Enterprise Social Networking Tips by Luis Suarez


So I thought I would perhaps change that and eventually start sharing some of those links across to keep feeding the beast , i.e. this blog. . At the same time it’s been quite interesting to acknowledge how much more you can share through video than through standard offline text.

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The Business Case for Enterprise Social Bookmarking: $4.6 Million a Year in Cost Savings!


Something that, in my opinion, is one of the fundamental pillars from Enterprise 2.0. Not sure what you would think, but I strongly believe that social bookmarking and social tagging are still an important and rather critical part of a successful Enterprise 2.0

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The Sharing Economy


Well, now, here it comes The Share Economy with a far too similar mantra that most of us, socially networked knowledge workers, have been embracing, and living!, for a good while now: Sharing! And all of that, because of a single magical word: share! Let’s share!

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Dear Social Business Evangelist, Where Art Thou?


They were, essentially, the change agents who were helping act as catalysts for that business transformation that was becoming a full socially integrated enterprise. If knowledge flows, it is undermining the foundation of people power in organisations.

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IBM Lotusphere and CONNECT 2012 – Here We Go Again! #ls12 #IBMConnect


And like every year, it is time for that yearly pilgrimage to what, to me, is *the* main IBM event of events on the topics of Collaboration, Knowledge Sharing and Social Business and, specially, this time around more than ever. IBM Innovation Learning Social Enterprise Travelling

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Impact of Social Software Within the Enterprise by Jon Iwata


And to come back in full force, I thought I would share with you an interesting video interview that I am sure is going to make you think about several things twice. Many folks have been questioning the relevance and importance of social computing within the enterprise.

The Future of Enterprise Computing and Collaboration by Alan Cohen


So I thought I would go ahead and share with you folks another interesting video interview I bumped into from another executive at Cisco Systems. Innovation Knowledge Management Knowledge Tools Social Computing

Defining Knowledge Management and Enterprise 2.0 – Sharing Your Story


Funny enough, that has been like that for quite a while, having gotten started around 2001, when I was first getting exposed to Knowledge Management (KM or Knowledge Sharing, whatever you would prefer) as time and time again I kept bumping into multiple knowledge managers wanting to define it.

Knoco stories: When communities of practice are not the answer

John Tropea - Delicious Community

From the knowledge management front-line. Communities of practice are a mainstay of very many Knowledge Management Frameworks. If you are trying to create something, then maybe you need a conference, or a knowledge exchange, or a virtual team. Share It. knowledge asset. (7).

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Time Flies When You Are Having Fun – Happy IBM Anniversary!


Can you imagine yourself in today’s world, 2012, where the average knowledge worker hangs around a job for 4 years approximately, lasting in any business for 15 years and still have a feeling that you are just getting started? Whoahh! Who would have thought about that, eh?

The Man Who Should Have Used Lotus Connections — Communities: The Driving Force of Enterprise 2.0


Being able to tap into a community of several hundred facilitators (Of their own communities, of course) to share experiences, lessons learned, knowhow, community building techniques, and so forth, is a privilege that very few people can get exposed to in a lifetime.

Did You Know? On Convergence and Technology


Yesterday, while I was immersing myself back into my Twitville , now that I have found a method on how I can continue using Twitter as one of my Personal Knowledge Management tools , I bumped into what seems to be the latest take from the Did You Know?

Communities and Collaboration » Maximising the power of collective knowledge

John Tropea - Delicious Community

Perceptions about learning and sharing in a virtual world by Steve Dale. Communities and Collaboration » Page Maximising the power of collective knowledge. Shared Services. Social Enterprise. Enterprise 2.0. Knowledge Hub. Knowledge Management. My YouTube Channel. Engaging the Social Web for Personal Knowledge Management (PKM). My YouTube Channel - My Youtube channel. Semantix (UK) Ltd - Knowledge in action.

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Top 10 Reasons to Ban Social Media in the Organisation! — Really?


If you haven’t watched that YouTube video yet, don’t wait, stop what you are doing right now!, Wouldn’t that help us build more trustworthy personal business relationships with those who we collaborate and share knowledge with the closest?

Working Smarter … (IBM Lotus Software)


Remember that short video clip I shared not long ago under the title " Smarter Collaboration Your Way (Video from IBM) " that reminded us all of how social software, and its enterprise adoption, is all about making us work smarter, but not necessarily harder?

Knowledge Is … All About Working Smarter, Not Necessarily Harder!


You could probably say that it is not even knowledge work altogether, right? What if we would have that unique opportunity of injecting both smart collaboration and open knowledge sharing into the mix? Because, after all, “ knowledge is … passion and desire to learn!

Collaborative Thinking: Socializing At Work - No Longer A Waste Of Time

Collaborative Thinking

Many organizations, as a result, foster a leadership, decision-making and information-sharing environment that values certain types of management activities and styles (e.g., Intuitively, strategists recognize that personal contacts, casual conversations and informal information sharing (whether done face-to-face or digitally) can be a valuable, if not essential, business activity. Facebook , YouTube ). The implications are ominously clear: survival of the enterprise.

Talking about Learning in Business by Jay Cross


I am sure you would agree with me the last couple of blog posts I have been sharing over here are rather lengthy, don’t you think? Tags: Social Computing Innovation Learning Communities Personal KM Knowledge Management Enterprise2.0

Do You Suffer from Information Overload Syndrome?


