Can SNA be the new Six Sigma?

Governance in a Networked World

There are a number of practitioner groups out there now and I recently heard of this conference that I'm now planning to attend [link] in Hungary which has a business focus. Social Network Analysis (SNA) has been with us in the research communities for over 70 years now. Its adoption as a mainstream business tool is still however trivially small. Of the over 500,000 management consulting firms in the world today I suspect well less than 100 have ever done an SNA project.

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euan: Memo to self: bring a crash helmet next time I come to Hungary. Bright green moss [link] #. Bright green moss [link] #. link] caitlin's next workshop in The Work of Byron Katie Nebraska here she comes! #. Who would like to help me with a volunteer # openspace assignment apr 29 in Vancouver? Great apprenticing opportunity esp. for harvesters. #. link]. Get out there and keep this support going! WhitecapsFC #. Above the snowline on Golden Ears [link] #.

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I moved from Transylvania to Hungary and from Hungary to the United States.

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Facebook is an outstanding way to discover new music, think of interesting things to do (including Life Projects, such as live in Hungary for a year or work on a goat farm), and find a romantic partner. Home Page Todays Paper Video Most Popular Times Topics Search All Opinion World U.S.