My Top 5 iOS Apps of the Week – Week #3


Not my kind of game, I am afraid, which is why I heart Human so much. Imagine this, an app that contains all of the WiFi hotspots at airports, and other public spaces, along with their passwords and all of that available for free! Elevate : And, finally, games!

2016 208

Facebook Intensive Class – Computer Class, 1 Day

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

We provide wifi – don’t forget to bring the power supply! Laurel is the CEO of The Community Crew managing massive gaming and online communities including Facebook and forums for reality TV shows such as Junior Masterchef. Looking for a very indepth Facebook class?

2012 198

The dangers of social media for youth

Joitske Hulsebosch

And there was no wifi so live-blogging was not even an option. Main use is YouTube (videos), MSN messenger (chat), browsing (surfing), social media (contacts and new contacts), Word (word processing) and games (gaming) 87% had a bad experience through the internet.

Must Have iPad Apps

Community Guy

Harbor Master – a lot of press has been given to Flight Control HD, another line drawing style game. But for my money, Harbor Master is absolutely the more fun of any iPad game, line draw style or otherwise. I’ve been addicted to this game since it was first released on the iPhone. Via 3G or WiFi. As my friends, colleagues, and random strangers have learned, I love apps. I have tested, played, installed/uninstalled a metric ton of apps of various sorts.

2010 165

Is social housing (still) sleepwalking into a digital nightmare?

Social Reporter

We included in 2002 an early version of the social media game that helps people think through what might be needed in any situation … and it would be interesting to do an update on that to include the ideas John is promoting. Playing the Social by Social game.

2013 156

Some Online Work Goes Mobile or Is It Mostly Personal?

Portals and KM

With the rise of tablet and smart phone use, PCs are losing dominance as the major online device despite the ever increasing availability of wifi for PCs. According to a recent survey from Gartner, several main activities are moving from PCs to media tablets such checking email (81 percent of respondents), reading the news (69 percent), checking the weather forecast (63 percent), social networking (62 percent) and gaming (60 percent).

2012 133

A tasty intro to digital – Tea, Toast and T’Internet

Social Reporter

Digital Inclusion Officer Nathaniel Spagni recently installed WIFI in the lounge. How our workshop game confirmed all digital adoption is personal : report of the Age UK London workshop.

2014 225

Localgovcamp enlightens cultivating the digital garden

Social Reporter

The event itself was terrific: great organisation by Dave Briggs and friends, excellent venue at Fazeley studios , including blindingly fast wifi, and Brum warmth and hospitality. That’s where the Social by Social handbook and game will come in, to be launched at Reboot Britain. Last Saturday’s Localgovcamp in Birmingham provided me with a blindingly-obvious insight.

2009 100

'50 Ways to Meet Your Neighbour'


And this from Roxanne - networked multi-user games in temporary public wifi spaces. Last night to a somewhat exploratory Big Society event - as Tim Davies has noted , 'a rather chaotic open space event packed into a small space in the DCLG offices' ( pic by Paul Clarke ).

Connected Libraries: project summary and recommendations


Most young people expect the library spaces to offer both digital and physical resources i.e. computers should be available with wifi access. Picture shared under Creative Commons Licence by Skokie Public Library.

Online Educa Berlin 2010 Keynote: Building Networked Learning Environments


We need to shift our perspective from one that looks forward to a future where most people are connected via the internet, mobile and gaming to one that recognises that we are there already - and has already begun to reconfigure our social, cultural, political and economic landscape. Recent research has clearly underlined the need to address children’s and young people’s use of the internet, mobile and games technologies in the context of digital literacy.

2010 70 Why some social network services work and others don't Or: the case for object-centered sociality

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network

As Russell put it , That was the "game" right? Reid Hoffmans choice (however unintentional it might have been, I dont know) to encourage the use of LinkedIn as a game is what activity theorist Frank Blackler would call the introduction a surrogate object. The way the development seems to be going now is that touching tags will become a way to initiate other local wireless connections, such as Bluetooth or WiFi.

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