Managing virtual teams

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(cartoon via Marketing and strategy innovation blog ) Together with Sibrenne Wagenaar I wrote a Dutch article of 15,000 characters on virtual teamwork. During the literature review one of the best articles we found is the article called Managing Virtual teams by Lisa Kimball.

Leading Virtual Teams Continues To Be Challenging

Leading Virtually

Talk to those who coach leaders and they will tell you that leading virtual teams continues to be challenging. I had started this blog to share what research is telling us about leading virtual teams. even if we are not part of a pure virtual team.

Interactions 2012 - Effective Virtual Teams - Martin White #iic12 @intranetfocus #virtualteams

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Martin White from Intranet Focus is talking about being effective with virtual teams. Key points: - Martin has been running virtual teams since 1977. Many organizations have virtual teams, but few provide training for being on a virtual team. - The Challenger disaster - basically a virtual team that went very wrong. Need training in how to run virtual meetings. There's a lot of research been done on virtual teams. -

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How to stimulate creativity in online teams: A 100% online process to design a blended learning trajectory

Joitske Hulsebosch

The members of our design team live in Namibia, Switzerland, Suriname, Nairobi and the Netherlands. The design team knew each other pretty well. The design team was used to Zoom instead of Adobe, but we chose Adobe Connect because of the whiteboard, and the ability to work in groups.

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The social networks of virtual teams - The Bumble Bee

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Manifesto | About | Contact | Library | Gallery | Archives | Site map The social networks of virtual teams April 21, 2006 | article by Ken Thompson in Bioteams Features (83) Stumble It! Such a team may be the last to know of important changes in its environment.

Interesting notion: Spend 3/4 of your time with those not co-located

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It's not just because " Selling a Global Business: Teamwork Working Like Clockwork Around the Clock " quotes us (thanks) that I'm pulling out its virtual team guidelines. Find the best time zones for the team and alternate between them. Wake up the team by raising your expectations of them. Spend 70-80% of time with team members that are NOT co-located. Schedule one on one conversations for feedback and focused conversations.

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If it's Friday, it must be Adobe Connect

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Then on Friday, for another client who shall go nameless but whose name you know, another webcast, this time via Adobe Connect, topic = "Leading and Motivating Remote/Virtual Teams." Feedback like this mid-presentation helps guide what to say next, much as it does in a face-to-face preso when you ask people to raise their hands. " Tags: 90% people, 10% technology Clients Collaboration Internet/web Technology Virtual Teams Web/Tech

Closing the Knowing-Doing Gap in Leadership

Leading Virtually

The June 2009 issue of Harvard Business Review contained a brief note by Jack Zenger and Joseph Folkman titled “ 10 Fatal Flaws That Derail Leaders “ The authors, who analyzed 360-degree feedback, identified the following 10 most common shortcomings of ineffective leaders. The authors suggest that leaders need to take a hard look at themselves and should seek candid feedback on their performance.

Another Paradox of Virtual Work

Leading Virtually

A while back, Betsy blogged about paradoxes in virtual work. Basically, virtual work can both decrease and increase visibility. Since virtual workers can be located anywhere, they are not visible to their managers. However, since virtual workers conduct a significant part of their work on or via information and communication technologies, there is greater potential to track their work, including their communication, than if they were not working remotely.

CoP Series #9: Community Heartbeats

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Virtual team expert Martha Maznevski likens it to the heartbeat of a runner. Ask for feedback and use that to improve the meetings and the timing of the meetings.

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Notes on INV311 Understanding Your Organization's Social Business Maturity

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How the model was created - over the past few years - had a team of people out of Global Business Services and IBM Software Group meeting during their own time to develop the ideas: - held various interviews with IBM subject matter experts. David invites feedback / critique. - Good to have a virtual team - with the various stakeholders / people who would be mad if they missed out.

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Have you discovered the power of Serendipitous Collaboration yet?

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Then at close-out time, feedback from each of the participants is gathered to see if they are intrigued enough to want to collaborate further and to develop each of the merged clusters. The Networked Enterprise: Competing for the future through Virtual Enterprise Networks.

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Social Architecture (a manifesto) | Management Innovation eXchange

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Most people, teams and companies are paralyzed by the flood of information. The most successful projects in the history of any organization are those where the project manager could gather a team of competent and complementary talents who were working in a relationship of trust.

Missing links

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Subscribe (Full Service) Register (Limited Service, Free ) Login Search: The ACM Digital Library The Guide Feedback Missing links : building critical social ties for global collaborative teamwork Full text Digital Edition , Html (25 KB), Pdf (2.92 ABSTRACT Face-to-face meetings may be invaluable, but they are not a panacea for the challenges facing teams spread around the globe managers must also prioritize activities before and after these meetings to help team members stay connected.

News Updates (July 16, 2009)

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The Fourth annual Traction User Group meeting and Training Conference is a unique opportunity to see what's new and planned for Traction TeamPage, talk in person with the Traction team, give your own feedback on Traction's products and direction, and learn from peers and their experiences. 7 steps to exception communication in a virtual team. SharePoint 2010.

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How to Manage Your Business in a Recession: "#3 Communicate like Crazy, Balancing Realism and Optimism"

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For managers across the global economy, as well as for Team Obama on its way to Washington, today's great question is, What do we do now?". The consequence for others though, is that they grow nervous at the silence and start imagining the worst (see my previous comments about dealing with silence in virtual teams ). So do them virtually.

