Connections are Different than Relationships

Alchemy of Change

Gideon Rosenblatt Follow me on Twitter RSS Feeds Home About Movement as Network « Networks and Autonomy How Connections “Wrap&# Our Engagement » Connections are Different than Relationships I used to use the words connection and relationship interchangeably.

Balancing Tasks & Relationships – The Art of Engagement

Alchemy of Change

Gideon Rosenblatt Follow me on Twitter RSS Feeds Home About Movement as Network « Our Intentions on Feedback Profits » Balancing Tasks & Relationships – The Art of Engagement Getting work done with other people is tricky. The bigger the task, the bigger the relationship.

Social CRM with Google contacts and Rainmaker

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

You can investigate it here at Google Apps Rainmaker social CRM store. Rainmaker: Social CRM for Google Apps. Instantly turn Google Contacts into a Social CRM with the following features: Better Contacts – Populate from Social networks. Saved Contacts – Sync with Google Contacts.

Google Plus – One50, Two50 and TheRest


However, in the last couple of days, I have been playing, experimenting and learning quite a bit more about Google Plus itself and how it will be redefining the way I interact on the Social Web. Circles, on its own, makes it totally worth it working with Google Plus.

Google 214

Transcript from Google+ Workshop Experiment

Nancy White

After posting about my conVerge11 workshop , I realized it might be good to capture the notes out of Google+. If you are doing this at home, google + Dave Gray and “empathy mapping.” Michelle Hollister - Changing relationship – when you have a light-bulb moment with something finally becoming clear. Nancy White - When relationships change online – conflict is a clever breakthrough technology! Google+ seemed likely.

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Google Plus – A Vitamin or an Aspirin?


Is Google Plus a Vitamin or an Aspirin? It’s rather interesting, to say the least, but I am seeing that very same analogy with my use of Google Plus and the overall Social Web.

Google 195

Google Plus – One Social Networking Tool to Rule Them All


Like I have mentioned yesterday, it’s been a few days already since I jumped the shark and joined the bunch of early adopters who have been hammering down, and taking for a spin, the latest iteration of Google to get social with Google Plus , right after Google Wave and Google Buzz.

2011 274

Collaborators, Cooperators and People I Learn From


So I decided to look deeper, in retrospect, and try to define for myself the kinds of relationships I have built over the years with the people who I used to follow on Twitter and see how I would be able to group them accordingly. Collaborators , Cooperators and People I Learn From.

2015 241

Living “A World Without Email” … in Google Plus


In the last few weeks a lot has been written about whether Google Plus is the ultimate killer social networking site of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or several others, you name it. In Google Plus we don’t facebook, nor tweet , we just basically share. Remember Google Wave?

2011 217

Rhizomatic Learning – A Pedagogy of Risk

Jenny Connected

I think we probably still need a clearer view of what happens or can happen, in terms of learning, in the open space for learning that will be created by taking a rhizomatic approach. Some #rhizo14 participants have given a lot of thought to what it means to learn in open spaces.

2014 199

Can You Back Up Facebook Relationships?

Online Social Networking

Some readers recommended that we back up our data, but I pointed out that we can not back up our relationships like pictures or profiles. Visit my About , Services , Media Buzz and Connect pages to learn about Building Your Audience and Brand on the Web.

Networked Learning 2016: Do we need new metaphors?

Jenny Connected

The question in the title of this post was raised by Caroline Haythornthwaite in her keynote presentation for the Networked Learning Conference 2016. e.g. Gig learning and Uber learning. Campus Codespaces for Networked Learning. New Metaphors for Networked Learning.

2016 130

Using social software to reinvent the customer relationship | Enterprise Web 2.0 |

John Tropea - Delicious Community

Application , Productivity , Web 2.0 , Product Marketing , Customer Relationship Management (CRM) The elimination of decades of inadequate communication channels will suddenly unleash a tide of many opportunities, as well as challenges, for most organizations.

Using Social Media to help in the Mortgage Crisis - KETC and CPB run an experiment - Part 1 - Context for action

Green Chameleon

Just as KPBS used Google Maps to show the extent and the nature of both the fire and the help - so we plan to do the same. With by the way the active help of KPBS and Google Maps. But we are learning that such an attitude is like blaming people who have typhoid.

