Stopping Event Spam with Google Plus Hangouts

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

auto adds events you are invited to, to your calendar. auto- updates you EVERY time that event is updated. Video – go to 09:55 for the calendar part… STEP 1: Change Auto Add to Calendar a Google Plus Event/Hangout.

JAC 2012 – Joint Alumni Conference Event Highlights


My fellow colleague, and good friend, Paivi Raty , invited me to participate on this event to talk about the topic of “ The Future of Work “, in general. Luis Suarez Live Tweeting Highlights from #jac12 Event, Zurich, September 2012 from Luis Suarez.

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Social Business Forum Highlights – Reinventing Conference Events


As mentioned in previous blog posts, here I am, once again, putting together this particular series of articles detailing some of the various highlights from the recent Social Business Forum event held in Milan, Italy, on June 8th, that I attended and presented at.

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Snap Bird – Experimenting with Curation of Live Tweeting at Conference Events


Well, as you well know, there used to be a time where I had enough time in my hands to live blog conference events that I would be attending from all over the place. Live Tweeting Highlights from #E20s Event, Paris, February 2012. .

Activity Streams: Moving Beyond Event Aggregation

Collaborative Thinking

Detail : The concept overall is compelling – activity streams allow applications to publish events that are captured by aggregators that serialize the items into a sequence of posts (listed in reverse chronological order, newest entry first). Aggregating events into a common stream enables people to easily subscribe (“follow”) a collective set of events from one or more publishers. people may want to bookmark or “save” an event for later reference), or shared (e.g.

Facebook Page Events Rock

Online Social Networking

One of my successes, however, is with Facebook page events. These aren’t merely events created by Facebook pages, as you might think. Rather, they’re virtual events that take place entirely on the walls and in the discussion areas of Facebook pages.

Why chat streams are critical to live events

Nancy White

After the event, review your presentation and figure out how to make it more interesting/compelling and DESIGN for participation next time. Find out or ask what the practice/conventions are for chat in the event you are joining. events facilitation change11

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#ODINetworks Online Event Backchannel Chat

Nancy White

Here is the fascinating and unedited back channel chat from todays ODI event on networks. As a wee bit of background, the 2 hour event kicked off with these two papers about networks in international development. ODI Networks Event Chat.

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Gotta Share! – The Ultimate Conference Event Experience


Once again, like I have been doing for the last few years, I keep wondering whether events organisers would take into account some of these various different suggestions, helping us all progress further into what ( social) conferences should be like. Conference Events Enterprise2.0

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Making social learning practical: the LOSmakers event

Joitske Hulsebosch

You can find the storify of the event here. Past Friday we organised the presentation of a book called 'Because it works'. It is a collaborative effort by the LOSmakers, a group of 15 professionals passionate about the new potential offered by social media to stimulate social learning.

Planning video reporting at an event – or sometime not

Social Reporter

There’s increasing interest among event organisers in using short video interviews to capture conversations in workshops, as well as featuring keynote speakers and panelists. You need to plan the video into the event. All posts social reporting events video

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Understanding and supporting networks – May 5 online event

Nancy White

A heads up for what looks to be an interesting event on May 5th sponsored by ODI (Overseas Development Institute) and some good pals of mine. events networks

Benchmarking Big Society events

Social Reporter

There are scores of events about Big Society in prospect around the country, as you can see from the admirable calendar started by Paul Webster on the Big Society in the North forum ( my earlier BS posts here ). It requires the sort of analysis provided by the event in Bristol.

Join Our Society for the Big Society anniversary reality check event

Social Reporter

Today Steve is director of the network – which is focussing on events, social enterprise, participatory budgeting and innovative projects. Our Society will be presenting the Big Society Reality Check : a 90-minute event that asks whether big society is living up to its promises and offers some thoughts on how it could be better. The event is free, on March 31 from 1pm – 2.30pm.

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Overcoming Information Overload on the Web: Part 1: Too many sources, too many events.

