A quick harvest from Art of Hosting Water Dialogues

Michelle Laurie

days doing of joint training with The Art of Hosting and Waterlution called the Water Dialogues. Chris Corrigan , one of the hosts, introduced the Cynefin framework (used by Cognitive Edge ) as a way to differentiate between simple, complicated and complex problems.

Evaluation rigour for harvesting

Chris Corrigan

In Art of Hosting terms, we might call this a harvesting plan. I think in the Art of Hosting and Art of Harvesting communities we get the first principle quite well, that participatory initiatives are, by their nature, developmental.

PLUME: five principles of harvesting

Chris Corrigan

This morning we began our Harvesting and Collective Sensemaking online course. Specifically these principles apply to harvesting in complex situations where you are using participatory methods to make sense of and make decisions. And what if collective learning WAS the harvest?

Harvesting from a harvest

Chris Corrigan

Last month I was in Chicago working with a great group of Art of Hosting practitioners in the Illinois community of practice. We ran a three day Art of Hosting and then did a one day Art of Harvesting workshop with about 40 members of the community of practice in Chicago. The focus of the day was on the art and practice of harvesting. Our design was simple…we began in circle with a check in around questions and thoughts about harvesting.

Precision in harvest planning.

Chris Corrigan

Since 2007 when Monica Nissen, Silas Lusias and I sat down at Phil and Laura Cass’s kitchen table to write up our thinking on the Art of Harvesting I have been a keen student of the art and practice of meaning making, sensing, visualizing and sharing the fruits of our work. We have called this practice the Art of Harvesting and I am as happy as anyone that it has become a big part of our practice. What is the harvest? Newer practitioners ask “what is a harvest?”

Community for the 21st Century Harvest

Nancy White

I simply LOVE these harvests. And hosts Amy and Ben did a terrific job. community community indicators events harvesting visual thinking wedialog

Hosting the harvest

Chris Corrigan

Steven and I are putting into practice an idea that a number of us have been playing with for a could of years, namely hosting a reflective conversation space in which the conference participants can help create the harvest and meaning making about the whole event.

Polarities to help design harvesting

Chris Corrigan

Yesterday in a webinar for the Art of Hosting Applied Practice cohort I threw out a set of ideas around harvesting that were prompted a bit by experience and a bit by the questions that participants were asking. ” The act of paying attention to that is called “harvesting.” ” Harvesting planning needs a coherent scheme to structure the work and it is important to focus on all kinds of different outputs and outcomes from a process.

My Harvest from a Think Tank on Assessing Collaboration

Michelle Laurie

World Café is a participatory technique I use to host meaningful dialogues with groups. One person remained at the table as the host and was responsible for documenting key messages from the conversation.

2013 185

A Bountiful Harvest

Chris Corrigan

From our recent Art of Hosting on the banks of the Ottawa River, in Arnprior Ontario. Tags: Art of Harvesting Art of Hosting

Collective story harvesting

Chris Corrigan

In the Art of Hosting community over the past two years a group of practitioners have developed a tool called the Collective Story Harvest. I’ve had many opportunities to catch stories along the journey and this time, I’m here to report in on what’s been happening with the method of Collective Story Harvesting. Attached is the latest version of the document and it now includes: A group harvesting one story or set of stories together. Art of Hosting Stories

A simple way to explore the Four Fold Practice of the Art of Hosting

Chris Corrigan

The Art of Hosting is predicated on a very simple set of practices which we call the Four Fold Practice. The answer was, “That would be called the art of hosting.” The Art of Hosting, at its deepest essence, is these four practices. It’s a rich harvest.

2018 61

Art of Hosting Beyond the Basics, October 21-23, Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Chris Corrigan

Over the past two years Art of Hosting Beyond the Basics has travelled across Canada, the United States and once to Europe and we have been lucky to welcome nearly 300 people to our three day program. Art of Harvesting Art of Hosting

2015 78

One introduction to harvesting

Chris Corrigan

about the art of harvesting. It includes an uncited hat tip to the Cynefin framework , and focuses on his particular field of education: Harvesting, as you know being from a tribe of long standing agrarian practice, (!) many systems do well at harvesting the artifacts (evaluations, studies, reports) but do very little in creating an architecture for implementing the results. Within schools there is a special kind of problem with harvesting. This is BAD harvesting.

Art of Hosting beyond the basics: a new offering

Chris Corrigan

Tuesday Ryan-Hart, Tim Merry, Caitlin Frost and I are just returning from a gathering of experienced Art of Hosting practitioners from around the world. A key part of our work is nto build capacity and depth in core teams to host systems work together.

