) and include the total costs, including various weighting factors for planning, operational support, integration costs, help desk, change management, and so on.

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It’s All About Work Life Integration; It’s All About You!


Because, in my own experience, it’s not about striking a good work life balance, but eventually it’s all about Work Life Integration. Well, it starts with that concept I mentioned at the beginning of this post: it’s all about Work Life Integration!

Collaborative Thinking: Integrating SharePoint And Confluence

Collaborative Thinking

It would be valuable for Microsoft to continue down this path of providing well-defined and public interfaces (as opposed to vendor point-to-point deals) so that other blog and wiki vendors could integrate with the platform.

Enterprise Micro-Messaging: Standalone or Integrated with Comprehensive Collaboration Platform? Or Both?

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Here is a post on the collaboration platforms that are integrating micro-messaging. First Commenter : “We’re really interested in using (micro-messaging tool) and have a few people on it already. There is a population that sees integration of microblogging with other collaboration tools as necessary for far reaching adoption.”. Third Commenter: “There is a powerful analogy with Instant Messaging here. This is a question I see discussed more often.

The Perks of Being an Early Riser


A constant influx of internal social interactions, instant messages, phone calls, videoconferences, meetings, conference calls, *cough* email *cough* , etc.

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Another Example Of Facebook Integration

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network KM

link] April 15, 2008 in Enterprise 2.0 , social_media | Permalink TrackBack TrackBack URL for this entry: [link] Listed below are links to weblogs that reference Another Example Of Facebook Integration: : Comments You can follow this conversation by subscribing to the comment feed for this post. Facebooks primary allure is its ability to integrate other social media platforms.

Social Business Has More Work to Gain Real Satisfaction

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The most popular social media tools are instant messaging, blogs, discussion forums, wikis, and user commenting. Prescient Digital Media has released its latest useful report, Social Intranet Study. They interviewed participants in 651 organizations.

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My Top 5 iPad Apps of the Week – Week #7


BeejiveIM with Push : I have been testing as well a good number of different Instant Messaging clients for the iPad and to be honest with you, if I would have to single out only one of them that you would need to look into it, that would be BeejiveIM.

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Windows Phone (2011)

Michael Sampson - Currents

Key ideas are: - Integration between the same conversation that's happening across multiple apps (eg., text, Facebook chat, instant messaging). - I like the concept of integrating conversation fragments from across multiple apps into a unified view.

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Collaborative Thinking: Lotusphere 2008: Unified Communications & Collaboration Keynote

Collaborative Thinking

New: Ericsson integrating with Sametime - click on a name and start a call and then move call into a conference, onto a mobile phone or traditional phone, etc. New: NEC also integrating its telephony server with Sametime. Nortel will see and integrate Sametime as well.

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Aligning Collaboration with Business Processes

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He adds, “To realize benefits of collaborative business processes, though, (implementations professionals) must work to integrate these tools into business processes like product development and workflows.”.

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Collaborative Thinking: Lotusphere 2008: Social Computing Chess Match

Collaborative Thinking

Previously, Microsoft had integrated with Socialtext as well. Yes, IBM has wiki technology and you can integrate Notes, QuickR and Sametime with Connections - but for purposes of this post, Im looking at Connections in a turnkey way.

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Moxie Software Adds Better Mobile Support to Customer Spaces

Michael Sampson - Currents

Furthermore, Moxie Software is also adding XMPP support for chat – an open protocol that will make it easy for popular chat client’s or web service to integrate with Customer Spaces’ chat. This platform is extensible to support other instant messaging protocols.

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Moving Beyond “Collaboration” Meaning Video and Calling: Cisco Partners with Jive

Michael Sampson - Currents

Interestingly, while there was a role in my framework for presence and instant messaging (Pillar 5), and real-time screen sharing for co-authoring / co-editing (Pillar 2), there was not a distinct pillar for video meetings and other types of real-time interaction. Cisco and Jive plan to progressively link these products at a technology level so they work in a more integrated fashion.

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Enterprise Twitter: Fad Or Tipping Point (Agenda)

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instant messaging, mobile). Integration with existing enterprise infrastructure (e.g., Integration with enterprise content management (e.g., Behavior change and social messaging adoption. Social messaging, sometimes referred to as micro-blogging, has become incredibly popular on the Internet, exemplified by soaring use of consumer services such as Twitter. How does social messaging conflict with ongoing unified communications efforts (e.g.,

Presence and Availability Sensors in Plantronics Headsets #presence @smarteroffice

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I have a long-running interest in presence and instant messaging systems, dating back to my days at Ferris Research and the 400-page report I wrote a decade ago. The combination of the sensors in the headset, plus the software with wide integration really adds up to more accurate presence across the enterprise. Setting your presence was a manual task back then, but things have improved.

Google drops Wave

The Bumble Bee

Wave combined e-mail, instant messaging and the ability to collaborate on documents in real-time and was described as "how e-mail would look if it were invented today". BBC News reports that Google is dropping Google wave due to lack of users.

