Fixing the Google+ Engagement Problem

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Google has a real problem with Google+ engagement - especially with new users. Network Strategies Facebook Google Google Plus social networksHere are some ideas on how to address the situation.

Why Google Sparks Matters

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As with a new continent rising from the depths, the mountain tops of Google+ hint tantalizingly at an underlying terrain we cannot yet see. In this post, I speculate on the island of Google Sparks, and how it ultimately connects with the rest of the Google landmass.

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Google+ Hints at a Social Media Marketing Revolution

Alchemy of Change

I just accidentally stumbled on something in Google+ that suggests some revolutionary ideas about the way organizations need to think about marketing. If you haven’t yet tried it yet, Google+ (pronounced “Google Plus”) is a worthy competitor to Facebook and Twitter.

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How To Add Custom URL to Google Plus G+

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

How to get a custom URL for Google Plus. with Google’s official version of a Facebook USERNAME. If you aren’t on Google Plus already you are mad. Google Plus Business Pages suck as much as Facebook Pages though, as they are identical. Google, YouTube).

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SEO vs SMO and how to TURN OFF Google Social Media Optimization

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

How to turn off Google personalisation (SMO) and go back to SEO BUT: SEO is dead, SMO rules. To TURN OFF Google personalisation type in. &pws=0. Plus, I’m Little Miss Popular on social networks so have more friends to change the results.

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Working Out Loud with Google Plus – Part Deux


I have done it in the past through Twitter multiple times, and even through Google Plus itself as well, as I have blogged about it a couple of years ago over here. He can also be contacted over in Twitter at @elsua or Google Plus. .

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Google Plus – One50, Two50 and TheRest


The truth is that I am ready to make plenty of blunt moves on redefining my social networking presence out there on the Social Web, and I will be sharing some further insights on that regard very soon, but one thing for sure is that at this point in time my blog will remain where it is.

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R and Google Spreadsheets (and the context)

Learning Alliances

R and Google spreadsheets are powerful partners for verification, exploration and delivery of data to people in communities and organizations. A Google spreadsheet makes it easy to control access to your data by sending someone a URL and simply giving them access to it.

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Why is Twitter So Mad at Google?

Alchemy of Change

Twitter is mad at Google for connecting Google+ with search - and for commoditizing their service in the process. Network Strategies Facebook Flickr Google TwitterHow this might not be such a bad thing.

Google Plus – Who Owns the Filter Bubble?


For a good couple of years I have been a huge fan, and big advocate, of what I think is one of the most empowering and refreshing social networking tools out there: Google Plus. So why should social networking tools be different?

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Google Plus – Bridging Together Too Irreconcilable Worlds


Ray Wang already hinted it earlier on today on a recent tweet that I thought captured it, half way through, very nicely: “ MyPOV: The thing that #googleplus #google+ has right is the Unified Communications. The one that matters to you and your network(s).

Google Plus – A Vitamin or an Aspirin?


Is Google Plus a Vitamin or an Aspirin? It’s rather interesting, to say the least, but I am seeing that very same analogy with my use of Google Plus and the overall Social Web.

Narrate Your Work, Working Out Loud, with Google Plus


Public vs. private vs. dedicated interactions – through circles -, offline social networking through text, real-time with IM, videoconferencing with Plus Hangouts , one of my favourite features, without a doubt!, Till we then bump into Google Plus itself, indeed!

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Living “A World Without Email” … in Google Plus


In the last few weeks a lot has been written about whether Google Plus is the ultimate killer social networking site of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or several others, you name it. And no longer just a social networking activity per se, necessarily, on its own.

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Social Network Identity: Anonymity, Pseudonymity and Accountability -Media140

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

And let’s not forget to look at the fact Facebook and Google make money from your online Identity. Google Plus’ and Facebook’ Police would have a field day banning and removing left right and centre. Oh wait, that’s already here and is called Google Plus.

Google Plus and Twitter – How They Work for Me Hand in Hand


It’s been over a month since I first started making use of Google Plus. I am back to making active use of one of my favourite social networking tools out there, where I have been spending a large chunk of time over the course of the last four years and counting.

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Twitter is Not a Social Network

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Gideon Rosenblatt Follow me on Twitter RSS Feeds Home About Movement as Network « Thank you, Benoît Mandelbrot Keep Stretching… » Twitter is Not a Social Network That’s right, Twitter is not a social network. So, is Amazon a social network?

Google Me! Your New Business Card


Nearly five years ago, I decided to ditch traditional business cards and, instead, present my most revolutionary one… The one that, 5 years later, is still very much en vogue: Google Me! It even lists my Google Profile.

Google Plus and The Enterprise – What’s The Deal?


And lately, my mind has been buzzing with how my overall experience with the external Social Web has changed rather dramatically thanks to Google Plus. Well, Google Plus fixes all of that and so much more! Can you imagine when G+ is tightly integrated with Google Search?

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We Are The Filter Bubble

Alchemy of Change

Who we choose to connect with in our social networks deeply affects who is "curating" the content we consume. Here's why diversity in your social network matters. Emotionally Intelligent curation Facebook Google Information Networker Internet Filter Bubble social networks TwitterComputer algorithms aren't the only thing contributing to the "Internet Filter Bubble."

