Agency Flash Mobs vs Social Flash Mobs

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

This post takes a look at how grassroots, user generated flash mobs got hijacked and became agency created, professionally choreographed and danced by hired talent, to flog products. This is an agency created (won ad of the year) flash mob for T Mobile – Saatchi and Saatchi.

Flash 247

Kill Flash Now: Worst websites and Australian Agencies

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

Flash sites cannot be read on the iPhone or iPad as Flash is blocked by Apple. Many agencies are guilty of over-Flashing their own websites (and their clients). Have a look at these abominations and tell me: To Flash or Not to Flash, That Is The Question?

Flash 206

Stories, Flash Mobs and Community Matters

Nancy White

Then I facilitated two 30-minute “ Tool Flash Mobs &# – one on Twitter and one on YouTube – to provide a brief introduction and practice with social media. Tomorrow I record Frances Moore Lappe, so lots of excitement, plus one more Flash Mob and pinch-hit moderating a panel.

Flash 165

New Program – Flash Classes: What do you think?

Hildy Gottlieb

We’re thinking about calling them Flash Classes. The Flash Classes are part of that effort. They would be quick – hence the name “Flash Classes” – 20-30 minutes apiece, going deeply into a narrow topic each month. What about the name – Flash Classes?

Flash 63

How to Livestream a Canon EOS M50 eg YouTube or Facebook Live

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

You should get a computer icon flash up on the viewfinder of the camera. I have an EOS M50 camera and I wanted to use it for livestreaming on both Facebook Live and YouTube Live. It was challenging to work out but I did it! ??.

2018 130

Rolling Stones gathering knowledge.

Chris Collison

It happened on Saturday, started with Jumping Jack Flash and ended with (can’t get no) Satisfaction. After 43 years of the Glastonbury Music Festival, and after much negotiation, the Rolling Stones have finally played the famous pyramid stage.

2013 61

Microsoft Powerpoint: The Bumblebee's 3 most useful PPT add-ins

The Bumble Bee

iSpring converts your powerpoint presentations into flash videos which you can share on the web. In an earlier article, The Bumblebee's six most useful Excel add-ins , I shared my 6 most useful excel add-ins.

PPT 142

Engestrom, Wenger and Emergent Learning

Jenny Connected

This reminded me of the Networked Learning Conference in Aarlborg 2010, when Engestrom gave a combined keynote (fishbowl style) with Etienne Wenger (See Part 2 flash format).

Bringing a festival mindset to conferences

Viv Mcwaters

White Night festivals, Burning Man , music festivals, Mardi Gras, street parties, comedy festivals, Improv Everywhere and all manner of flash mobs. It seems that conferences are as popular as ever.

2014 169

Bioteams develops unique Social Media Impact Forecasting Simulator

The Bumble Bee

The tool requires Adobe Flash and also runs well on Android Tablets.

2012 172

Tweetzup Creates a Blogger Page

Portals and KM

It is hash tag I follow in Tweet deck but is hard to get an overview as tweets flash by. Going into 2014 I remain very much a part of Darwin Ecosystem and excited about our latest offering, Tweetzup.

Snap! by Lectora - Turn PowerPoint into an e-Learning Authoring Environment

Michael Sampson - Currents

The basic idea is that you can transform a PowerPoint slide deck into a Flash-based presentation or e-learning course, with narration, video, and tests. by Lectora empowers both novice and expert users to transform basic PowerPoint presentations into brilliant, interactive Flash masterpieces in minutes without the hefty cost. by Lectora enables you to: - Make your presentations come to life: Turn a simple PowerPoint presentation into an engaging Flash masterpiece in minutes.

Masters of Networks: Policy and Network Science in the same room

Endless Knots

News flash: typically policy makers meet with policy makers and network scientists meet with their own kind. Last week's Masters of Networks conference in Venice, which I blogged about earlier this month, brought network science down to earth and policy making into the 21st century.

2013 167

Mother of the Year 2009

Endless Knots

Flash to Mirm, Abby, Lize, Sam, and Will: We got over it. My friend Kate made my day. Go to this site and make someone else's. Especially meaningful to me because we raised our kids together in those treacherous early years when we wondered whether we had the stuff to be mothers at all.

