Evaluation of Open Learning Scenarios

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The title of the conference for those who do not speak German is Evaluation of Open Learning Scenarios. Jutta has therefore invited us to speak about how we use our work on Footprints of Emergence to evaluate learning in open learning environments.

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Evaluation rigour for harvesting

Chris Corrigan

We are embarking on a innovative approach to a social problem and we need a framework to guide the evaluation process. As it is a complex challenge, we’re beginning with a developmental evaluation framework. Evaluation rigor.

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Evaluating and reflecting on OldGlobeMOOC

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To evaluate and reflect on the learning experience of myself and a colleague in the Old Globe MOOC, I have used the Footprints of Emergence framework developed by Roy Williams, Simone Gumtau and myself to explore the relationship between open and prescribed learning in open learning environments.

Evaluating open learning scenarios – keynote presentation

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Standard evaluation tools such as questionnaires, tend to be for the benefit of organisations and teachers, rather than for the learners and do not encourage depth of reflection. Here are the slides and notes for the keynote presentation that Roy Williams and I gave at the E Learning Conference, FH Joanneum, in Graz, Austria, on Wednesday 17 September 2014.

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Privilege, beauty and evaluation

Chris Corrigan

I’ve been thinking about this as I have been struggling with watching people be evaluated in their work recently. The evaluator’s job comes with enormous privilege. When an evaluator walks into a process it is amazing how much gravity also enters the work.

Monday Video: 4 Perspectives on CoP Evaluation

Nancy White

I often have a “deer in the headlight&# look when someone asks me about evaluating communities of practice. I think that is because I have some stereotype in my head about evaluation. But in fact, when I let my common sense kick in, I know of and use many evaluation approaches.

Planning and Evaluating Your CoP (amplifying and other good stuff)

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Monday videos communities of practice evaluation international development knowledge sharing KMImpact PLNToday JeffJackson tweeted an embedded link to this YouTube video from the USAID KM Impact Challenge video I did with them earlier this year.

Is evaluation a cost or an investment?

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Turn your evaluation into a catapult (picture by trebuchetstore.com). The answer to this question basically depends on the attitudes of the people involved: you (as a project leader), your organization/leadership, the body requesting the evaluation and the external expert who helps you do it.

Social Media Planning and Evaluation for NGOs | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

As people responsible for getting things done in your organization, you know the value of having a clear strategy and a way of evaluating if your strategy is working. To read more about this, check out Beth Kanter’s blog post about evaluating first projects.

Monitoring, Evaluation, Holidays and Poetry

Michelle Laurie

I recently received a holiday greeting from a colleague working in monitoring and evaluation (Kylie Hutchinson of Community Solutions ). So often when we evaluate, We think only outputs, outcomes, And fail to see the complexity, The system from which it comes. What’s evaluated or not? Uncategorized complexity evaluation Reflective practice

Wanted: Consultant for Practice Management System Evaluation in New Zealand

Michael Sampson - Currents

One of my clients works for an accountancy and tax advisory firm. His firm is looking for a consultant in New Zealand to help them choose a practice management system. The following aspects about the consultant are important to the client: - They know about business intelligence and reporting. They are good at capturing requirements for management reports. They have previous expose to practice management systems, including APS and MYOB Accountants Office. They are vendor-neutral.

Value Creation in Communities of Practice

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As communities mature they are able to do more with the evaluation process and the process moves from evaluation as return on investment to the value of engagement etc. Tagged: betreat11 , community , CoPs , evaluation , value creation , Wenger.

Future directions for the Footprints of Emergence framework

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Previous posts relating to this presentation are: Evaluation of Open Learning Scenarios. The Footprints of Emergence framework [2] [4] can be regarded as a probe for evaluating learning in open environments.

