Why create your own space, domain, host? 

Jenny Connected

Why create your own space, domain, host? One of the attractions of this course for me, apart from all the well recognised names that are running it, is the question ‘Why create your own space, domain, host? The pre-course orientation week for a new open course – Connected Courses.

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So You Want to Host a Web Meeting? A Resource

Full Circle Associates

Many pages later we have So Yo Want to Host a Web Meeting ? A long time ago in a planet far far away, a group of people asked if I could share some of my web meeting tips.

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Why you should come to an Art of Hosting

Chris Corrigan

We have an Art of Hosting event coming up in February 23-26 on Bowen Island. ” For me, the pursuit of mastery in the practice of hosting conversations is the way I respond to the complexity that we are facing in the world. Some of these skills are covered in an Art of Hosting.

2015 24

Art of Hosting beyond the basics: a new offering

Chris Corrigan

Tuesday Ryan-Hart, Tim Merry, Caitlin Frost and I are just returning from a gathering of experienced Art of Hosting practitioners from around the world. A key part of our work is nto build capacity and depth in core teams to host systems work together.

2013 22

10 Brilliant videos on the Art of Hosting

Chris Corrigan

Over the past few years Jerry Nagel and a group of practitioners in Minnesota have been working deeply with the Art of Hosting in the state. The Bush Foundation, who has supported a lot of this work, helped create 10 fantastic videos on the Art of Hosting and some of the methods of the process. Art of Hosting – introduction: https://vimeo.com/72614471. Art of Hosting

The basic invitation to the Art of Hosting community of practice

Chris Corrigan

Depending on who you ask, the Art of Hosting as a community of practice has been around since about 1999. Grounded in Frierian pedagogy , she has just submitted her Master’s thesis in which she explores the Art of Hosting pedagogy. Art of Hosting InvitationSince that time, it has evolved and morphed and changed and developed.

2016 19

What is the Art of Hosting

Chris Corrigan

Foremost among these I think is a deep recommitment to the essential nature of the Art of Hosting: what we call the Four Fold Practice. In brief the four fold practice is this: Be Present and cultivate a strong practice of hosting yourself. Host others with good process.

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A quick harvest from Art of Hosting Water Dialogues

Michelle Laurie

days doing of joint training with The Art of Hosting and Waterlution called the Water Dialogues. Chris Corrigan , one of the hosts, introduced the Cynefin framework (used by Cognitive Edge ) as a way to differentiate between simple, complicated and complex problems.

UK Teen Troll and Australian Radio Host – Social Media vs Traditional

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

Compare these two situations: A UK Teen is arrested for making comments about an Olympian diver’s (Tom Daly) father’s death on Twitter and a lauded Australian Radio Host is lauded for making comments in front of Uni students about our Prime Minister’s father’s death.

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Being hosted by the land

Chris Corrigan

As I learn more about the way this land works us, I feel like I can let it more fully host me and the people I work with and the insights can come. Bowen Island oriented with Snug Cove pointing towards you, as the entrance to the Island.

An intro to the Art of Hosting and some mapping

Chris Corrigan

Back in November Janaia Donaldson from Peak Moment TV interviewed Dave Pollard and I about the Art of Hosting, especially as it applies to transition towns, resilience and community leadership. Art of Hosting Community Conversation Design Facilitation Leadership

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Doing Business with IBM Connections Workshop in Switzerland – hosted by WebGate

Michael Sampson - Currents

On a final note, Roman and the WebGate team have been very kind hosts. Today I presented the Doing Business with IBM Connections workshop in Switzerland, at the invitation of WebGate Consulting. WebGate is an IBM Premier Business Partner active in Switzerland and beyond. There were about 15 people attending the workshop today – that being a mix of participants from end user organizations as well as some of the WebGate consultants.

