Archeology and legitimate peripheral participation


So there we were: there was an activity where we could participate, but we didn’t know how and nobody was busy helping us to find it out. The kids could see it unpacked and sorted into rough categories, participate in the discussion on specific pieces and puzzle together three molars of a bigger animal, which was decided to be a horse. The post Archeology and legitimate peripheral participation appeared first on Mathemagenic.

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Great meeting and art? Try Graphic Facilitation

Michelle Laurie

Lovely facilitator drawing by Nancy White, graphic facilitator extraordinaire. For me, it reinforces that taking time to allow participants to ‘hold the pen’, draw together and be creative is important.

Learning facilitation

Viv Mcwaters

Here I am in Madang in Papua New Guinea, preparing to deliver a five-day facilitation skills training to local Papua New Guineans who will take what they learn back into their communities. And if that’s what you want, that’s okay, just don’t call it facilitation! After all, process is at the heart of facilitation. Yet facilitation is so much more. It takes longer to develop the qualities and behaviours associated with great facilitation.

Facilitation tips for improvisers

Viv Mcwaters

There’s also jargon around facilitation. One of my big insights at this year’s Applied Improvisation Network Conference in San Francisco was about how to explain some facilitation concepts to improvisers, especially those who are mainly theatre improvisers, and maybe unaware of some of the traps of taking what works well on the theatre stage onto the corporate or conference stage. The same is true of facilitating. Learn about the bones of facilitation.

Graphic Facilitation 2015 – Skills, Innovation and Fun!

Michelle Laurie

I am very excited to be co-hosting the 6 th Annual Graphic Facilitation Workshop in Rossland, BC July 13-14 th , 2015. In the words of 2x participant Fern: “I wanted to send a quick thank you for hosting such a wonderful workshop. Fern Sabo, 2x participant, 2010 & 2014).

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What is Creative facilitation?

Viv Mcwaters

And how does it differ from any other sorts of facilitation? It took me a long time – literally years of trial and error – to find my own style of facilitation. It was helpful to see how other people facilitated and I would learn lots from them. With the benefit of hindsight, I can say there were two huge influences on my facilitation: open space technology and applied improvisation. With that in mind, we facilitate with people, not for people.

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Online facilitation inspired by car dealers

Joitske Hulsebosch

Thus facilitating is really different than selling cars. I myself have just facilitated a three-week online course on business and human rights, the involvement from week one to week three went down, from high to low. Relying on their own motivation of participants is not enough.

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Announcing Graphic Facilitation Workshop July 9-10, 2018

Michelle Laurie

We will learn simple techniques to increase participation, attention and productivity in your meetings and work by utilizing more visual tools. Learn more: Graphic Facilitation Workshop 2018 This workshop (aka Rosviz) focuses on engaging beyond words.

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There’s training, and then there’s Creative Facilitation training!

Viv Mcwaters

There’s lots of things I can’t do well – way too many to list here – but I can cook a pretty good risotto and I can host facilitation training that’s memorable. A few weeks ago I sat through some pretty bad training – as a participant.

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Non-verbal communication for online facilitators

Joitske Hulsebosch

So how does this work for online facilitators and trainers. What should you do as a facilitator or trainer without this body language ? You have no signals whether participants are falling asleep. I found this to be great examples and full of recognition as an online facilitator.

10 Basic Group Facilitation Skills

Viv Mcwaters

I’m in the midst of facilitating a training for an INGO on incorporating mental health and psychosocial support into programming. Throughout this training the topic of facilitating groups within communities has come up and I’ve been asked to provide some idea of basic facilitation skills. Facilitating is not for everyone. Encouraging participation. Facilitators have opinions. It’s hard work facilitating. Facilitation

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Facilitating for engagement in isolated communities

Viv Mcwaters

There are ways to facilitate meetings and events of all sorts that encourage participation and engagement. This week, while working in Papua New Guinea and helping community leaders learn how to facilitate in isolated communities, I’ve come to understand the following.

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Participating in our environment

Chris Corrigan

It address one of the fundamental problems in our society for me: that of the distinction between participation and consumption. So much that happens in physical spaces and in our day to day lives has been geared towards gazing and consuming and away from participation and responsibility.

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Net-Map facilitation pointers: Links

Net-Map Toolbox

Let me start sharing them with you too – starting with everything I know about links: Net-Map Facilitation Pointers: Links. It can either be done with the participants, asking them: “In which ways are actors on the map connected which has an impact on the result?”

