“About Your Blog…” Job interviews and Social Media

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We noticed you are connected to some journalists, can you explain your relationship with them? do you make Facebook friends with the clients of your past employer. Will you notify them on Facebook you are now working here?

Statistics: Why integrate Facebook into your business

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

STATISTICS WITHIN What are the social media statistics of engaging on Facebook? Will you see an increase in: brand recall, engagement, time on your website, referrals, sales revenue, and so on if you add Facebook social plugins? This post is about social media statistics and Facebook.

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What is the Value of a Tweet or Facebook Fan?

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

What is the value of a Facebook Like? What is the $$ figure for a Facebook Fan? How much is a shared link on Facebook worth? shares a link to an event with their Facebook friends it results in $2.52 Facebook Share $14. Facebook Like $8.

Got a Rubbish website? Social Media evaluation – Special Offer – $1800

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

And in general, social media evaluations of blog/websites, Facebook and Twitter seems to be an popular area, so I thought I would offer an evaluation special offer to you, dear blog reader. You can implement the tools for Twitter and Facebook immediately.

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Teens Explain Why They Don't Care About Facebook Anymore

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5 Things Mark Zuckerberg Did Not Like About Facebook's First Year As A Public Company. → 33 Ways Facebook Ruins Your Life. Dont forget to share with your friends on Twitter and Facebook. Teens Explain Why They Don’t Care About Facebook Anymore. “Everyone’s saying Facebook’s dead.” According to the study: In focus groups, many teens expressed waning enthusiasm for Facebook. Share On Facebook. Facebook.

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Social Networking Platform Evolution: From Destination Site To Networked Services

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Evolution of enterprise social networking: LinkedIn expands platform in attempt to one-up Facebook Connect | VentureBeat. LinkedIn expands platform in attempt to one-up Facebook Connect | VentureBeat. I've used this chart publicly since the E2.0

Build a Social Network Using Joomla! - Nettuts+

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link] , unfortunately the website of this chat program is out of order at the moment, but I heard that it has the same chat function as facebook. Also, some sort of “Facebook Connect&# integration would complement this list very nicely. It’s at [link] ( Reply ) John Pitchers April 20th Many new Joomla users fall into the trap of thinking that a Facebook or Myspace site is as easy to build as it is to make spaghetti bolognese.

Social Graph Musings

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Some of my late-night Twitter thoughts on social tools, social structures and how " worlds collide " when segments of your social graph become more visible and inter-related via emerging services such as Facebook Connect. interesting how the "law of unintended consequences" applies to social tools when profiles are connected in unforeseen ways about 8 hours ago from twhirl.

How to Enhance TV Viewing with Social Media and Interactivity

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Social TV : Bob offers an example: last year’s partnership between Facebook Connect and CNN’s presidential inauguration; many players are creating a conduit for viewers to interact during programming. PSFK recently posted on How To Enhance The Viewing Experience, Rather Than Interrupt It. The increasing availability of smart phones and tablets such as the increases the number of screens that consumer can view – or interact with – TV programming.

Social Media: Web Developer and Agency Ripoffs

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We had a giggle at another teacher’s expense on the weekend – she paid 8 days development work for a … Facebook Connect badge. I am always a bit shocked when I see the prices big companies pay for bespoke sites – hundreds of thousands of dollars usually.

Facebook Agrees To Set Friend Lists Free. Mashups With Twitter Lists Should Follow.

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Hopefully, this would be implemented in a manner that provides Facebook members to set controls that determine the level of sharing of relationship connections, including sharing of one's social graph externally not just to FB apps. It's not just Facebook apps I would be concerned about but what might be made available via Facebook Connect. It would seem that soon, third parties should have access to the list filters that Facebook uses.

Facebook Open Stream API (summary of articles)

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I'm playing with the Facebook AIR application. I can see my activity stream now without going to the Facebook web site. Facebook does not do a very good job at all (in my opinion) when it comes to: Informing users as to which Facebook Connect applications are accessing their data for external purposes. global Connect settings). From Facebook. The Facebook Open Stream API. What Does Facebook’s “Open Stream” Mean for Marketers?