“International Update on Web 2.0 in Business” (Sarah Heal, Information Leadership)

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Distributed business / virtual teams. feedback improves. Sarah Heal from Information Leadership is talking on the use of Web 2.0 tool in business. based on their experiences using them, what they see with clients, and from KMWorld 2008. See also Knowledge management means: helping people doing a great job. For firms, Web 2.0 helps wrap around expert support and collaboration tools. Need to support more than just information.

Your online Business Development System: The Blog Transmitter

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Most blogging platforms allow you to keep your blog "password protected" until a few friendly reviewers have looked at these articles and you have asked for and incorporated their feedback. The Networked Enterprise: Competing for the future through Virtual Enterprise Networks.

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In a virtual world, what do we mean by “Community”? « Driving innovation in a digital world

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Home About Archives Driving innovation in a digital world Feeds: Posts Comments In a virtual world, what do we mean by “Community&# ? For a virtual community to survive, some key ingredients are required: A common, stated purpose (affinity).

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E L S U A ~ A KM Blog Thinking Outside The Inbox by Luis Suarez » Successful Social Networking for Business Collaboration by Ed Brill

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They are both from my good friend, and fellow IBM colleague, Ed Brill , who just recently participated in a couple of different events (One of them virtually, with all of its various challenges). heh Thanks again for the feedback and look forward to seeing you again, Ed!

The Technology-Collaboration Disconnect - BusinessWeek

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Execution: Is the proliferation of virtual teams breaking our decision making? The tools became a resource to allow teams to work better rather than a task on top of assignments. Identify and prioritize the capabilities teams need and then translate them into the appropriate technology choices. Make feedback an explicit step in service rollout.

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Are You a Lurker? « Wikwikit´s Blog

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He analyzed a virtual community called the Whole Earth ‘Lectronic Link (WELL) and found out that most users did not actively participate in its construction. Commentary, donations, feedback of any sort, including the little response buttons after every chapter, reassures me that I am not talking to myself. link] #wikwikit 2 weeks ago Virtual Team: right now we're working from 4 different time zones: Germany, Chile, Colombia and Turkey! #fb

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Measuring Community Strength | Gil Yehuda's Enterprise 2.0 Blog

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communities&# from the perspective of employee communities (related to virtual teams and communities of practice) as well as customer communities (related to interactive marketing practices). But this is not a community — it’s a team.

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Ten leading platforms for creating online communities | Enterprise Web 2.0 |

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Whether you’re on the business side, in IT, or are just trying to build virtual teams around shared goals, online communities are rapidly becoming a popular way to organize people and accomplish work in a highly collaborative manner. This is because community forms the foundation and virtual tent within which network-based collaboration occurs.

Classification of Enterprise 2.0 use cases

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Sameer’s suggestion was that social software be used for authoring, sharing, and collecting feedback on draft documents or content chunks before they are formally published and widely distributed. Virtual Teams collaboration. Enterprise2Open Bonding the Enterprise 2.0

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More White-Label Options For Social Network Sites

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WebEx’s most hardcore customers can join and give feedback there about future features that WebEx should implementing. This link will bring you our team page. Mathemagenic Microsoft Knowledge Network Team Blog Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies Team Blog Microsoft Team RSS Blog Microsoft Unified Communications Group Team Blog Nicholas Carr Peter OKelly Peter Saint-André Rashmi Sinha Robin Good Solution Watch Stowe Boyd Techcrunch You’re It!

Collaborative Thinking: More On Formalizing Informal Networks

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Such social structures provide an important feedback loop to management but that is much different than trying to formalize them. This link will bring you our team page. Mathemagenic Microsoft Knowledge Network Team Blog Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies Team Blog Microsoft Team RSS Blog Microsoft Unified Communications Group Team Blog Nicholas Carr Peter OKelly Peter Saint-André Rashmi Sinha Robin Good Solution Watch Stowe Boyd Techcrunch You’re It!

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The tension in collaboration

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In particular, teams that work collaboratively can obtain greater resources, recognition and reward when facing competition for finite resources.” Four Groups Blog 24/8/2008 The Tension in Collaboration Summary There is a tension at the heart of our efforts to collaborate.

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Collaborative Thinking: Social Networking (?) With Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007

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Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies Team Blog : Enabling and managing social networks (for business use) with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007. s My Site and profile information through various web parts, organization members can easily view and connect with individuals that hold relationships to specific teams, initiatives and interests. Hy Lynda - thank you for the feedback. corporate social network for team collaboration. Microsoft Team RSS Blog.

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Implementing the Cisco Collaboration Framework

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review team—which included members from. technologies such as virtual workspaces, social networking tools, web conferencing. and virtual companies), have put collaboration in. tools, including blogs, virtual workspaces, wikis, desktop video, telepresence conferences, web. teams—and thesecapabilities make the basics of. foundation for virtual, global teams. Wikis, blogs, virtual workspaces, video. to group or team in a collaborative setting.

At the Corner of Assertiveness & Cooperation: Collaboration > Trust Matters

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Trust Quotes #5: Neil Rackham Trust and Virtual Teams The Difference Between Wrong and Illegal The Trust Reader Volume 4 Trust Quotes #4: Peter Firestein on Trust, Character and Reputation How to Soft Sell a Hard Drive Too Big to Trust? The Path of Redemption Leads to Trust The ROI of Business Friendships The Trouble with Buying Processes Madoff: Investment Fund, or Virtual Reality Game?

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