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A series of posts looking at what marketers can learn from online communities.

Social Media Software – Understanding our Technology | FreshNetworks, online community software and services

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Glossary The Latest in Social Media Our blog RSS Search this site: An online community benefits every organisation Social Media Software – Understanding our Technology FreshNetworks provides on-demand enterprise-level social media software at the cutting-edge of the industry. What do we mean? Customers trust feedback from people like them.

Communities and Networks Connection Hotlists

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FreshNetworks , March 22, 2009. How to use Twitter for PR - FreshNetworks , March 15, 2009. FreshNetworks , March 12, 2009.

The Four Tenets of the Community Manager

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The include community advocation, brand ambassadorship, online communication skills, and product requirements gathering and improvements.

Launch Day of Communities and Networks Connection


Mike Gotta , The super fine Anecdote team , the folks over at FreshNetworks and Joitske Hulsebosch. etc.). Any corporate social computing strategy that doesn’t take into account a community building program to help spread the message on social networking is bound to fail. And big time! And here we are! Collaboration

List of "White Label" or "Private Label" (Applications you can Rebrand) Social Networking Platforms

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Below you’ll find a list of over 100 vendors (and more in the comments) of vendors that offer commodity community software. Joomla “Joomla!

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Social Networking More Popular Than Email

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From pingback FreshNetworks Blog » Blog Archive » Social networks and online communities more popular than email March 9, 2009 [.] According to the study, 66.8% of Internet users across the globe accessed “member communities” last year, compared to 65.1% for email. million people between ages 35-49 in 2008 according to Nielsen.