Trending Sources Expands Its Social Email Offering to Include Lotus Notes

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provides a cross-platform suite of enterprise collaboration products designed to boost user adoption of dominant enterprise collaboration tools.

Interview with David Allen on Lotus Notes

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The main focus of our conversation was his use of Lotus Notes as a tool to support his work and life. In other words, while we did speak about the power of Lotus Notes for group and organizational collaboration, my conversation with David was oriented around the power of Lotus Notes to enable individual effectiveness and efficiency. . Provides Social Email to Push Enterprise Collaboration Adoption

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  These include bringing central components of SharePoint into both Outlook and Lotus Notes. for SharePoint, Notes Edition.

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CMS Watch on SharePoint, and on Lotus Notes, and on Various Reactions to the Same

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And Then There is Notes. Last week, Adriian Bloem, an Analyst at CMS Watch, wrote a blog post on the difference between SharePoint and Lotus Notes. difference 3, agreed , but that's not the fault of Notes. Notes isn't a relational database, wasn't designed to be so, and please IBM, don't make it so. To propose ".

IBM Support for Collaboration on Mobile Devices: An Update

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Note the word "relevant" and the exclusion of Windows Phone devices. Enterprise Mobility LotusHow so? Ouch. That's a pity.

Introducing the Lotusphere Darwin Edition™

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In my last visit I co-presented a Lotus Notes based knowledge management project with my client, Ryder.    

"Focusing on Improving Practices" - Oscar Berg re Collaboration Technology

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See my How to Make the Most of Lotus Notes/Domino blog post, for more on this idea. Collaboration Enterprise Collaboration User AdoptionFor an organization that seeks to improve its operations and management, the adoption of a certain technology isn’t really interesting unless it creates value. My Comments. but it's a hard road.

Green Chameleon » Sharepoint and Magic

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Sharepoint, by all accounts (I mean user accounts, not salespitch accounts) is a good collaboration platform, but it’s not naturally good at large scale enterprise document management. But you need to know what you want it to do beyond “get me out of my Lotus Notes jungle problem&#. Look for ways to encourage them.

Lotusphere 2011 Notes: IBM Social Business Partners

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This is another in a series of my notes on Lotusphere 2011. I first came to co-present a Lotus Notes based KM project with my client.

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IBM adds New Mobility Options to LotusLive Notes

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IBM announced the addition of new mobility capabilities to its hosted edition of Lotus Notes - LotusLive Notes. Today's service update is notable mainly for the improvements to mobile access for LotusLive Notes. Read more: Ed Brill, LotusLive Notes adds Hosted BlackBerry, Android, other new features.

Enterprise Social Messaging: Vendor Replies

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Yammer, despite multiple requests, did not respond to my earlier post on the need for tools in this category to support policy, integration, security and other capabilities expected by enterprise decision-makers. Socialcast's Google Gadget can be integrated into Gmail, iGoogle, or Lotus Notes 8. Tags: Enterprise 2.0

Lotusphere 2011 Notes: Future of Social Business – Rest of the Story

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This is another in a series of my notes on Lotusphere 2011.   Andy McAfee licked it off and you see my notes in the previous post.

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Changing the world of work: it takes a network

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The last time I attended an Enterprise 2.0 I wanted to work in a big enterprise where people would be using these tools. net work

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Collaborative Note-Taking and Research Patterns - Three Architectural Options

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Faced with this challenge, most IT shops will want to get ahead of the trend by investigating the more popular note-taking apps and the architectures each uses for enabling sharing of notes among employees and teams. Lotus Notes, anyone? Enterprise CollaborationWhy is this required for success? Game over.

Lotusphere 2011 Notes: Press Conference

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This is the second in a series of my notes on Lotusphere 2011. I first came to co-present a Lotus Notes based KM project with my client.

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Year-End Thoughts On Enterprise 2.0 Social Software

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A partial list of points-to-ponder: Enterprise 2.0 The industry can identify a "portal market", an "enterprise content management market", and even a "collaboration market". However, when it comes to Enterprise 2.0, Enterprise 2.0 Enterprise 2.0 is not a "project": When people talk about "Enterprise 2.0"

Improving User Adoption of SharePoint By Streamlining Essential Tasks - the Study Findings

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for SharePoint, a social email solution that provides SharePoint functionality in an Outlook or Notes sidebar. s speed and ease of use have increased usage of SharePoint and other collaboration tools such as Google Docs from an average of 30 percent to as high as 80 percent in just a few months in enterprises worldwide. ".

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Coveo Expresso Available as Free Basic Level Enterprise Search Tool

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It has now launched a free, entry-level enterprise search solution, Coveo Expresso™ Beta.   Louis describes their three tiers.

My KM World Notes: Fundamentals of Enterprise Search

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This is the first in a series of notes from the  2009 KM World. Fundamentals of Enterprise Search was a preconference workshop. This practical overview provides a big picture view of how search fits within enterprise and websites, and a focused introduction to search technology and user experience. and no search spam.

More IBM Research on Enterprise 2.0 – Activities and Other Tools

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Here is some interesting research from IBM on the effects of a set of enterprise 2.0 Activities, Bluemail, & CoScripter: Sharing and Reusing Work in the Enterprise by Tara Matthews & John Tang of the IBM Almaden Research Center. I think that QuickPlace was an early prototype for the current enterprise 2.0 tools. tools.