Blending Theory U and Art of Hosting

Chris Corrigan

A reposne I made today on the Art of Hosting list about the workshop we are leading this week: We’re in the middle of a leadership residential for 25 leaders in the community social services sector here in British Columbia and we are blending a strong Theory U flavour with AoH practice. This is the second and final residential, capping a 9 month learning journey which has involved two Art of Hosting gatherings and bi-weekly webinars. Art of Hosting Leadership

Art of Hosting Edmonton Alberta, June 2010

Chris Corrigan

ALl of you looking for an intensive Art of Hosting experience, we are now accepting registration for the June 6-9 event in Edmonton, Alberta. Please join Teresa Posakony, Tennson Woolf, Corrinna Chetley-Irwin, Mary Johnson, Chantal Normand, and I for four days of learning, connecting and practice around hosting nad harvesting conversations that matter for wise action. Tags: Art of Hosting

Art of Hosting Beyond the Basics, October 21-23, Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Chris Corrigan

Over the past two years Art of Hosting Beyond the Basics has travelled across Canada, the United States and once to Europe and we have been lucky to welcome nearly 300 people to our three day program. Art of Harvesting Art of Hosting

A short distillation of the Art of Hosting

Chris Corrigan

InCommons is the primary sponsor of much of the flourishing of the Art of Hosting here in the Minnesota and Dakotas region. In a very short time, we estimate that there will be upwards of 1000 people in this state alone who have come through an Art of Hosting training, in cohorts and individually, as a result of InCommons’ intention to support new forms of leadership. This week we will turn our attention to hosting another 100 people in a three day Art of Hosting.

SitePoint Podcast Hosts Online Community Management Roundtable

Managing Communities

I am one of the co-hosts on the SitePoint Podcast, a weekly podcast from SitePoint, one of the largest web development communities in the world. Recently, I led a community management roundtable that spanned two episodes and featured Matthew Haughey, creator of MetaFilter; Sarah Hawk, Community Manager for SitePoint and Venessa Paech, Lead Community Manager [.]. Developing Your Community Interacting with Users Managing the Community

Take your pick - Facilitating, leading, managing, hosting, community-ship


Community Manager or Community Facilitator (Lead) or host. But it also involves leadership (and facilitation) as you listen to people, bring out the best in people , co-create, foster new directions, play host , role-model, educate, riff off the emergence.

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Art of Hosting, the chaordic dance and what we can learn from life

Chris Corrigan

I was interviewed under a tree one afternoon about some of the concepts and the deeper implications of what we teach in the Art of Hosting workshops, which itself is, at its simplest, a set of practices to help facilitate participatory meetings better. Art of Hosting Being Bowen

Thoughts on Community Management From Hosting a Daily Soda Review Show

Managing Communities

Please Update Your ManagingCommunities.com RSS Feed Subscription This feed has moved to: [link] I apologize for the trouble. For more details, please read my post on the matter. Thank you. Community Cultivation Interacting with Members Managing the Community

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AdeoServe Launches in the United Kingdom - Hosted and Managed SharePoint

Michael Sampson - Currents

During a drive to Camberley one late night in October 2010, after Seb Matthews retrieved me from LHR (after I'd waited for 2 hours to pass through border control - which, incidentally was longer than it took to fly from Denmark), he told me about the work they were doing behind the scenes on a new set of hosted and managed services for SharePoint. Read more: AdeoPoint Unveils Hosted and Managed Services for Microsoft SharePoint.

What a 118 person Art of Hosting looks like

Chris Corrigan

A harvest of the second day of our 118 person Art of Hosting last week in Minneapolis. Art of HostingIncredibly energy, terrific diversity and powerful learning for all of us.

How to disrupt meetings

Chris Corrigan

More seriously, I’m going to be teaching university students dialogue and hosting methods next week and will share this with them for sure. Art of Hosting FacilitationMy friend Tim Merry found this gem, from a 1944 CIA manual on how to perfrom acts of simple sabotage.

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Art of Hosting on beautiful Bowen Island, October 23-26

Chris Corrigan

Come an join Teresa Posakony, Tenneson Woolf , Caitlin Frost and me for an Art of Hosting learning retreat on our home island, Bowen Island, near Vancouver this October. Held at Rivendell , atop Cates Hill, this Art of Hosting will explore recent work and learning about self-organization, participatory leadership and community resiliency. Art of Hosting BC

Evaluation rigour for harvesting

Chris Corrigan

In Art of Hosting terms, we might call this a harvesting plan. I think in the Art of Hosting and Art of Harvesting communities we get the first principle quite well, that participatory initiatives are, by their nature, developmental.