Portals and KM

The Awareness Engine is a Web aggregation utility for anyone needing to maintain awareness of emerging events from the Internet and intranet.    The technology provides a temporal semantic visualization of events, by means of a Scan Cloud™ that facilitates a rapid understanding of trends, outliers and anomalies. Issue One: Too many sources, too many events.   In contrast with traditional search engines, we do not first deliver the events in lists.

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Following Up After a Liberating Structures Facilitated Event

Full Circle Associates

We used Liberating Structures extensively throughout the 3 day event. Through the debrief at this event and others, three main issues come out. engagement events facilitation harvesting international development knowledge sharing Liberating Structures

#e2conf 2011 Highlights – 10 Reasons Why I Enjoyed the Event


Hosting an event in such a large venue allows for participants to feel there are plenty of folks, but without that sense of being overwhelmed, in fact, at times, it was quite the opposite! Collaboration Communities Conference Events Enterprise2.0

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Joining in Celebration 2.0: social media for sociable events

Social Reporter

Reporting from events, and helping make them more sociable, is where a lot of my ideas on social reporting developed … with a early boost from the 2gether08 Festival a few year back. Essentially, I will be going where people are having fun, helping them to use new technologies to enhance and amplify their events, engage new audiences, connect with others in the world doing similar things, and celebrate their traditions and cultures.

NYC Book Event with Global Compact

Networking Action

Join author Steve Waddell , Global Compact Executive Director Georg Kell and Social Accountability … EventsJoin us for the book launch and discussion about a new strategy to address global issues! Global Action Networks: Creating our future together.

Work Stream #4 – Speaking at Client Events


You know, when people keep talking about doing public speaking at conference events, I guess they always keep missing out from the equation the opportunity to do public speaking , but at clients’ events. Collaboration Communities Conference Events elsua Employee Engagement Enterprise2.0

Live Streaming Video Events Can Be a Lot of Fun for Text-Based Online Communities

Managing Communities

Please Update Your RSS Feed Subscription This feed has moved to: [link] I apologize for the trouble. For more details, please read my post on the matter. Thank you. Community Cultivation

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Blog>> ISKO Singapore Events and Resources

Green Chameleon

ISKO Singapore continues to run its monthly series of events around topics in knowledge organisation and knowledge management – some nice events coming up: UPCOMING EVENTS. RESOURCES FROM PAST EVENTS. The archive of materials from past ISKO Singapore events is now quite rich and freely available – with slides, briefing papers and videos of presentations.

TV Industry Taps Social Media for Oscars and other Events

Portals and KM

The article also quoted Dick Costolo, the chief executive of Twitter, that online conversations about TV shows turn the programs into events, “meaning people watch them as they happen,” blunting the impact of digital video recording. During the Super Bowl this year, Twitter users set a new record by sending 4,064 messages each second, the highest number of messages per second recorded during any sporting event.

Darwin Ecosystem's Technology Powers Tweather to Monitor Events Real-time Through Twitter

Portals and KM

I have covered Darwin Ecosystem before (see Darwin Ecosystem Launches the Awareness Engine™ Edition Series and Darwin Ecosystem Brings Awareness Engine™ to Enterprise 2.0 eDiscovery ).

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2006 Post on sharing online from F2F events still has juice!

Full Circle Associates

10 years later, the tools have changed, but the practices for sharing out from F2F events are pretty much the same. I was checking a link and came across this post from 2006. Learning, Capturing and Sharing Conference Artifacts .

Event: Preparing Teachers of Refugees

Full Circle Associates

Diana Woolis, a friend and colleague at the Carey Institute for Global Good is convening an online event that begins soon and culminates on March 14-16. I encourage you to join us for part or all of the event. events international development education refugees

Event: FITT & Influencers

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

Tags: Australia Event Media Online Communities blogs social media social networks females in IT FITT Influencers IT&T laurel papworth leaders slideshare women

Benchmarking Big Society events

Social Reporter

There are scores of events about Big Society in prospect around the country, as you can see from the admirable calendar started by Paul Webster on the Big Society in the North forum ( my earlier BS posts here ). It requires the sort of analysis provided by the event in Bristol.

Dear Social Business Evangelist, Where Art Thou?