2008 130

eModeration Station » Mobile learning #1: The big picture

e-Moderation Station

Add this to Google Reader. 2 The language learning picture. The implications for education in general, and language learning in particular, are enormous. Increased connectivity via Internet enabled mobile devices means access to learning content cheaply and easily.

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Collaboration Loop - Exploring Google Docs and Spreadsheets

John Tropea - Delicious Collaboration

Collaboration 2 Comments Feb 20th, 2009 | Janetti Chon (Google) Collaboration Can Be Beautiful. tools to capture customers’ data and feedback enables an organization to take a transactional relationship and give it more dimension. Learn more about the site or contact us.

Ken Carroll » Blog Archive » Networks and learning

Ken Carroll

Ken Carroll networks, languages, and learning 2.0 Apart from information flow, networks exhibit other learning-friendly properties. From random access data retrieval, to an endless array of presentation formats, the network allows us to learn in unique ways.

HR Magazine - Exclusive: Google research heralds arrival of the human systems director

John Tropea - Delicious Collaboration

Learning & development. Exclusive: Google research heralds arrival of the human systems director. But research unveiled yesterday by Google heralds a new player in HR: the human systems director. By 2020 the workplace will be transformed by the sharing and development of ideas, according to a study of 3,500 employees, 100 HR managers and 100 IT managers across the UK, France, Germany, the US and Japan, conducted by the Future Foundation on behalf of Google. "It

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Green Chameleon » Building Common Ground on Jelly

Green Chameleon

Today I noticed this post by Chandni over at Anecdote telling a really nice story of Google and Procter & Gamble and how they mooched around on each other’s territory and came up with some great learning as well as a better working relationship.

2009 130

CoP Series #3: Community – without people? | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

Published by Nancy White at 12:53 pm under communities of practice , learning Here is the third in a series of guest blogs I did for Darren Sidnick, reblogged here with his blessing!) They build relationships that enable them to learn from each other.

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Website vs. Web Presence

Online Social Networking

Social Media and Relationships. Notice that Darren not only uses social media to drive traffic to his blogs; he uses it to build valuable relationships with people. Relationships and Internet buzz play key roles in today’s web marketing.

Attending to the invisible ‘Other’

Jenny Connected

What are the implications of what is invisible for how we live and learn? Networked Learning Conference 2010 philosophy The Divided Brain 'Other' betweenness Iain McGilchrist invisibility nodocentrism Ulises Mejias

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How Facebook Pages Will Help Facebook Dominate the Internet

Online Social Networking

In my opinion: Facebook pages are part of a grand plan to dominate the Internet to a far greater extent than Google does today. Facebook ads work somewhat like the popular Google Adsense ads except for four key differences: Facebook inserts Facebook ads at their discretion, not yours.

How Do I Make Sense of Social Networking Tools


So it’s probably a good time now to revisit where do I get most of my learning nowadays and what digital tools do I rely on, or not, to get my daily work done. . Thus if you want to learn further more how to break free from the email yoke, or learn, at the same time, how other 2.0

2015 248

Is Twitter Where Connections Go to Die? – The Unfollowing Experiment


I use it every single day of the week, it’s my favourite personal learning network by far, but I am starting to question the value of connections over there. What Have I Learned? Finally, the Personal Learning Network is defined by the end-user, not by the system. .

2015 267

My Top 10+ Blog Traffic Sources

Online Social Networking

Based upon Google Analytics data pertaining to my recent blog visits, bounce rates and average time on site, I present my top 10 blog traffic sources along with some notes on each: Search engines such as Google , Yahoo! Fortunately, however, the site provides me with some great traffic too and an opportunity to build key relationships with other bloggers. StumbleUpon - Planning to learn much more about StumbleUpon and use it much more this year.

2010 62

My favourite things…

Chris Collison

How time flies when you’re, well, learning to fly… As I look back over those years, and the privilege of working with 120 different organisations, there are many high spots (as well the odd moment I’d prefer to forget!). Invest in forming relationships right from the start.