Collaborating Externally with Your Customers: The Final Frontier of Enterprise 2.0


You know, there are a bunch of us out there who keep saying that the final frontier of Enterprise 2.0 Do we have choices now? But today?

Novell GroupWise 8 Brings Enterprise 2.0 Capability to Personal Productivity Functions

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GroupWise 8 provides a means to connect traditional tools such as email with enterprise 2.0 and enterprise 2.0 space. applications.

Response to "SharePoint 2007: Gateway Drug to Enterprise Social Tools"

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Last week Thomas Vander Wal trashed SharePoint as an enterprise social computing platform in a blog post entitled SharePoint 2007: Gateway Drug to Enterprise Social Tools. He ultimately concluded that SharePoint failed for enterprise 2.0. Enterprise 2.0 I think the people at the front of this thing called “enterprise 2.0”

My App Gap Posts for February 2012

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Are Mobile Users Supported on the Enterprise Level? NetBase Partners with SAP to Bring Social Media Analysis Across the Enterprise. Brings Social Email to Lotus Notes. The AppGap posts began toward the end of January 2008.    Here, I am primarily doing product commentaries with a few other things thrown in.

New Mobile Software from IBM for Connections

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Enterprise MobilityIt doesn't say they are using Connections, however. Perhaps that is coming.

New Report: Lotus Roadmap

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One of the final projects I worked on during December 2009 was a report called "Lotus Roadmap: Enhancing Business Collaboration with Lotus Software". Lotus Notes has been around for a long time. So what do we do with Lotus Notes, and by implication, the other products from Lotus Software?

Social XYZ: Got my answer in 30 minutes. with IBM Connections.

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Twitter Labels lotus-connections (9) demo (4) greenhouse (3) ibm-connections (2) iphone (2) reviewer-guide (2) social-business (2) web-2.0 (2)

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Achieving "Eureka!" (Martin White, Intranet Focus) #intranets2012 @intranetfocus

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one of Martin's clients - 33,000 employees, have 14,000 Lotus Notes applications, and 45 TB of data. Implication - people will expect these capabilities in the enterprise. -. how could search enable the intranet open enterprise information. -. Three key pillars of intranet success - information, technology, governance.

News Updates (November 25, 2009)

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Swyx UC for Notes. Swyx is about to release an integration between its UC system and Lotus Notes. Doodle and Lotus Notes.

News Updates (July 22, 2009)

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When discussing intranets and related enterprise-level software, it’s easy to get caught up in the technology. This can be true right across the spectrum of enterprise software, from a complex CMS system, to social media tools. " He gives an example of how something like Twitter could be used in an enterprise. SaaS Drivers.

News Updates -- Lotusphere 2009 Special (January 20, 2009)

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IBM and Research In Motion announced new integration points between IBM's software and the RIM BlackBerry, including access to Lotus Symphony documents from the BlackBerry, IBM Lotus Quickr access from the BlackBerry, and extended support for IBM Connections by the BlackBerry. There is also an integration with Lotus Connections.


Enterprise 2.0 = Emergence Software | innovation Creators

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About Videos Whitepapers Enterprise 2.0 = Emergence Software October 10th, 2006 There is something very interesting happening in the field of enterprise technology. Ross Mayfield calls it Social Software in the Enterprise. Dion Hichtcliff calls it Enterprise Web 2.0. In McAfee’s article, Enterprise 2.0:

News Updates (January 20, 2010)

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Lots of news around Lotus. Mainsoft Integrating Notes and SharePoint 2010. Good for Notes. Tungle for Notes. More. -

Mobile and Wireless Access to Collaboration Systems

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The more established enterprise collaboration platforms -- Lotus Notes, Lotus Quickr, SharePoint -- still seem to be on the back foot. Lotus Notes Traveler is for email, calendaring, contacts, journal and to do, NOT Notes or Domino applications. Tags: Enterprise Mobility What's your sense?

Share2011 - On the Exhibition Floor with BA Insight

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Conference NotesIn terms of searching within documents, you can preview the document. and search within it.

News Updates (January 18, 2010)

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Gmail 2010 vs Lotus Notes 1995. PC Pro compares the planned additions to Gmail with Lotus Notes from the mid-1990s.

Is Social Business Ready to Face Internet Traffic Jams?


At least, that’s what has just happened to myself, upon my return from my recent business trip to Boston for the Enterprise 2.0 Really?

Kevin Cavanaugh: Read Pillar 4 of the 7 Pillars!

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I look forward to seeing how IBM Lotus will resolve this challenge in the Vulcan-wave of offerings. Tags: Enterprise Collaboration Meeting Scheduling Kevin Cavanaugh, a Vice President at IBM, was one of the keynote speakers at the recent Lotusphere 2010 conference. I am delighted (!!) to hear Kevin say this publicly. It's free.

Column 2 : Enterprise 2.0: Group Intelligence Panel

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Column 2 BPM, Enterprise 2.0 Skip to content Home Calendar About Me Presentations BPM Events Disclosure { 2007 06 21 } Enterprise 2.0: conf , Enterprise 2.0. Required fields are marked * Name * Email * Website Comment Notify me of followup comments via e-mail « Enterprise 2.0: Sam Weber Enterprise 2.0:

Introducing Tungle Accelerate

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Lotus Notes support is coming by the end of 2009 (Tungle and IBM announced a partnership at Lotusphere 2009). It just worked.