The Hazards of Groups and Group Work

Jenny Connected

Last week I came across this fun video, which caused me to reflect once again on the potential problems of groups and group work, both on and offline. First I noted that all members of the group look very much alike, almost like clones of each other.

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An Alternative Perspective on Group Dynamics

Jenny Connected

In my last post I discussed the hazards of group work and group think. Ironically, in an experience I had last week, I really wished for more group work. Not group think, but group commitment and group responsibility.

Backlash Against Group Chat

Michael Sampson - Currents

Group chat offers a particular approach to communication between people, characterised by rapid fire interaction, short sentences or thought fragments, and a fun and lively tone. Social signals and team dynamics within a conversation space become confused in Group Chat.

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Alternative: Facebook Groups App Gone – Sep 2017 – Australia

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

Dear Students, just a quick note – the Facebook Groups app for Android and iPhone will be gone Sep 1st 2017. The alternative I’ve currently found is to bookmark the hidden groups newsfeed. fb://groups/gridtab. Thank you again for using the Facebook Groups app.

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Three ‘new’ group processes

Viv Mcwaters

In debriefing this approach (that I’d never tried before) it was suggested that I start, rather than putting pressure on one participant in the group to start. I suspect it works best with small groups (less than 12). Then again, it might work just as well with bigger groups.

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Group Works

John Tropea - Delicious Faciliatation

Group Works. Welcome to the Group Pattern Language Project. The Group Works deck of 100 full-colour cards (91 patterns + 9 category cards) names what skilled facilitators and other participants do to make things work. Check out Group Works videos on YouTube!

The leader casts a long shadow – further reflections on group work

Jenny Connected

Reflection on my West Highland Way walk and my recent experience of a cMOOC ( Rhizo14) , have made me reflect deeply on the formation and functioning of groups and the dynamics that emerge. Ideally, in an adult group, this responsibility would shared and distributed.

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Loomio - Group Decision Making

Michael Sampson - Currents

New Zealand''s news website, Stuff, is reporting today on Loomio , a new group decision making software offering. " Loomio has been translated into seven languages and was being used by sports clubs, community groups, businesses and social movements in 20 countries.

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Group think

Jenny Connected

My online PGCert group (for which I am a facilitator) is currently studying a module on the emotional intelligence of teams. Had I not worked on the connectivism course in 2008, I might not have even thought to question whether working in teams/groups is a good idea and also whether working in teams/groups leads to group think and stifles creativity. Tagged: CCK08, CCK09, groups, learning. Tags: CCK08 CCK09 groups learning

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10 Basic Group Facilitation Skills

Viv Mcwaters

Throughout this training the topic of facilitating groups within communities has come up and I’ve been asked to provide some idea of basic facilitation skills. This usually does not include presentations, whole group discussions, panels or Q and A sessions – all of which discourage participation in favour of just a few people. If you can’t avoid whole group discussions then at least avoid pointing to someone and asking them directly what they think.

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Facebook Groups Revisited

Online Social Networking

In October 2010, I wrote New Facebook Groups Wreak Havoc. The “new” Facebook groups were brand new, and they were ruffling quite a few feathers. Facebook Tones Down Group Notifications. If I don’t like a group, I leave it. My Favorite Facebook Groups.

Teams, communities and networks: a case of our homeschooling group


We had a meeting in our homeschooling group yesterday to discuss what do and how do we actually want to do together after a period of “let’s see where things go by themselves” Over last few months I almost gave up on investing in our local homeschooling community.

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Why do groups need a facilitator?

Viv Mcwaters

It’s easy for people who are not facilitators to see the work of a facilitator as that which happens in front of a group. Why do groups need a facilitator? If the job of a facilitator is to get out of the way, why have one in the first place? Because boundaries matter.

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Large Group Ice Breakers: Free Twenty Questions Activity

Partnering Resources

Effective large group ice breakers can be hard to find. It can be used with groups as small as ten and as large as two hundred. We haven’t yet tested it with a larger group — you can be the first!). Image by Sheila Swan-Scot on flickr.

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The MozART Group - Awesome Creativity

Michael Sampson - Currents

The above group takes the best of the classics, and adds some. I listen to classical music whenever I'm in the office. A current favorite is Haydn, but Bach (Brandenburg and others), Beethoven (Eroica and others), Mozart, and others are staples in my music library.