2015 57

The Humanity of the Web: Reflections of a Social Computing Evangelist


The Internet changed my life 17 years ago, and my relationship with it is still going strong. It was that time as well when I realised that, if anything, the main purpose for the Web was to help us connect, build relationships, collaborate more effectively and eventually do our jobs better.

2014 240

Relentless Networking and the Power of Now


At home, it’s my preferred and most energising, inspiring, serendipity-prone, personal learning network. And then continue to make use of digital technologies, when back at the home office, to help enhance those already existing personal business relationships. . And, now that I am at my home office again, it’s time to go back to all things digital to keep cultivating those already existing interactions and newly built (offline) relationships. .

2014 165

Exploring the Divided Brain – a 4 day course with Iain McGilchrist. Day 1 (pm)

Jenny Connected

Babies learn their mother’s voice in the womb and pay attention after birth to stories that were read to them in the womb. It is about our relationship with the world. A Google search for conceptual artists includes Marina Abramović.

2016 130

Addressing Social Networking Gripes with Shared Value


If anything, social networking is all about building strong personal business relationships, networks of people with a common interest, a common passion, wanting to do things better at their jobs, while still having fun, and still learning along the way.

Wear Sunscreen When Looking Up


He can also be contacted over in Twitter at @elsua or Google Plus. . Humanise Learning Life Work Life Integration

2014 204

Twitter Is Where Conversations Go To Die


It used to be that really cool hangout place where we all tried to learn something new every day, where we tried to help each other become better at what we already do: plenty of pretty awesome and mind-blowings things!,

2012 257

There Can Be No Resilience Without Transformation


Perhaps what kicked off that week of denial was that article I put over here under the heading “ Google Plus – Who Owns the Filter Bubble? Play, Learn and Work like you have never done before!

2013 219

Reflections from 2011 – Focused and Purposeful Social Networking


Yet, that overall user experience for myself with those big three ( IBM Connections , Twitter and Google Plus) has been less than ideal to the point where I have been struggling more than succeeding on adjusting their ways of working to my ways of working and getting things done.

2011 205


Jenny Connected

Week 2 focused on the relationship between context and learning design. It would be interesting to have a discussion about 1) their strategies for summarizing from such the hugely diverse resources generated by the MOOC – I’m sure we could learn a lot from them 2) the wisdom of going down the provision of daily summaries route in a MOOC… which leads to my next point. They have not sanitized the summaries and talk freely of the challenges they face in the Google Hangouts.

2013 129

Rethinking facilitation training

Viv Mcwaters

If you can google facilitation processes and get millions of result, watch videos of facilitators in action, read facilitation blogs, articles and even books on-line, why the expense (in time and money) of coming together for training? Learning to know in different ways.

Reflections from 2011 – Redefining Your Social Web Presence


It’s time for me to let real life kick-in, once again, and bring back that very important component all of us, human beings, seemed to have been neglecting for a long while: our very own personal, real life, (business) relationships.

2011 223

It’s All About Work Life Integration; It’s All About You!


Unfortunately, that’s something that I learned myself throughout the years the hard way. IBM Innovation Knowledge Management Learning Life Personal KM Productivity Tools Social Computing Work Life Balance

The Therapy of Blogging While Showing Off Your Ideas Out in the Open


So if you know something as well as anyone else, or you learn something or know something that should be shared, then you should share it on your blog ” [Emphasis mine]. Like LinkedIn (with its recently open-to-everyone publishing platform ), Medium ( Blogging for the 9% ), Tumblr , Google Plus , Blogger , , amongst several other options. He can also be contacted over in Twitter at @elsua , Google Plus or LinkedIn.

2014 152

The Future of High-Performance Work Systems – Towards Meaningful Work


IBM Innovation Knowledge Management Knowledge Tools Learning Personal KM Productivity Tools Social Enterprise

2011 206

Transforming the Workplace with Radical Management by Steve Denning


But in reality what we are seeing is how platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, etc. IBM Innovation Knowledge Management Knowledge Tools Learning Personal KM Productivity Tools Social Enterprise

2012 206

How I use social media

Nancy White

“Eminds&# was where I learned that online relationships can be real, how they get real, and how they break and fail. You can try something and if it doesn’t work, learn, adjust and try again. Online Learning Together. Communities of Practice and Learning.