2009 116

10 Recommendations for a Better Restaurant Web Site

Evolving Web

FLASH Flash animations are pretty, and pictures of yummy food blending into other yummy food is hot. Blogged at the Metropolitan Hotel in Vancouver, BC Technorati Tags: restaurants , restaurateurs , web site design , social media , flash , pdf , horrific mistakes.

2009 190

Technology: embeddedness and escape in Ghana

Joitske Hulsebosch

Michael, for instance, flashes the same five people every morning (flashing is phoning without talking). Two of the flashes are to young female relatives boarding at a school in Accra, over whom he has a familial watching brief.

2006 130

Virtual Enterprise Networks Presentation

The Bumble Bee

I like the way the slides are automatically previewed in flash with the text transcript also shown. Thanks to mollfrey for posting my presentation on VENs at Connecting Innovation in Brighton (UK) on

Social Connections VII – Next Week in Stockholm

Michael Sampson - Currents

Now for the news flash…it’s very likely that you are that person. The seventh Social Connections event is being held in Stockholm next week. The event provides two days of content and discussions on social business and IBM Connections. I attended and spoke at the fifth event in Zurich (June 2013). I wish I could go to this one … but having just got back from Europe, I can’t. The agenda looks great.

2014 120

7 ways to support an emotional bond to a product

Community Guy

A few weeks back, I sent in my Nikon SB-800 flash to get repaired. This is the only contact Nikon made with me (and it was only included in the box when they sent my flash head back). You make me feel like an idiot when you send me back my flash without telling me what’s wrong.

2012 184

Some Great New Orleans Meals in 2014 – Part Two

Portals and KM

We have been enjoying some wonderful meals in New Orleans this year. Here are the top twelve in order of our participation. This post has the second six and the last one has the first six.

2014 151

Volkswagen: The fun theory

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

15,000 buys you a bunch of blogger drinks and flash embeddable widgets. I’m a huge fan of advertising campaigns in social spaces that are fun, narrative, a game, and not in your face.

2009 213

Crocodoc Makes It Easier to Work with Online Documents

Portals and KM

The new viewer can be embedded into existing web offerings and provides a fast, versatile document viewing experience without the need for Flash or 3rd party plug-ins. I Here is a useful tool.

2011 158

Social Media Campaign: Saw7 and Hoyts

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

On the third flash, a promotional staff member hiding in the back of the booth scared people inside the booth with fake limbs or by opening the back curtain and appearing as Jigsaw puppet while pictures were being taken. Cinema goers get punk’d by Hoyts and Saw7.

Must Have iPad Apps

Community Guy

And when you rebuild your machine, just install Dropbox, login, and wait for the files to backup in a flash. (No No not Adobe Flash, the kind of flash that’s awesome and doesn’t crash your Mac every 30 seconds). As my friends, colleagues, and random strangers have learned, I love apps. I have tested, played, installed/uninstalled a metric ton of apps of various sorts.

2010 165

London reflections

Viv Mcwaters

Flashing by – some still. With a bit of time to myself, I went for a walk along the canal and sat for a while to just watch the world go by.

10 More Easy Ways to Improve Your Website

Online Social Networking

Long Flash Intro - I hate sitting through flash intros designed to impress. Why would you want to subject your visitors to long (or even short) flash intros? Flash intros are dead time. How well is your blog or website performing?

Convert excel spreadsheets into online simulations and dashboards

The Bumble Bee

Note that both Simulate and Crystal currently generate flash (SWF files) which means they won't run on ipads although I believe the suppliers both have plans for HTML5.

2012 156

Box SimpleShare: Seamless Integration Between Desktop and the Cloud

Michael Sampson - Currents

Even better, you can also use the app to record and share screencasts – since the app records your screencast in flash, anyone who receives the link can instantly view it in the Box file previewer. Box announced SimpleShare , a desktop application for seamlessly sending files, images and screencasts to the cloud: " Today, the Box team is happy to introduce our newest desktop application, SimpleShare.

Which teams need bioteams: free bioscore calculator

The Bumble Bee

Checkout your teams bio-score with this free flash-based Bioscore Calculator. I explained previously how to spot if a team or community or network was a bioteam - a team with a life of its own , where well-established models of team simply do not work. Here is a simple 10 question Group Bioscore Calculator - the higher the "bioscore" the more the group need bioteams! About Ken Thompson.