Facebook And Power.com: It's About Honoring Mutual Relationship Rights

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In a recent post I outlined some perspectives on social graphs - namely, that a change in context and situation alters how relationship connections are manifested. After reading the recent news about Facebook and its suit against Power.com, the disagreement provides an almost perfect example.

Are Social Networking Sites Easy to Use?

Online Social Networking

Connecting on social networking sites with family and friends requires little forethought or planning. Facebook in particular is one social networking site that even experienced marketers struggle with, especially using profiles, pages, groups and apps in an appropriate and effective manner. She Purged All of Her Friends on Facebook. Recently, I was contacted by a Facebook connection who happens to be some kind of celebrity.

Facebook Open Graph: Washington Post and Future of Social News

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The Washington Post has implemented the Social Graph from Facebook: Use your Facebook network on the Post Web site. The feature will also allow you to log into Facebook from washingtonpost.com and see what your friends have enjoyed on the Post’s Web site.

Gizmodo and Comments

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Your comment is also approved if you sign in through Facebook Connect, since it’s tied to an identity. Comment and content moderation is a much discussed topic amongst our clients. Hell, it’s much discussed across the entire socialsphere. Most moderation systems, sadly, remain pretty analog: A group of people are hired to review content and give it a yes/no status which allows or bars it from being published.

The Business of the Social Graph

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One issue that I've been paying close attention to is the rise of the ' portable social graph ', which I'll define as the ability to extract metadata about who you connect with online - both listing your 'friends' and contacts, and potentially doing a traffic analysis on the communication within this network. Today Facebook announced that it would - for a fee - allow companies to selectively target Facebook users for ad campaigns, polls, surveys, etc.

Social Media: The Five-Year Forecast

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The era of social relationships : Beginning in the mid-1990s, people signed up for online profiles and connected with their friends to share information. The era of social colonization : By late 2009, technologies such as OpenID and Facebook Connect will begin to break down the barriers of social networks and allow individuals to integrate their social connections as part of their online experience, blurring the lines between networks and traditional sites.

My KM World Notes: The Role of Social Techniques in Search & How It Impacts Your Organization

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You will not have to go to a site like Facebook but it will be found in many contexts. Facebook Connect puts Facebook content on other sites. For example, you can comment on Huffington Post and it will appear on my Facebook and my friends can see it.    So you can bring your friends into Huffington Post and bring Huffington Post into Facebook. This type of connection will be very powerful for businesses.

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Social Abacus

Although it seems unrelated, in a later post, I want to talk about this in relation to Facebook Connect and Friend Connect. I shouldn’t even make this link because the CALO concept is wholly unrelated, but I think it’s important to call out the differences in predicting future behavior based on our daily behaviors, ‘bumper stickers,’ and our connections.

Me.com Launches A Ning Competitor

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me.com’s SNAPP-powered communities are built to be connected in a way that is described as being similar to a shopping center with anchor tenants, specialty retailers, and shared common areas.

Dotster Connect: All-In-One Social Networking Solution

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With the addition of its latest feature, Dotster Connect , the company is looking to provide an all-in-one solution for businesses in need of an online presence. With Dotster Connect, you now have add-ons that provide forums, blogs, polls, friending capabilities, and more.

Facebook Developers | Facebook Open Platform

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Facebook Developers Documentation Community Forums Events Open Source Resources Get Started Case Studies Facebook Connect fbFund Partnerships Bug Tracker Tools News Facebook Open Platform Open Source Projects Open Source Home Thrift Scribe memcached Cassandra phpsh Facebook Animation Facebook Firefox Toolbar Facebook Exporter for iPhoto flvtool++ PHPEmbed Public Patches Library Facebook Mirror Facebook Open Platform is a snapshot of the infrastructure that runs Facebook Platform.

