A view from inside Omidyar's Civil Beat

Endless Knots

Here''s a birds-eye report on what it was like for journalist Adrienne LaFrance, who was a beat reporter for Omidyar''s Honolulu Civil Beat: [link]. I''m fascinated by Pierre Omidyar''s foray into major journalism with the projected "general interest," digital-only NewCo.


Low earth orbit

Chris Corrigan

The vacation in Hawaii has ended for me and I’m now somewhere over the middle of the United States on the third leg of a four leg journey that sees me flying from Hilo to Honolulu to Los Angeles to New York to Johannesburg.


Travel Budget Slashes, Meeting Crunch and Going Virtual

Nancy White

June 22-26, 2009 * Honolulu, Hawaii. Throughout the year I’m involved in quite a few conferences and meetings. This year, the ground is shifting.


Beginning my ISS Fellowship in Australia

Full Circle Associates

After facilitating for the Language Learning Flagship in Honolulu last week I hopped on two planes and headed to Melbourne arriving Sunday night at 10:30 pm to be graciously picked up by Patricia Rogers , my evaluation guru, founder of BetterEvaluation and friend from RMIT.