… Hold it, don’t try to answer that one just yet… Enjoy the rest of the weekend and then come back next week and share a comment or two on whether you need some help … Or not. Fun Stuff and Musings Knowledge Management Knowledge Tools Social Computing

List of Social Computing Strategists and Community Managers for Enterprise Corporations 2008

John Tropea - Delicious Community

Ongoing List of Social Computing Strategists at Enterprise Corporations The Social Media Strategist, whose job is to lead the internal charge, develops the program, gains resources, convinces management, and measures success. Expect large enterprise software companies to offer these features in their product suites in the coming future. Is Trulia an enterprise company? then I am the Enterprise Social Media Program Manager for Intel.

The FASTForward Blog " Retrospective on KM and the Impact of Web 2.0: Enterprise 2.0 Blog: News, Coverage, and Commentary

John Tropea - Delicious Collaboration

Design Thinking , Change , Enterprise 2.0 , Enterprise Social Computing , Enterprise Software , Social Computing , Web 2.0 , Wisdom of Crowds Cross-posted to the FASTForward blog. technology and capabilities … changes that portend transforming the relationship between information technology, the nature of knowledge work, how organizations are structured and how humans operate when surrounded and penetrated by ongoing flows of information. Enterprise Rave 2.0

How to Tell a Story by Scott Simon


More than anything else, because I think we would learn plenty more from those stories shared, on whatever the topic, than just plain definitions. Actually, it was Shawn himself the one who shared a quick blog entry referencing that video. I just couldn’t help sharing it!

Welcome to the World of Socialnomics


series of YouTube videos as some of the most provocative, inspiring and eye opening clips to help folks understand a little bit the kind of significant impact social computing and social software are having not only in our workplace (And the corporate environment in general, for that matter!),

Traditional Knowledge Management Systems - Adapt or Die


If you have been following this blog for a while, you would know how my professional background comes from various different areas associated for quite some time now with Knowledge Management, in particular, traditional Knowledge Management: Collaboration, Community Building, Learning, etc.

Smart Work for a Smarter Planet. I’m an IBMer, Too!


Lots and lots of really interesting nuggets and knowledge snippets are coming through from various different places. The YouTube video lasts for nearly two minutes and it surely is a treat to go through. In short, the Enterprise of the Future !

Learning to Change - Changing to Learn


Last week one of folks I follow in Twitter, John Hovell , shared a link to perhaps one of the most thought-provoking, controversial, enlightening and spot on YouTube video links I can remember since I started getting exposed to social software back in 2002!

The Machine Is Us/ing Us - Transcending the Web


What I have been doing lately is giving it some further thought on how I would want to spend my time not only exploring social computing within the enterprise, but also how I could help spread the message around with its wider adoption.

Imagine Leadership


Then after you have finished reading through it I would encourage you to have a look into a YouTube video clip I bumped into earlier on in the week which complements quite nicely Bill’s article above.

Social Learning: Learning Never Ends…


Whether it is due to serendipitous knowledge discoveries or just plain socialising there is always a good chance that there won’t be a single day where you don’t learn a single thing.

The Smart Work Company — What We Do And Why


There are times when you bump into YouTube videos that surely give you shivers of excitement from some of the superb ideas that permeate throughout the video clip altogether. Innovation Knowledge Management Knowledge Tools Social Computing

Twouble with Twitters and Smarter Collaboration Your Way


And in the midst of an incredibly amount of interesting things that I have bumped into so far, I thought I would ahead and share with you folks a couple of interesting ones, while I try to keep things short as well. Thus let’s get started and share the fun!

From Office Space to the Social Office


Sometimes you come across one of those videos that makes your fingers tingle quite a bit and you just cannot help but sharing it across through multiple venues (blog posts, tweets, social bookmarks, word of mouth, etc.etc.).

State of the Internet 2010 – What Is Social Media?


So today I thought I would share the links to both of those video links, so you could have a look at them yourself, sit back, get yourself a cup of coffee, or tea, and enjoy them. Many thanks for sharing them across and for adding further up into the conversation!

What the … Is Social Media Anyway?


Innovation Knowledge Management Knowledge Tools Learning Social Computing

Work The Web


After all, a relatively close term like Enterprise 2.0 Well, maybe not… Last week I bumped into a YouTube video, which is actually a commercial, that I thought was rather shocking! I mean, there are thousands of YouTube related videos on this topic.

Us Now - On the Power of Mass Collaboration, Government and the Internet


Then while exploring the Web site further I bumped into another wonderful video interview that I would surely encourage everyone involved with Knowledge Management to listen to as well. Innovation Knowledge Management Learning Social Computing

The KM and Social Computing Culture Changes


I know that for a good number of years Social Computing and Knowledge Management have been walking different paths. They are both trying to help improve the overall productivity of knowledge workers. So how do we characterize this change in culture as it relates to knowledge?

Social Media Revolution 2010 – Back to Blogging!


Like I mentioned on my last blog post over here , I was hoping that after the Enterprise 2.0 That’s going to be the subject of the next blog post though that I will be sharing over here.

Culture Eats Strategy For Lunch


To me, social computing within the enterprise is about everything, but the tools. Yet last week I bumped into another YouTube video that brought back that conversation into my mind of how collaborative your corporate culture needs to be in order to embrace these social tools.

Finding Experts in Your Company … While You Are on the Road!


As more and more mobile devices, mainly smartphones, are starting to look with much more detail into the mobile Enterprise 2.0 IBM Innovation Knowledge Management Knowledge Tools Personal KM Productivity Tools Social Computing