2013 91

10 Brilliant videos on the Art of Hosting

Chris Corrigan

Over the past few years Jerry Nagel and a group of practitioners in Minnesota have been working deeply with the Art of Hosting in the state. The Bush Foundation, who has supported a lot of this work, helped create 10 fantastic videos on the Art of Hosting and some of the methods of the process. Art of Hosting – introduction: https://vimeo.com/72614471. AOH Harvesting: https://vimeo.com/69785465. AOH Collective Story Harvest: https://vimeo.com/69798732.

2013 76

What a 118 person Art of Hosting looks like

Chris Corrigan

A harvest of the second day of our 118 person Art of Hosting last week in Minneapolis. Art of HostingIncredibly energy, terrific diversity and powerful learning for all of us.

Some recent harvests

Chris Corrigan

So a little time to breathe and reflect on a couple of harvests. First from Geoff Selig who was at the Pembroke Art of Hosting, and who collected the tablecloths from a final day World Cafe on what we have learned about the power of conversation. Second, a harvest poem from the Open Space I ran yesterday in Kelowna. With Open Space these days I am trying as much as possible to have a place in which a meta harvest can be collected and created. We host space.

Extending the Four Fold practice of the Art of Hosting

Chris Corrigan

The four of us on the Art of Hosting Beyond the Basics team are all global stewards of the international Art of Hosting community of practice. As such, the Art of Hosting is our lineage. And Beyond the Basics is very much rooted in the Art of Hosting.

2015 58

A decade of living and learning, hosting and harvesting

Chris Corrigan

I have worked with people from various communities of practice, including Open Space, World Cafe, Genuine Contact and most deeply, the Art of Hosting. As summer begins to close here on the west coast of Canada, I’m starting to head back to work, digging into to 20 or so projects that will unfold in the next nine months, which will take me across Canada, the US, Hawaii, Estonia, Denmark and Australia.

A collective harvest of the four fold practice

Chris Corrigan

The last couple of weeks my deepening of perspective on the four fold practice of the art of hosting has continued. In the Art of Hosting Water Dialogues we are teaching the practice and inviting participants to reflect on what they already know about the practice. Here is a snippet of the harvest from our work this week: Presensing and hosting yourself. Contributing and hosting conversations. Host people to enable them to engage in uncertain cisrcumstances.

Tips for Chat/Talk Show hosts | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

Finally, inspired by Michael’s post, I thought I’d share the tips I had for hosting one of these little gigs. I am often asked to be the host, so here are some of the things I try to do. I usually suggest the host sits in the middle to allow good eye contact.

Chat 133

Art of Hosting Edmonton Alberta, June 2010

Chris Corrigan

ALl of you looking for an intensive Art of Hosting experience, we are now accepting registration for the June 6-9 event in Edmonton, Alberta. Please join Teresa Posakony, Tennson Woolf, Corrinna Chetley-Irwin, Mary Johnson, Chantal Normand, and I for four days of learning, connecting and practice around hosting nad harvesting conversations that matter for wise action. Tags: Art of Hosting

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Hosting an inner climate village

Chris Corrigan

As part of a global call to host Inner Climate Global Village s, tomorrow my daughter Aine and I will host a cafe at her learning centre with 16 young people aged 11-14 on these questions: What is it as young people that helps us feel connected to a big global issue like climate change without fear? I’ll post the harvest here too. Host and post! Tags: Art of Hosting World Cafe Youth

On the road again to co-host

Chris Corrigan

Off to Salt Lake City Utah to work with Tenneson Woolf and Teresa Posakony on another Art of Hosting. Taking an inquiry into this one about the dynamics and the work of co-hosting. So as I go into this Art of Hosting, I’m going to do a little harvest on what working together is like, and try to take that to others. Art of Hosting Facilitation

Art of Hosting Tofino, day 2

Chris Corrigan

This check in this morning was a powerful reminder to some about the way their work as hosts needs to change, to be able to stand in the fire of aggressive energy and work with it. KNOW YOUR HARVEST * What do we want to take away from this meeting?

Art of Hosting, October 3-6, 2010 on Bowen Island

Chris Corrigan

Please consider joining us on Bowen Island, BC, Canada for an Art of Hosting learning retreat, October 3-6, 2010. On the hosting team will be Teresa Posakony, Caitlin Frost and Tenneson Woolf , me.