2015 127

Survival guide for introverted facilitators

Viv Mcwaters

Introversion is motivation: low drive to participate in social situations. Facilitation might seems like an odd choice for an introvert. I have a theory though (completely unproven of course) that introverts make great facilitators. Facilitation

What is the real work of facilitation?

Viv Mcwaters

If you could draw a caricature of a facilitator, what would you include? Standing in front of, or at the centre of, a group of reluctant participants. What you probably wouldn’t see, is this: That’s because the most powerful work of facilitation is that which goes unseen. It’s what the facilitator is not doing. The facilitator’s role is to get out of the way while remaining present. What is the real work of facilitation?

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More graphic facilitation coming your way Sept 29-30th, 2014

Michelle Laurie

We had a fabulous time hosting 22 people for our 5th annual graphic facilitation workshop in Rossland this July. If you still need convincing, check out amini advert created by July participants! .

2014 221

‘Selling’ facilitation

Viv Mcwaters

I’m a facilitator. Once at a meeting of local business people I introduced myself as a facilitator and a woman asked what that was. As I was struggling to find words, another person jumped in and replied, “If you need a facilitator you know what that is, if you don’t, it doesn’t matter.&# Some of my facilitation colleagues like to say they make the work of groups easier. Tags: Facilitation

Rethinking facilitation training

Viv Mcwaters

Watch it, and then come back and read the rest of this post about facilitation training. It’s no longer necessary to come together to get the information you need to facilitate. Get straight into doing facilitation and learn along the way. Facilitation Learning

Hospital checklists and Inviting Participation

Full Circle Associates

That starts with an informed, intelligent invitation to participate. I’m currently reflecting on the last two weeks where a team of us co-facilitated 2 rounds of a week long learning experience for professors at the University of Guadalajara system in Mexico.

Just-In-Time Facilitation Support

Viv Mcwaters

You’ve been asked to facilitate a meeting – tomorrow, next week, soon! You should have done that facilitation training you’ve been meaning to do. This is what Just-In-Time Facilitation Support is all about. Facilitation

Facilitation reboot

Viv Mcwaters

After an intense period of facilitation, I always seem to come away with new insights and ideas about facilitation in general and my role in particular. It’s a liminal experience for the participants. I have now completely let go of any notion that facilitation is about making it easier. That’s a mechanistic interpretation and one that certainly doesn’t apply to my style of facilitation. Tags: Facilitation

Screenwriting and facilitation: it’s all in the cut

Viv Mcwaters

Screenwriting – and story – are recurring themes in my facilitation (my current, and continuing career) so there must be something there that attracts my interest. It’s hard enough when it happens directly to me, when I’m facilitating. My advice to facilitators.

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The participant who drives you crazy is you!

Net-Map Toolbox

I recently had the great learning opportunity to deal with a workshop participant who drove me crazy and rubbed me all the wrong way. I would just have thought (in my head, not in my whole body): “Oh, this participant does things that don’t work well.

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Open Space Technology Facilitation Training

Viv Mcwaters

It’s exciting to be offering Open Space Facilitation Training again with my friend Andrew Rixon in Melbourne on Wednesday, February 13. You might have been to a Trampoline day, or a BarCamp or some other event where you, as a participant, are invited to create the agenda.

2013 176

Graphic Facilitation 2015 – Skills, Innovation and Fun!

Michelle Laurie

I am very excited to be co-hosting the 6 th Annual Graphic Facilitation Workshop in Rossland, BC July 13-14 th , 2015. In the words of 2x participant Fern: “I wanted to send a quick thank you for hosting such a wonderful workshop. Fern Sabo, 2x participant, 2010 & 2014).

2015 130

Facilitate! Don’t be a Clever-Bully

Net-Map Toolbox

And while my participants probably think it is most difficult to find the right Net-Map question or define good links (and yes, those are challenges), what is most difficult to do and most difficult (impossible?) to teach, is to facilitate a Net-Map session well.

2013 163

Facilitation Trends

Viv Mcwaters

One of the joys of facilitation is the opportunity to work across organisations and communities and observe similarities and differences. And I wondered what some of my friends and colleagues across the globe were noticing about facilitation, particularly the trends, and their hopes for facilitation in 2009. Here’s a wordle made from the responses to facilitation trends. That’s something facilitation can help with. Tags: Facilitation

Graphic Facilitation Workshop September 23-24, 2013 – Registration Open!

Michelle Laurie

Warming up at Graphic Facilitation workshop. I am pleased to announce that there will be a Graphic Facilitation Workshop in Rossland, B.C., Facilitators, project managers, team leaders and members, town planners, teachers and anyone who would like to engage others beyond words. .