2008 122

Engestrom, Wenger and Emergent Learning

Jenny Connected

This reminded me of the Networked Learning Conference in Aarlborg 2010, when Engestrom gave a combined keynote (fishbowl style) with Etienne Wenger (See Part 2 flash format).

Alchemy of Change Weekly Links (weekly)

Alchemy of Change

It also adds true support for web applications, knitting together the hodgepodge of applications environments like JavaScript, Adobe’s Flash, and ActionScript into a unified and universal environment built around an extended JavaScript and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). What is HTML5, and why it will save the web from itself. HTML5 is designed to fix all those problems in one grand transition to a massively overhauled version of the web’s most popular language: HTML.

2011 116

The Technologies I’ll Miss

How to Save the World

Flash memory. photo from the good folks at pixabay. A s our civilization slowly falls apart over the coming decades, there are some technologies I will miss a lot more than others.

2018 63

Popse! takes think tanking onto the street

Social Reporter

From druids to bingo-clubbers, eco-warriors to flash-mobbers, historical re-enactors to bee-keepers, books groups and knitting circles, W.I.s,

2011 188

Unleashing Meeting Go on the Enterprise

Michael Sampson - Currents

” “You mean like an unorganised flash mob, but instead a meeting mob to get the right outcome?” Somewhere in a meeting room of a collaboration software vendor around the world, I imagine the following brainstorm is currently taking place: “Have you heard seen this new Pokemon Go game? It’s making people get up and move in the real world.” ” “We already provide great tools to enable virtual collaboration across the enterprise.

2016 89


How to Save the World

There were dozens of fire trucks with flashing lights along the highway, and several helicopters hauling water from the river to the fire sites. My new short story, Fireproof, is up at SHIFT magazine as part of its sixth edition. Check out the whole magazine !

2014 61

RIM PlayBook - Four Models are Coming

Michael Sampson - Currents

Earlier this week, RIM announced four upcoming editions of the RIM PlayBook, to be available in the second half of 2011: " RIM’s family of upcoming BlackBerry 4G PlayBook tablets will deliver professional-grade, consumer-friendly experiences that redefine the possibilities of mobile computing.

Model 148

MySpace Credit Card

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

A MySpace card that looks like my page is a Brand of One exercise that makes me want to flash my card at others. I was embargoed (gagged) about speaking on this until Thursday. So I promptly forgot about it and just remembered. MySpace has a ReCharge card – credit card for youngsters.

Visiting Madison, Wisconsin soon? Lucky you!

Viv Mcwaters

Here’s a picture I took of Jodi when we were testing out the flash new bathrooms at the Chicago hotel venue for last year’s improv conference. Sometimes I’m asked about facilitating and what has been the most useful thing I’ve learned. The answer surprises some people. . The number one, most useful, never leave home without it, thing I’ve learned (drum roll please)… . is. . . to. . . . be. . . . . s p o n t a n e o u s. .

Social Media: NAB Break Up Letter

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

They will probably ignore it, call it a flash in the pan, and wait for it to blow over. NAB bank have a Valentine’s Day social media campaign running at the moment – encouraging people with a mortgage to “break up&# with the other banks.

Monetizing: Virtual Goods venture capital 2009

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

The company won’t disclose much about what they’re doing, except that they’re building a Flash-based massively multiplayer online game ( MMOG ). They have a crappy Flash locked down site that I can’t copy and paste from, do any promotion from and find very hard to navigate.

2009 202

Web Business Simulations for Management Development

The Bumble Bee

Navigate through a flash presentation which shows you all the simulators and allows you to see screenshots, read more info and run each of them. I am sharing my set of powerful web-based interactive business simulations with their real-time graphs, dashboards, sliders, guages and avatars.

2010 162

Vancouver’s PechaKucha on Sustainability

Michelle Laurie

Flash mob potlucks with secret locations and celebrations of food. City of Vancouver is starting a conversation on sustainability, this is from their website. Last night, the City of Vancouver launched a conversation on sustainability with an evening of PechaKucha.

2010 141

Welcome to Backboard

John Tropea - Delicious Collaboration

You have an old version of Adobe Flash Player installed. Please get the latest Flash player in order to use Backboard. log in · sign up free Pricing Solutions Features Feedback and approval right in your browser.

2008 53