The core imperative: training in practice

Chris Corrigan

I have recently been published in a new book on Dialogic Organizational Development , a way of looking at OD that will be familiar to anyone who is curious about the Art of Hosting and participatory leadership. The Art of Hosting is a practice.

2015 27

Understanding vision

Chris Corrigan

Art of Hosting Emergence Facilitation Featured“Vision” is one of those words that is overused in our work and the reason it is so elusive is that is is so context dependant. You can have a vision of a full bath tub of steaming hot water.

2017 24

Fully supported hosted Eduglu is coming! | Eduglu — Drupal Social Learning Platform


Powerful open source Eduglu is built on the award-winning open source CMS Drupal used widely on sites such as [link] Learn More Fully supported hosted Eduglu is coming! Skip to Main Content Area Home About Community Blog Download Eduglu — Drupal Social Learning Platform Download Alpha 2 The Power of Drupal for Todays Learners Why choose Eduglu? Change how people learn Help people in your organization learn together by building strong online communities.


Appreciating Kauffman

Chris Corrigan

Art of Hosting Being Cynefin FeaturedOne of the things I am learning reading Stuart Kauffman’s book “ Reinventing the Sacred ” is just how powerful and pervasive the phenomenon of creative emergence is at every level in our world.

2017 19

Returning to the Basics

Chris Corrigan

Our Beyond the Basics team is about to host our last gathering of the current cycle of offers, back in North America. People need to be hosted. Where are we actually hosting the conversations about the democratic, social and economic systems of our time?

2015 23

Tim Merry’s recent thinking on collaboration

Chris Corrigan

Tim Merry ‘s work on collaborative advantage: My friend and colleague Tim Merry is sharing some of his most recent thinking on project design and development here in Columbus at the Art of Hosting Beyond the Basics retreat we are doing.

Tim Merry’s recent thinking on collaboration

Chris Corrigan

Tim Merry ‘s work on collaborative advantage: My friend and colleague Tim Merry is sharing some of his most recent thinking on project design and development here in Columbus at the Art of Hosting Beyond the Basics retreat we are doing.

Desire lines for strategy and change

Chris Corrigan

Hosting groups is always about learning – in fact one core question of the Art of Hosting community is “what if learning was the form of leadership required now?” Art of Hosting Culture Design Featured Learning

2017 14

Designing with introverts in mind

Chris Corrigan

Back in June I was on the hosting team for an Art of Hosting in northern California. It’s fierce hosting work, because extroverts are very dismissive of it, and I haven’t always been successful. Art of Hosting Conversation Design Facilitation Learning

Art of Hosting Beyond the Basics

Chris Corrigan

Caitlin Frost, Tim Merry, Tuesday Ryan-Hart and I have been loving offering our Art of Hosting Beyond the Basics workshop over the past nine months. Art of Hosting Facilitation Leadership Learning Practice

Training in structures that support humanity

Chris Corrigan

It is the basis of relational theory and is a core assumption underlying a whole world of organizational development thinking and practice, including the Art of Hosting. Art of Hosting Conversation Facilitation Organization

2014 28

Making a rough and ready pattern language as a creativity tool

Chris Corrigan

We are blending an Art of Hosting workshop with content and process from some recent research in neuroscience, epigenetics, and adverse childhood experiences and with wellness and leadership models from our Navajo colleagues with whom we have a ten year relationship.

2016 21

The village as a venue

Chris Corrigan

Last week, we hosted a group of 35 emerging and legacy leaders in the human services sector on Bowen Island to kick off our sixth Leadership 2020 cohort. We are a small island with a working village and we have evolved an inventive way of hosting gatherings.

2015 21

PLUME: five principles of harvesting

Chris Corrigan

One of the questions around which the development of Art of Hosting occurred was “What if learning was the form of leadership we needed now?” Art of Harvesting Art of Hosting Design Emergence Evaluation Facilitation Featured Learning Open Space World Cafe