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I’ve had this loose tag, Community Indicators, that I’ve slapped on my blog posts, on delicious, etc. community indicatorsFor some years now I have been noting occurrences where connections are made between people.

Lessons Learned - a Collaborative Process with "Collaboration Success" Indicators

Michael Sampson - Currents

The success indicators in Nick's list above are non-technology factors. Nick Milton is the author of The Lessons Learned Handbook: Practical Approaches to Learning from Experience.

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Community Indicators in Times of Stress

Nancy White

Experiencing the love and community around my family and me since Dad entered the hospital on March 22nd is a fertile ground for noticing and reflecting on those things that tell us community is present, “community indicators.&# Singing together IS a community indicator.

Reviving Community Indicators – Learning

Nancy White

For long time readers of this blog, you know I’ve been obsessed with “signs of life&# from communities which I call “ community indicators.&# This sure is a community indicator in my eyes, capturing (or “reifying&# – definition below!)

Ford Foundation, Open Access and Really Sharing Knowledge

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collaboration community indicators knowledge sharing learning open Knowledge sharing can be enabled or blocked based on organizational policies and infrastructure.

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Organizational Entropy and Information Abuse

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The middle question I would give a probably – it’s certainly an indicator that you need to do an entropy check.

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That Guys An Asshole Two Stories of Information Hoarding

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Social Media Principle #3 Economies Have Currencies

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Community Indicators: Orton Family Foundation Heart & Soul Photo Contest

Nancy White

I’ve written for years about community indicators. From the Orton Family Foundation comes a nice reification of visual community indicators – photos of our communities. Or collect those contributed via Flickr as a great indicator of YOUR community.

A List Apart: Articles: Community: From Little Things, Big Things Grow


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Please Donate to Help Nepal’s Earthquake Victims

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community indicators culture of loveJust sayin… Next of course, my attention went to the question of “Where to donate?” I received several emails from charities that I already support that do work in the area. I donated to Save the Children. On Facebook, I noticed a list of vetted charities shared by another trusted colleague who works in the nonprofit sector, Peggy Duvette. I shared the article on my wall.

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Who We Appreciate on this Second Community Manager Appreciation Day


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A socio-economic indicator for our times?


Then I thought, might we have here an interesting indicator? I know claimed tax relief is only a partial indicator of what is given, but the charitable sector could come up with a formula to account for unrecorded giving as well…. It's January, I’ve been working on my tax return and the last two bits of data I had to find were (i) bank and building society interest; and (ii) charitable donations.

Twitter Revisited : []


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Personal Kanban at the World Bank: Modus Cooperandi Info Pak 1

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Community for the 21st Century Harvest

Nancy White

community community indicators events harvesting visual thinking wedialogOn April 1st, amidst all that was going on in my family, I had the chance to step into a different “space&# and participate in WeDialog’s first online world cafe on “community.&#

I am the Immigrant to my Neighborhood Crows…

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community indicators reflectionI have been intrigued by Seattle’s crows since I moved here in 1981. They attacked my sons walking to school during nesting season one year and I went out and told them “hey, I’m a mom too.

Hospital checklists and Inviting Participation

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collaboration communication community indicators complexity engagement knowledge sharing checklists UdGAgoraJohnnie Moore pointed to an interesting article on why checklists don’t always produce the kind of positive results expected in hospital operating rooms.

The Power of Ordinary Practices – Quotes Worth Amplifying

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collaboration community indicators complexity engagement facilitation learning leadershipWell, this seems to be a fitting follow up to my last blog post. Amabile : I believe it’s important for leaders to understand the power of ordinary practices.

Noodling on my fOSSa presentation

Nancy White

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New Research on Hard Benefits of Online Customer Communities

The Bumble Bee

According to a 2011 survey, almost 50% of the top 100 global brands host some kind of network or community but are there any indications that these investments are paying off?

Patterns of Engagement » Blog Archive » Community rituals, or how FaceBook and Twitter are making the invisible visible


community_indicators online_community A lovely post reflecting on community rituals and how some of them are being effected with online tools.

Full Circle Online Interaction Blog: So What IS a Community Indicator? v1

John Tropea - Delicious Community

Home About Full Circle Resources Contact Us Full Circus Full Circle Associates connections for a changing world, online and offline… Wednesday, August 24, 2005 So What IS a Community Indicator? After sliding into this (un)project on “ community indicators ” over the last month, it’s time to try and explain myself. Today I decided I’d go for it because, hey, "trust in your community" is a community indicator. Yes, that activity would be yet another community indicator.

Transformation and the Measurement Challenge

Networking Action

What is the relationship between traditional measures, such as national indices, log frames, results frameworks, and efficiency concepts, with the complex quality of transformation? How can/should the field of knowledge and practice advance? This webinar brings together three people who … Net Dev

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Design Considerations For Enterprise Social Networks: Identity, Graphs, Streams & Social Objects

Collaborative Thinking

Feedback appreciated on the session and if it's worthwhile, indicate so with a "thumbs up". I've submitted a proposal for the Enterprise 2.0 conference in Boston. Thanks. link]. . Enterprise 2.0

My next Management 2.0 Principle

Governance in a Networked World

Reciprocity is an indicator of trustworthiness, which as a principle already nomiinated. Example: We track reciprocity networks using SNA techniques as an indicator or 'trust' in an organisation

Why do a PhD by Publication?

Jenny Connected

a supporting paper: this should summarise each publication submitted, outline their interrelationship, give a critical review of the current state of knowledge and research in the applicant’s field and indicate how his or her work has contributed to the field. Why do a PhD at all?

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Kaizen Camp: Seattle 2012

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Business Cooperation Community Indicators Cooperation Culture Emergent Democracy Life Management Personal KanbanFollowing last year’s excellent “Seattle Lean Camp ”, we are now nearing Kaizen Camp: Seattle 2012. (We

Long Live the Community

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Business Cooperation Community Indicators Cooperation Culture Management Personal Kanban LSSC LSSThere’s change in the wind and I like it. The Lean Software and Systems Consortium (LSSC) has evolved to the Lean Systems Society (LSS).

Monday Video: What is (A) Community?

Nancy White

Monday videos community community indicatorsEssential Arts – Blog – What is a Community? What is a Community? from Essential Arts on Vimeo.

Value Creation in Communities of Practice

Jenny Connected

These cycles give you a notion of indicators – things that can be measured at that point. The framework (p.25) provides examples of indicators for each cycle and of questions that can be asked for collection of data. A key focus of BEtreat was to discuss Etienne Wenger et al.’s

Schwier's Community Links from Edmedia 09


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6 Reasons Your Business Doesn’t Need Social Media

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

I’m not a mechanic :p Dave answers quick questions on his Facebook Page – how to change a bulb for an indicator light. The Top 6 Reasons why a business doesn’t need social media.

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Personal Kanban Discussed on the Business 901 Podcast

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Twitter Search #myonlineorigins

Nancy White

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Privacy in a Post TMI World

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Sociology online communities Culture Management Community Indicators Life Web 2.0Lisa Hickey has a nice piece today about the bit of our private lives that we are discussing publicly. The crux of the matter is trust and expectations.

Bringing Home Beauty and Wondonga Friends

Nancy White

community indicators visual thinkingThanks to Geoff Young ( @gsyoung ), the vibrant and ever perapatetic host a few weeks ago at Wondonga TAFE , my Christmas presents will soon be moving from Australia to the US.

Bigger Ears Make You Dumbo

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Pursuing the elusive metaphor of community in virtual learning environments - Internet & Technology, Research, and community


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