That was essentially one of the several perceptions I experienced, while attending the premier event on Social Business over here in Europe at the Social Business Forum event held in Milan, Italy. Collaboration Communities Conference Events Enterprise2.0

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How Social Networking Tools Enable Heutagogy in Learning Organisations


By the way, in case you folks may be interested in going through the recording of the presentation I did back at the Welcome Heutagogy event in Prague, I have taken the liberty of embedding the video clip over here in this blog entry, so you can watch it right away, as you may see fit.

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BBC Learning Unplugged: event report

Platform Neutral

This is a report on the BBC Learning Unplugged event in Bristol, 26 June 2009. James Richards ( BBC Learning Development ) and Myles Runham (BBC Learning) co-hosted the event with Clare Reddington ( Ished ); I designed and facilitated it with help from Jack Martin Leith. Event outcomes.

Event: Portugal Keynote

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

Technorati Tags: Event , keynote , Portugal , seminar , speaker , workshop. Tags: Event laurel papworth keynote Portugal seminar speaker workshop I’m off to the Algarve in Portugal! From DBWorld blog. IADIS INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE INTERFACES AND HUMAN COMPUTER INTERACTION 2009. Algarve, Portugal, 20 to 22 June 2009. ( [link] ). part of the IADIS Multi Conference on Computer Science and Information Systems (MCCSIS 2009). Algarve, Portugal, 17 to 23 June 2009. ( [link] ).

The Harvest: After Event Reflections

Nancy White

Via Nadia Manning-Thomas of the CGIAR ICT-KM program shared two after event reflections on their blog, one on a particular activity design and debrief of a social media workshop. Tags: events facilitation reflection harvest

IntraTeam Event March 2011

Michael Sampson - Currents

IntraTeam is hosting its 6th annual event about the Intranet, SharePoint and Enterprise Search. I attended (and spoke) at the conference this year, but will be unable to attend the forthcoming event. Link: IntraTeam Event Copenhagen, March 2011. In 2011, the dates are March 1-3, in Copenhagen. If you are looking for a good conference to attend related to the above topics - and more - check out next year's conference. Intranets

Guiding your network weaving: Net-Map training in DC (June 27-28)

Net-Map Toolbox

facilitation fine-tuning implementation opportunities Organizational Learning Social Networks training Uncategorized upcoming events George Washington University learning Marvin Center Net-Map Washington DC At our trainings you dive into using Net-Map in your own context pretty quickly.

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The Arbejdsglaede of Employee Engagement


Collaboration Communities Conference Events Employee Engagement Enterprise2.0 If you have been reading this blog for a little while now, you would probably remember how concepts like Employee Engagement make me cringe a little bit.

Event: Media140 Foodies with Bridget _Cooks

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

Event: Media140 Foodies with Bridget _Cooks is a post from: Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy. Tags: Event Online Communities blogs social media social networks bridget_cooks foodies Julie Posetti media140 I saw this wafting by on Twitter so clicked through: Media140 foodies.

SharePoint Conference Australia and New Zealand: Workshops and a Session

Michael Sampson - Currents

Conferences & Events Microsoft SharePoint Upcoming Events In July I will be attending and participating in both the Australian SharePoint Conference (Sydney, July 15-16) and the New Zealand SharePoint Conference (Auckland, July 22-23), put on and coordinated by Debbie Ireland and her team at ShareThePoint. I will be doing three things at each of the two conferences: 1. Pre-Conference Workshop on User Adoption Strategies for SharePoint.

Fashion and P.R. Social Media blogger events

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

PR people need to be careful how they frame an invite to a blogger press event. This social media invite sent to Fashionista highlights some of the issues of running blogger only events. I don’t know if journalists care who else is going to a press event, but bloggers do.

An Update on my European Tour – Eight Engagements in 10 Days

Michael Sampson - Currents

The Doing Business with IBM Connections Workshop in Denmark with IntraVision is now also the DanNotes event for May. Conferences & Events Upcoming Events featured At the end of next week I’m heading to Europe for a two week workshop tour. I wrote about the tour last month , and in the intervening weeks there have been a couple of changes. My schedule now is: - Monday May 5 – Collaboration Roadmap ( Norway with IBSG ).