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Evaluation Session Capture [Flickr]

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Choconancy1 posted a photo: ngf graphicfacilitation ingeneas zambia

KM4Dev and Bev and Etienne Wenger-Trayner – April 6-7 2017

Full Circle Associates

communities of practice evaluation events international development Liberating Structures networks non profits/ngos Bev and Etienne value_creationCare about communities of practice? Care about how we build and share knowledge in any context? In international development?

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Complexity and movements change culture

Chris Corrigan

Collaboration Community Culture Cynefin Design Emergence Evaluation Facilitation Flow Improv Leadership Learning Organization Philanthropy

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Net-Map Level 1 Certification Course (Washington, DC)

Net-Map Toolbox

It will improve your project planning, monitoring and evaluation, team work and strategic networking. Uncategorized fine-tuning implementation upcoming events Social Networks facilitation career coaching Being an entreprenneur training personal development Evaluation Monitoring Organizational LearningWe offer Net-Map certification courses on 4 levels: Level 1: Net-Map Facilitation. Level 2: Net-Map Qualitative and Visual Data Collection and Analysis.

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#PLENK2010 Evaluation and assessment

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I will have to listen to the recording again – because I know there is lots of thought provoking stuff in there – but I was distracted through a lot of it by the insistent thought in my head that there is a distinction between assessment and evaluation which Helene said she used interchangeably. For evaluations I am not judging individual responses but looking at responses as a whole. I am also aware of the problems of evaluation.

Probes, Prototypes and Pilot projects

Chris Corrigan

Probes are actually methods of developmental evaluation. They are both developmental evaluations tools and they also require some level of summative evaluation in order to be fully understood. ” Cynefin Evaluation Featured

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Learning While Building eLearning: #4 Lessons from the Pilot

Full Circle Associates

Emilio mentioned earlier that the feedback he received in the office hours helped him adjust the course materials, but our analysis of the quiz, final exam and evaluation results also helped us identify which concepts could be better explained, and which objectives could be better supported.

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Developmental evaluation – some thoughts and links to facilitation

Viv Mcwaters

What’s with the evaluation though? He had to stop off to have a meeting with a woman who was heading up the evaluation team in the State Government Department of Primary Industries. I no longer work directly with evaluation. Tags: Evaluation Facilitation

#fslt12 Final Week – Microteaching

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This week the focus is teaching and the evaluation of teaching. Finally this activity also demands the skills of evaluation from those involved in peer review. Greg Benfield from Oxford Brookes University has provided some excellent resources this week, which include two audio video presentations in which he introduces the topic of evaluation, reference to key readings and some sample videos for us to use to try out our evaluation skills.

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Prototyping and strategic planning

Chris Corrigan

Summative evaluation vs. Developmental evaluation and learning. Traditional strategic planning almost unquestioningly uses summative evaluation to measure what happened. ” is the heuristic we use for evaluating projects and work.

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Access to a world of practice

Learning Alliances

Although the first two steps of an OODA loop may be fundamental to learning, when organizations that sponsor communities evaluates a community’s value, observe and orient may seem like dispensable preliminaries — part of the cost side of the equation, not the benefit.

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#PLENK2010 More thoughts about evaluation and assessment

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The title of the week has been – ‘Evaluating Learning in PLE/Ns’. But the language used has been very confusing, starting with the words assessment and evaluation being used interchangeably – which I was relieved to see from Heli’s comment – I am not alone in being concerned about. Tagged: #PLENK2010 , assessment , eLearning , evaluation , learning , networked learning. Tags: PLENK learning eLearning networked learning assessment #PLENK2010 evaluation

Dave Snowden’s reflections on a theory of change

Chris Corrigan

Culture Cynefin Design Evaluation LeadershipDave is working on a theory of change, which I think is a good thing. In this latest post he has a nice summation of the way to move to action in complex situations (like cultures): So where we are looking at culture change (to take an example), we first map the narrative landscape to see what the current dispositional state is. That allows us to look at where we have the potential to change, and where change would be near impossible to achieve.