2013 194

New emerging practices for trainers and facilitators

Joitske Hulsebosch

I'm currently facilitating two learning trajectories, both starting online. Both experiences made me reflect on how big the shift is for trainers and facilitator who embrace social media and integrate in in their practice. online facilitation

Facilitating a twitter chat

Joitske Hulsebosch

I've now participated in three Twitter chat sessions. Nevertheless, I had the feeling that you mainly talk with the facilitator and less as a group. I've interviewed Rinus about his way of facilitating a twitter chat. Why did you start facilitating Twitter Chats? The number of active participants now grows slowly. I notice more participation and a subsequent rise of personal followers after the debate. There are few teachers participating.

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The two not-so-secret secrets about Creative Facilitation

Viv Mcwaters

There’s no big secret to Creative Facilitation , it comes down to two things: using creative processes that allow people to really participate, and showing up as a facilitator that people feel able to trust. We need to give participants autonomy: instead of telling them what to do, we create choices for them about how to participate and collaborate. We don’t believe in facilitation-as-usual and therefore don’t do training-as-usual.

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Facilitating learning of our kids


Where are many ways to do homeschooling (and even unschooling :), so it’s often difficult to explain what exactly we do to facilitate learning of our kids. From a social perspective we view learning as legitimate peripheral participation.

2015 178

How my bad French made me a better facilitator

Net-Map Toolbox

I recently went on a mission to Cameroon, where one of my tasks was to facilitate a workshop with about 100 participants. You’ve guessed it: What I cannot do in French is facilitate a participatory workshop with 100 participants.

2015 146

Facilitation tips and tricks for newbies

Viv Mcwaters

Today I was a guest with John James for a webinar about tips and tricks for newbie facilitators. Why would a group need a facilitator? Facilitation is a form of group leadership that focuses on group knowledge and interaction. A facilitator can provide ways to become un-stuck.

2013 141

The most common facilitation question

Viv Mcwaters

When offering facilitation training, one of the most common questions from facilitators is about how to deal with difficult people and tough crowds. It’s on October 14 and is called On Your Knees – Status and Facilitation. Tags: Facilitation Improv

Facilitation Resource Alert

Michelle Laurie

Hello facilitators and non-facilitators! Where do you look for ideas, inspiration and validation when you want to design, host or facilitate a great meeting? I have a set of people, books and weblinks that I often go to when I get started on a new project that involves facilitation of a meeting/workshop/conference/etc. Recently, thanks to Full Circle Associates , I was led to a website that shares the Group Pattern Language Deck.

Co-facilitating: how hard can it be?

Viv Mcwaters

Can you pick the co-facilitators in this pic? A few recent incidents have thrown co-facilitating into sharp relief and helped clarify some of my own experiences and expectations of working closely with others. Part-time co-facilitation just doesn’t work.

What makes Facilitating With Confidence different?

Viv Mcwaters

After 13 days facilitation training with my mate Johnnie Moore I’m excited by what I’ve learnt. We’ve had lots of fun, some sticky moments, have met some wonderful people from across the globe, and have definitely learnt as much as the participants. Facilitation

The participant who drives you crazy is not you at all!

Net-Map Toolbox

So, you read my post about the participant who drives you crazy because you feel like looking in a mirror with bad lighting. And you are thinking about a recent experience when a participant really didn’t work for you… but try as you may, you cannot find yourself in their behavior.

2013 153

The Changing Role of the Learning Facilitator

Jenny Connected

There is an intense discussion going on in the CPsquare community at the moment about the work of learning facilitators. Quite a few members of the CPsquare community work independently as community facilitators or for an organisation. Others like myself, are members of CPsquare not so much because we work as community facilitators, but because we are interested in social learning theory and how people learn in communities of practice.

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Disruptive facilitation #1

Viv Mcwaters

I think it’s time to bring disruptive facilitation out into the open. Facilitation has often been described as ‘making it easy’ – for groups to do whatever work they need to do. The problem with this is that some facilitators take it literally and the group participants sit back and watch the facilitator do all the work. Why does the group need a workshop, or a facilitator? Something more is needed, hence the facilitator.

If you want more participants, invite less people!

Net-Map Toolbox

Well, that might be because the word “participants” has been overstretched and overused to mean everyone who sits in a room where something is happening. draw a Net-Map with a group) and there are 30 people in the room, they are all participants, right? And the interesting thing is: The bigger the group, the smaller the number of active participants becomes. facilitation fine-tuning implementation notes from the field Organizational Learning technical details