Google 152

Cisco Finds New Path Towards Collaboration

Collaborative Thinking

s Saas based WebEx Connect Collaboration Platform which currently includes- Instant Messaging, Wikis, Web 2.0 s Collaboration Software Group and integrated with WebEx Connect and Cisco???s With PostPath's software, Cisco will extend the e-mail and calendar functionality of its flexible software-as-a-service (SaaS)-based collaborative platform that includes instant messaging, voice, video, data, document management and Web 2.0

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Jon Mell on a "Day without Email"

Michael Sampson - Currents

In fact, it appeared that good things came to him as a result: " Our email system is fully integrated with instant messaging, so when I received an email most often the person who sent it was still on line, so my first reaction was to simply right click and responded through our chat system. Jon Mell (of IBM now and Headshift previously) had to go e-mail-less a few days ago, and he didn't die.

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Email Usage Down and Social Networking Up in 2010

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  The Nielsen Company provides research that indicates Americans spend a third their online time (36 percent) communicating and networking across social networks, blogs, personal email and instant messaging. While many of the social collaboration tools offer email integration to attract those locked into email, the stated goal of many is to take activities out from the email inbox.

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The Evolution of Email

Portals and KM

At the time Luis wrote in the article, Giving up on Work e-mail - Status Report on Weeks 15 to 20 , “Instead of responding individually to messages that arrived in my in-box, I started to use more social networking tools, like instant messaging, blogs and wikis, among many others.” To facilitate the transition many of the vendors are integrating their tools with email.

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News Updates (October 2, 2009)

Michael Sampson - Currents

conceptClassifier for SharePoint is fully integrated with SharePoint 2007, SharePoint 2010, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Enterprise Search and FAST. Microsoft added an XMPP gateway to Office Communications Server, and changed the licensing terms for public instant messaging connectivity. Second, Microsoft is changing its public instant messaging connectivity (PIC) license requirements for Office Communications Server connectivity to the Windows Live and AOL public IM networks.

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Is SharePoint "Worth It" as a Collaboration Tool? - Joe Shepley

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In the "Messaging" box, because email and instant messaging are not internal to the SharePoint, it doesn't score at all. And in fact, if an enterprise customer already had an enterprise messaging and instant messaging infrastructure, the fact that a potential Enterprise 2.0 In such a case, "integration" with existing email and IM platforms would be far more critical.

News Updates (February 5, 2009)

Michael Sampson - Currents

Thomson Reuters launched RM Interchange, a new instant messaging hub to support interoperability between vendor products. " RM Interchange is the world’s first global instant messaging hub which connects users of Cisco's Jabber XCP, IBM's Same Time, Microsoft's LCS/OCS and Thomson Reuters' RM – both easily and cost effectively. Among other things, there are new collaboration capabilities , such as persistent instant messaging and desktop sharing.

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Thinking About How Real Workers Use New Collaboration Tools – the Ford Approach

Michael Sampson - Currents

There are the traditional office productivity tools like instant messaging and email and [Microsoft] Office. And we’re aggressively integrating those services to fundamentally improve the ability for teams to collaborate around the world.” In How Ford reimagined IT from the inside-out to power its turnaround from mid-2012, Jason writes about changes at Ford’s IT department.

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Cisco Expands Its Cloud Collaboration Strategy

Portals and KM

It includes leading enterprise cloud applications for web conferencing (WebEx) , instant messaging (Jabber) and enterprise social software (Quad) but goes much beyond that. Here Cisco is taking an integration and partnership strategy.

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News Updates (April 27, 2009)

Michael Sampson - Currents

Process efficiency, increased effectiveness, content integrity and in line capture of organizational knowledge can all be achieved through process automation and enterprise content management. Integrating Lotus Connections and SharePoint. Wikis in the Enterprise.

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Cisco Quad: Peeling Back the Layers

Michael Sampson - Currents

Instant Messaging. Real-time instant text messaging with others in the firm, through integration with Cisco's instant messaging offerings. Voice Mail Integration. Quad can also display a user's voice mail messages on their main page.

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News Updates (February 18, 2010)

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Beneath those buttons you'll find unified messaging that mashes together updates from social nets like Facebook and Windows Live (but not Twitter -- yet), some stripped-down Office apps, Outlook, Bing, an apps marketplace, pretty much the entire Zune experience, and even a little Xbox Live. MangoSpring released Engage, a new service that combines enterprise social networking and instant messaging. " Start Chattering.

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Notes on “Deployment of SharePoint 2013 document, records and collaboration solution at AUT” (Alan Marshall, Stephen McWilliams, Shelley Tasele)

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Plus various AUT wide information, events, and processes. - … … governance included decisions around authentication, integration with other systems at AUT, etc. - … … using RecordPoint for records management. Day two of the New Zealand SharePoint Conference is starting.

2014 156

Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2014 – Some Highlights

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Pre-social you could work inside a Word document and have an instant messaging chat – powered by Office Communications Server or Lync – with other people who were working on the document too. While the service pack includes the usual collection of performance, reliability, and security fixes, there are also some goodies for end users, including integration with OneDrive for Business (see #6 below) and Yammer (see #7 below).

2014 149 Expands Its Social Email Offering to Include Lotus Notes

Portals and KM

For example, this cross-platform strategy enabled utility company American Water to integrate SharePoint and Notes rather than budget an additional $3 million to change its 7,000-user Notes implementation.