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Small Group Creation Ideas

Nancy White

I believe in treating adults as adults. That doesn’t mean I, as a facilitator, cannot be inspired by techniques teachers use with children in their classrooms, right? Here are a few inspirations from Karen Moler of FlamingoFabulous in 2nd Grade. Facilitators, be inspired!

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Helping a Group Resolve a Problematic Discussion

Michael Sampson - Currents

While I was enjoying a quiet dinner ahead of the week, a group of 8-10 people behind me were engaged in a heated discussion. That group needed some serious help. A couple of weeks ago I flew into an overseas city on a Sunday afternoon in advance of a week at a client’s site.

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Communities, Networks and Groups

Jenny Connected

But perhaps of interest to those who follow discussions about the differences between groups and network s in relation to connectivism, will be the introductory section (pages 9-13) where the authors discuss their understanding of the terms ‘community’ and ‘network’ – how these are similar, different, overlap. A new article by Etienne Wenger, Beverley Trayner and Martin de Laat has just been linked to on Etienne’s Facebook page. Wenger, E., Trayner, B. & & de Laat, M. 2011).

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New Facebook Groups Wreak Havoc

Online Social Networking

Little by little, Facebook members are discovering the dark side of the new Facebook groups. In The Problem with Facebook Groups , I complain that old Facebook Groups lack member engagement. Problems with New Facebook Groups. More Information about New Facebook Groups.

Shared Group Discourse Impacts on Productivity

Michael Sampson - Currents

Those with the closest ties to others in their group were more productive and less likely to quit than those who worked alone. The ability for people doing similar tasks to talk together helps with both productivity and retention. A recent analysis at Bank of America demonstrated this dynamic for call centre agents, reinforcing the productivity-driving benefits of strong ties: Humanyze’s smart work badges contain microphones and and precision positioning technology.

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OnTime Group Calendar for Microsoft Exchange and Office 365

Michael Sampson - Currents

The team at OnTime announced the upcoming release of its group calendar product for Microsoft Exchange and Office 365. OnTime has worked with group calendaring for many years, with much of its historical work focused in the IBM ecosystem.

2015 152

Voices in groups

Viv Mcwaters

Body language gets a lot of press when exploring group dynamics. Here’s a few random thoughts and observations about different ways we use our voice in groups, based on what I do and observations in groups. We can use our voice to subtly (or even not so subtly) shift our own status in a group (this usually means raising our status or making a status attack). Music can transform and when someone uses their voice to sing it can have an amazing impact on a group.

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New Facebook Groups for Better or Worse

Online Social Networking

There are the old Facebook groups , and there are also the new Facebook groups that will very soon supersede the old. I wrote several articles last summer about the old Facebook groups: Facebook Groups as Alternatives to Ning Sites. 10 Tips for Maximizing Facebook Groups.

Connecting individuals in a large group meeting

Viv Mcwaters

Groups are strange beasts, made up of individuals – and no matter how often groups come together, each time they are unique, even if the people remain the same. What really interests me is the human connection between individuals that forms the glue of groups.

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Executing Enterprise 2.0: Dachis Group Acquires Headshift


great news we all got exposed to earlier on today that surely have been making the rounds on a delightful set of follow up conversations: Dachis Group expands internationally acquiring Headshift, LTD. I am sure that by now, if you are in the Enterprise 2.0

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How to Benefit from the New Facebook Groups

Online Social Networking

In New Facebook Groups for Better or Worse , I shared my reservations about the new Facebook groups and their potential to annoy Facebook users. On the other hand, the notifications from the old groups had come to be viewed as total spam and were no longer the least bit effective.

Collaborative Thinking: Burton Group Catalyst Speaker Submissions

Collaborative Thinking

» February 15, 2008 Burton Group Catalyst Speaker Submissions Catalyst (North America) is Burton Groups premiere event for technologists and executives.

Thoughts on group sizes

Chris Corrigan

While we were eating lunch one day, Nancy interviewed me on the subject of group sizes for a class she is teaching. Here is my off the cuff response: If you want to see more thoughts on group sizes, I wrote a post on this a while back.

Group Process Design Principles in Times of Turbulance

Full Circle Associates

The social sciences were dominated by a position known as methodological individualism, which treated all social phenomena as reducible to individual-level phenomena, as if groups were not legitimate units of analysis in their own right (Campbell 1990). Ready for a thinking ramble?

