Insights on the nature of the times

Chris Corrigan

I am here in the Morton Arboretum in Chicago where we are at the end of the first day of an Art of Hosting with our friends in the Illinois community of practice. We have just been harvesting out of a World Cafe that was held on the question of &# What time it is in the world?&# We used a design I have been using with teams and communities that are needing to do deep sensing.

2011 43

Meg Wheatley’s 12 principles for supporting healthy community

Chris Corrigan

Today, in our Art of Hosting workshop in central Illinois, Tenneson Woolf and Teresa Posakony brought some of Meg’s recent thinking on these principles to a group of 60 community developers working in education, child and family services, and restorative justice. Sometimes that is wise, but more often than not we design, host and harvest without consciousness.