My Enterprise 2.0 Toolkit Q1 2010

Evolving Web

In a hyper connected world, one has little choice but to participate in Facebook - it's the 800 pound social media site. Things I Am Missing or Seldom Use Feedreader - I have been using Twitter as my defacto aggregator, but it is proving to be less than optimal.

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Farewell Delicious

Chris Corrigan

Other than blogging, probably the first social networking site I used was Now with news that Yahoo is going to shut down the social bookmarking site , I’ve decided to let it go. I’ve downloaded all of my bookmarks in one html page and stored it in Evernote, which is the program I use for note taking. If you need to move your bookmarks, here are a few ways to do that

Melb Syd: social media marketing workshop

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

This is a hands-on computer based social media course that takes you step by step through how to set up, monitor and measure a social media marketing campaign. One of the Laurel’s popular classes for computer based social media marketing campaign. Workshop Description.

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awareness & squikis - patrick's response to peak email

Engineers without Fears

Patrick has cleverly brought in social bookmarking and created the "squiki". I signed up for it and used it as a boring (but good) RSS feedreader. Patrick Lambe does something very cool with the final section of the Peak Email presentation. I felt it was a bit lacking as well - but couldn't put my finger on what it was. A few years ago Rojo touted itself as a "collaborative RSS system".

Enterprise RSS - RRW Readers Speak Out

Collaborative Thinking

In two of our projects with large law firms we included an RSS feedreader in the social software mix (among wiki, blogs, social bookmarking). Some of the lawyers picked up that concept, too and started using an feedreader. Nevertheless, RSS does play a vital role in the ' Social Stack 'enabling a free flow of information. A lot of great comments over at the main article: R.I.P Enterprise RSS. I thought a few deserved additional feedback: #8.

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