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How to add Friends to Groups or Lists or Filters in Facebook

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

Before the new Facebook interface was fully launched, I mentioned that it would be a good idea to plan some groups for you to filter your friends into. So, I was trying to figure out how to put my friends into different groups (filter them) in Facebook and found it a bit tricky so thought I’d share it here: EASIEST- WHEN ADDING AS A Facebook FRIEND. They hid groups, lists, filters, whatever you want to call them, under TOGGLE. Groups are hidden here.

State of Enterprise 2.0 Collaboration Survey by Chess Media Group


This piece of research by the Chess Media Group is eventually sponsored by both the Enterprise 2.0 If you have been following the #e20 and #socbiz hash tags in Twitter over the last few days (You should!,

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Experiencing Cynefin physically in a group

Chris Corrigan

Begin by having the group stand and clear a large space so that everyone can move around comfortably. Have people divide into four groups (they don’t have to be even numbers). Have people divide into four new groups.

2014 83

The three biggest networking mistakes of advocacy groups

Net-Map Toolbox

A member of our new Net-Map LinkedIn Group asked about how Net-Map can be used to improve the effectiveness of advocacy groups. So here are three things that advocacy groups often do that hampers their success and where Net-Map can help them understand these limitation better: 1.

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Group Works Card Deck – A Joyful Announcement

How to Save the World

Here is our announcement: ——– The Group Works card deck , the first product of the Group Pattern Language Project, is now out! The deck is designed to support your process as a group convenor, planner, facilitator, or participant.

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Mini-Workshop at the Office 365 and SharePoint User Group Meeting

Michael Sampson - Currents

Last week I was the second of two presenters at the Office 365 and SharePoint User Group meeting in Christchurch. In two groups, with three subgroups in each group, I gave one of the six resulting sheets … and asked them to spend 5 minutes answering the questions.

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six groups -

John Tropea - Delicious Community

Turn your website into a community. Start a Livecommunity and let the users of your community chat live on your website. Start What is a Livecommunity? No website? No problem! With Livecommunity, has solved the problem of producer-consumer interaction." Alana Taylor, Mashable "#next08 Ha! Just saw me on a huge monitor twittering along! Way cool! They are showing the #next08 hashtag! Hope it will be on all rooms."

Office 365 for Business – a New Meetup Group in Christchurch

Michael Sampson - Currents

Over the past year I have been doing a lot of work around the effective use of Office 365, and have been wanting to develop a group of people in Christchurch who are interested in making the most of Office 365 in their businesses and organisations. With the arrival of 2016, it is time to push ahead with that idea, and to that end, I am delighted to announce a new Meetup group in Christchurch called Office 365 for Business.

2016 89

Merced Group Announces Its Partner Program

Portals and KM

Our team at Merced Group brings together seasoned and wide-ranging experience in helping companies implement enhanced collaboration into their business systems, processes and culture to generate new value, maximize the potential of their workforce and partners and deepen customer relationships.

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Ideal group sizes

Chris Corrigan

Second, a friend asked me the question “What is the idea group size for collaborative process?” Small groups can help refine and test good ideas, and large groups can help propagate ideas and connect them to larger patterns. In small group work, in general, working with an odd number is helpful because it creates an instability that keeps the group moving. First of all there is no such thing.

Context for Group Process for Reconciliation (and other hard things)

Full Circle Associates

In our … Continue reading Context for Group Process for Reconciliation (and other hard things). I snipped the quotes below from Chris Corrigan back in December (Some things that work in real reconciliation dialogue – Chris Corrigan ), meaning to write more about it.

2018 52

The Problem with Facebook Groups

Online Social Networking

The main problem with Facebook groups is a problem that all online networking sites and offline networking groups face, insufficient engagement. People find it easy to join a networking group but difficult to show up or to participate online or in meetings.

Joining the Merced Group to Offer Social Business Consulting Services

Portals and KM

  I am now pleased to announce that I have joined with Catherine Shinners and the Merced Group as a partner. The Merced Group provides business strategy, program design, and implementation services to companies and organizations on social business efforts. Social business has great potential and I have shared much of my excitement over its opportunities, as well as ideas for its success on this blog. 

10th Anniversary of the OnlineFacilitation Group

Nancy White

When we started, there were very few places to talk about facilitating online groups and communities. Now there are groups springing up all over , and some steadfast old-timers as well. Last week I asked people to share some stories about their involvement with the group.

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