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From the feed

Chris Corrigan

Art of Harvesting Art of Hosting Collaboration Cynefin Evaluation Links PhilanthropySome interesting links that caught my eye this week. Why Black Hole Interiors Grow (Almost) Forever. Leonard Susskind has linked the growth of black holes to increasing complexity.

2018 50

Planning in pure dialogue

Chris Corrigan

We started talking and discovered the path as we went being very careful to harvest. As skilled dialogue facilitators, we are also skilled dialogue practitioners and we have a refined practice of hosting and harvesting our own work.

2019 74

Some things that work in real reconciliation dialogue

Chris Corrigan

Art of Harvesting Art of Hosting Facilitation Featured First Nations Learning World CafeWe were working with a local government client last week in a meeting that had a very contentious subject matter focused on the return of land and uses of that land, to First Nations owners.

2017 67

The essence of learning as an artist

Chris Corrigan

Art of Harvesting Art of Hosting Cynefin LearningMy friend Avril Orloff shared this beautiful quote on her facebook page. “Nobody tells this to people who are beginners. I wish someone told me. All of us who do creative work, we get into it because we have good taste.

2016 71

Some World Cafe tips

Chris Corrigan

Collecting the post-its before we had a summary conversation meant that people couldn’t “report out” and instead we hosted a “conversation with the whole” whereby we roved around asking people what stood out for them.

2014 98

Understanding where you are, not where you think you are: some tips and a process

Chris Corrigan

Art of Harvesting Art of Hosting Collaboration Cynefin Design Emergence Evaluation Facilitation Learning Organization Stories A couple of good blog posts in my feed this morning that provoked some thinking.

2015 101

Simple meeting design

Chris Corrigan

This afternoon, Toke Møller and I are hosting a little session on Art of Hosting basics at a gathering for emerging indigenous leaders. First we design the bookends: Purpose on the one hand and harvest/action on the other hand. Harvest. What do you want to harvest? -

Full Circle Associates " Harvesting knowledge from text conversations

John Tropea - Delicious Community

John Smith asked me to write up the practice some of us have been nurturing on the KM4DevWiki to encourage summarizing and harvesting of learnings from key community conversations in our email list on to a wiki. We moved into harvesting what we called “Community Knowledge.&#

More fun with pen and paper sense-making

Chris Corrigan

” They are asked to write that on a post it so we can see what is top of mind in the group and so we can use the data to structure the invitation to storytellers and the harvesting frameworks for the Collective Story Harvest later in the week.

2015 71

Making a rough and ready pattern language as a creativity tool

Chris Corrigan

We are blending an Art of Hosting workshop with content and process from some recent research in neuroscience, epigenetics, and adverse childhood experiences and with wellness and leadership models from our Navajo colleagues with whom we have a ten year relationship.

2016 59

Exploring future possibilities by mapping “dispositionalities”

Chris Corrigan

We deliberately created a space where things were allowed to fail or radically change and we harvested learning all the way along. This learning was summarized in a report, but the bigger harvest was the capacity that each participant built to take steps to sense, design and implement change initiatives with a better informed complexity approach. Art of Harvesting Art of Hosting Cynefin Evaluation Facilitation Featured Learning Philanthropy Uncategorized World Cafe

2016 57

Capacity, engagement and authentic learning

Chris Corrigan

What we are getting instead is some terrific collections of tools, handbooks and harvests of processes. This.pdf of a Handbook for Civic Engagement prepared for a community process in the United States is an excellent example of the kind of harvesting that is useful. Art of Harvesting Art of Hosting Community Conversation Design Facilitation Invitation I think there is probably nothing new under the sun.

2014 52

Basic design for extraordinary conversations

Chris Corrigan

A basic diagram for hosting questions that create extraordinary conversations. The second phase is hosting and harvesting. A further consideration for hosting and harvesting is to balance the three domains of work, relationship and co-learning.

Disintermediated sensemaking

Chris Corrigan

Art of Harvesting Art of Hosting Cynefin Evaluation Facilitation World Cafe

2014 65

“Not to fight with one another”

Chris Corrigan

Art of Harvesting Art of Hosting Community Conversation Design Facilitation First Nations Invitation World CafeI was up north on the weekend, working with a small community that has been driven apart by a large and contentious decision.

2012 86

A couple of great days in Montreal

Chris Corrigan

Originally Amy Lenzo and I were scheduled to host a cafe here that was much more ambitious: a plenary cafe with the participants to explore the learning field of the conference. Art of Harvesting Art of Hosting Conversation Evaluation Facilitation Learning Travel World Cafe

2015 54