Year-End Thoughts On Social Media, Social Networking Social Analytics

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Facebook Connect). Makes relationships visible that perhaps should not (“connecting the dots”). IBM has an application ( Atlas ) that provides SNA capabilities for Lotus Connections (it also has consulting services in this area as well). Previous posts: Year-End Thoughts On Enterprise 2.0 & & Social Software (Part 3). Year-End Thoughts On Enterprise 2.0 & & Social Software (Part 2). Year-End Thoughts On Enterprise 2.0 & & Social Software.

The New Search Engine Optimization

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Thanks to heated competition between Facebook and Google , the connection between social media and SEO may become much tighter than a mere relationship of loose synergy. According to the Wired.com article which I referenced in Most Popular Social Networking Sites for Business , “Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg envisions a more personalized, humanized Web, where our network of friends, colleagues, peers, and family is our primary source of information, just as it is offline.&#.

Cisco: Great Expectations But "Where's The (Collaboration) Beef"?

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The company has already made several moves in terms of acquisitions (WebEx, PostPath, Jabber) and strategy (describing a general direction regarding collaboration and SaaS/Cloud computing via WebEx Connect). Competitors need to pay close attention to seemingly un-related moves else they risk being caught off-guard when Cisco "connects the dots" in unexpected ways. There has been little advancement of the WebEx Connect platform.

Relationships and Identity: Two Sides of the Social Networking Coin

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Societal trends are fusing these employee-centric and organizational-centric perspectives on identity, compelling enterprises to connect the social aspects of identity emerging from employee use of social tools and applications in a manner that augments long-standing identity management requirements. When we talk about social structures, we focus on two inter-connected spheres: systems of relations (e.g., Burton Group, Collaborative Thinking, Facebook).

Leading Virtually Digest, January 2, 2009

Leading Virtually

VentureBeat, who is introducing their new Facebook site through the article, is hoping that their personal 3-D will entice users to stay engaged with their site longer as well as enhance online community building around the site. Vivaty can also be integrated into one’s Facebook account or used to share photos from Flickr or favorite YouTube videos–bringing 3-D interactivity to social networking sites and other web pages.


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End Endless Email Threads With Backboard's Document Approval App

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AroundMe Offers Free Software to Create Your Own MySpace

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Flash on the iPhone: Maybe Never Mashables Social Media and Technology Event Guide Nokia Runs Out of Synonyms for Store, Calls its App Store Ovi Announcing Mashable NextUp NYC Events - Tickets on Sale Facebook: All Your Stuff is Ours, Even if You Quit Facebook Connect Makes Gists Power Networking Service a Reality [Invites] Does Social Media Make Us Better People?

Carmun is Social Networking for Nerds

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5 Carmun Reborn as Wikipedia & Facebook’s Lovechild Says: October 10th, 2007 at 4:49 pm [.]

KickApps Launches Version 2.0

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Wamily is WetPaint Plus Pageflakes

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Hopefully they’ll add the ability to include your own widgets onto your startpage, like Wamily, and as Qlique is focused on location-awareness with live connections, a mobile application would [.]

Making Word multiuser: Plutext | Webware : Cool Web apps for everyone - CNET

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Making Word multiuser: Plutext | Webware : Cool Web apps for everyone - CNET

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Email Photos to All of Your Social Networks with Pikchur

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Pikchur moves beyond Twitter, however, and sends your images to a handful of other services like Tumblr, Pownce, Facebook (via the Pikchur Facebook application), FriendFeed and Jaiku. I hate sending pictures from my phone to both twitpic and Facebook.

Yappd is a Visual Twitter Clone

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VelvetPuffin, a social network masquerading as unified IM | Webware : Cool Web apps for everyone

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VelvetPuffin offers bare-bones connectivity to Yahoo and other IM networks. And it does let you connect with users on the IM platforms ICQ, MSN, Yahoo, GTalk, and MySpace.