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Disintermediated sensemaking

Chris Corrigan

Hmmm…maybe I should have let the group do this… When I popped off to London last week to take a deep dive into Cognitive Edge’s work with complexity, one of the questions I held was about working with evaluation in the complex domain.

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Exploring future possibilities by mapping “dispositionalities”

Chris Corrigan

Art of Harvesting Art of Hosting Cynefin Evaluation Facilitation Featured Learning Philanthropy Uncategorized World CafeIt’s good to have Dave Snowden back from his treks in the Himalayas. He’s been a big influence on my thinking and practice over the past few years and his near daily blog posts are always rich, irreverent and practical.

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Monitoring and evaluating communities of practice

Joitske Hulsebosch

We did a research for the IKMemergent program on monitoring and evaluating knowledge management strategies. There are quite some challenges to overcome in monitoring and evaluating the effect of knowledge management strategies and interventies. - Yet anther challenge is to match inherent evaluation goals with extractive goals. An inherent evaluation is for people involved in the community or other effort, an extractive evaluation is for outsiders.

Understanding where you are, not where you think you are: some tips and a process

Chris Corrigan

These quotes reminded me how much evaluation and planning is directed towards goals, targets and patterns that cause us to look for data that supports what we want to see rather than learning what the data is telling us about what’s really going on.

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Blog>> Interview by Ana Neves on Knowledge Audits, Evaluation and Organisation Culture

Green Chameleon

I was honoured to be interviewed by Ana Neves of Social Now – see the interview on LinkedIn here

PLUME: five principles of harvesting

Chris Corrigan

Art of Harvesting Art of Hosting Design Emergence Evaluation Facilitation Featured Learning Open Space World CafeThanks to the bravespace.ca team for the graphic. This morning we began our Harvesting and Collective Sensemaking online course.

Why rules can’t solve everything

Chris Corrigan

Cynefin Emergence Evaluation Featured Leadership Youth Recently in BC, we have a had a child die in the care of the state.

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Green Chameleon » Metrics, ROI, Monitoring and Evaluation Again

Green Chameleon

www.straitsknowledge.com blog articles how-to guides events publications book videos about Metrics, ROI, Monitoring and Evaluation Again Some updates on the monitoring and evaluation of KM front.

Evaluating Zoho at GE

Collaborative Thinking

Since Dr Sukh Grewal was kind enough to speak at the Office 2.0 conference earlier this month there has been much discussion of the mature large scale GE collaboration environment ‘supportcentral‘ I follow GE closely: as an enterprise collaboration consultant any information they share with me is valuable to help me better advise my clients to

Evaluating online tutors

e-Moderation Station

In a nutshell, how to evaluate online tutors? Traditionally, teaching skills (both f2f and online) have been evaluated with the help of checklists. Online tutors are given a grid with detailed descriptors to evaluate their own performance. 5 Evaluation.

Forum One on Social Media Monitoring and Evaluation at the Global Health Mini-University


At Forum One, we take monitoring and evaluation (M&E) seriously, especially when it comes to measuring the success of digital communication campaigns. At Forum One, we take monitoring and evaluation (M&E) seriously, especially when it comes to measuring the success of digital communication campaigns. While we love data and establishing relevant indicators for initiatives that are sometimes hard to measure, we also love talking about these strategies.

Pen and paper sense-making 2.0

Chris Corrigan

Art of Hosting Cynefin Emergence Evaluation Facilitation Learning Uncategorized World Cafe Two weeks ago in our Leadership 2020 program I experimented with using a signification framework to harvest a World Cafe.

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The participant who drives you crazy is you!

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So what did I do when my participant just couldn’t stop doing it: Looking at everything from an evaluation or co-facilitation perspective, getting stuck in thinking and discussing about process instead of allowing herself to experience it?

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Blog>> Metrics, ROI, Monitoring and Evaluation Again

Green Chameleon

Some updates on the monitoring and evaluation of KM front. The KM4Dev folks have been having some interesting discussions on monitoring and evaluation, and this blog post represents a very sophisticated and promising direction.