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How to Cope with Google Friend Connect’s Untimely Demise

Online Social Networking

In case you haven’t heard, “Friend Connect will be retired March 1, 2012,” says Google. This is not pleasant news for those websites that have sizable Google Friend Connect communities and whose community members have opted to receive newsletters from the site. Google recommends that you join Google+ and invite your community to join with you in order to keep in touch. Google Friend Connect newsletters permit direct community contact.

Networking for Introverts: A Starter List of Tips & Techniques

Partnering Resources

I recently wrote about how we need to rethink networking : what it is and why we do it. I confessed that I am, in fact, an introvert and that I force myself to get through large-scale, cocktail-style, traditional networking events. A Starter List: Networking for Introverts.

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The Fallacy of Social Networking


You may have noticed how over the course of the last couple of weeks I haven’t been much active on the external social networking tools out there that I usually hang out at, such as Twitter, Google Plus or LinkedIn. Social Networking Sites Need to Grow Up into the 21st Century.

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Building Your Network: Making It Work with Your Boss

Partnering Resources

Is your biggest networking problem your boss? Read this article for tips and techniques on how to network with your boss. Building Your Network: Making It Work with Your Boss is an original post from Maya Townsend , founder and lead consultant: Partnering Resources - Align.

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Ripple: Social Network Influencers

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

The main thing for me was to chat with Affiliate marketers about how social networks pass information around. You don’t need a big social network yourself. But it does show that influencers can bridge social networks carrying the information across from one community to another.

Social Networking and Going Back to Basics


It’s up to us to continue redefining our own overall social media experiences to match our needs and wants and not of those who keep providing us with those social networking sites. The core aspect of social networking and the good old Web 2.0

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How Do I Make Sense of Social Networking Tools


and while I will be answering the first part over the course of time with the various blog entries I’m currently drafting along, I thought for today I’d focus on trying to answer the second part: how do I make sense of social networking tools today?

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Industrialisation of Social Networking for the Enterprise


Or, to put it in other words, automation of your social networking presence. Have we forgotten that with social networking for business we are all in it for the long run? Has it damaged the health and trust of your social networks?

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Enterprise Social Networking Tips by Luis Suarez


Over the course of the last few years there has been one particular aspect of social networking for business that I still haven’t come to terms with throughout all of that time. Perhaps the most vocal one being one of my favourite social networking tools: Google Plus.

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Google, Amazon - Whisple?

The Bumble Bee

One of the most interesting collaborative business networks to emerge recently is a group of ambitious Northern Irish technology companies who have founded Whisple and are now open for members who want to work together in the high-growth global cloud-services market.

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How Come I Can’t Tune Klout?

Alchemy of Change

For those of you who don’t know Klout , it’s a social media analytics company with a tool for measuring people’s influence on Twitter, Facebook and other social networks. On Google+ (once the API comes out)?

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Week in Review: May 14, 2012

Alchemy of Change

Four mini-posts on: Google's new 'knowledge graph" and the semantic web, the sad story of Flickr (and CarPoint), why Justin Bieber has a higher Klout score than President Obama, and the future of market research. Engagement & Collaboration Permeability & Networks Social Media & Information Technology Stakeholder Ownership and Accountability CarPoint Flickr Google Klout knowledge graph market research semantic web

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Social Networking Gets Serious – #prayforjapan


is that perception that social networking, you know, “things&# like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the like are just for fun. that Social Networking can be serious. That, folks, is the real value of social networking.

Reflections from 2011 – Focused and Purposeful Social Networking


Effectiveness , that’s all the rage coming along for 2012, and beyond, with regards to our overall user experience with social networking tools, whether inside, or outside of the firewall. Take another example: Google Plus.

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Networked Learning 2016: Do we need new metaphors?

Jenny Connected

The question in the title of this post was raised by Caroline Haythornthwaite in her keynote presentation for the Networked Learning Conference 2016. A quick search on Google suggests that the implications might be that we see more posts like this ‘ 5 skills of the Gig Economy’ by Joseph Aoun.

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Networked scholars: reflections on light and dark

Jenny Connected

This is the last week of George Veletsianos’ open course – Networked Scholars. I have not been as engaged as I had hoped, mainly because my offline or backchannel/closed, more personal networks, have been more important to me over the past few weeks than interacting openly online.

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Knowledge is the network

John Tropea - Delicious Network

And if you’re stuck on a problem — whether n00bish or ultra-geeky — Google will very likely find you an answer. Second, the network has evolved a culture in which there’s nothing wrong with not knowing. Knowledge once was developed among small networks of people.

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Stacking the Deck: Using Organizational Networks in Talent Management

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The missing piece is the organization’s networks. Organizational networks show the hidden relationships within organizations and identify deeply trusted employees, subject matter experts, innovation leaders, effective implementers, and problem solvers. Avoid talent management snafus.

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Think Before You Assess: Tips for Your First Network Analysis

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Jazzed about doing your first network analysis? It’s important to do no harm when conducting a network analysis. Determine what you want to learn as a result of conducting a network analysis. What other advice would you give to people beginning their first network analysis?

Networking or Marketing: How to Escape the Advertising Trap and Get Real

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Walking the Line between Networking & Advertising. Several weeks ago, I fell into a network trap. We were at a networking event so it wasn’t rude or unexpected. The problem is that there is a big difference between developing genuine networks and advertising.

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