From Intranets to DEX in 2018

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The team at Step Two have re-branded their annual Intranets conference to the Digital Employee Experience conference , or DEX. I have attended Intranets three times. To accelerate progress, this conference brings together intranet teams, digital teams, internal comms, IT and HR.

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Prescient Releases the Social Intranet Study

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Prescient Digital Media will be officially releasing their report on the Social Intranet Study at the Intranet Global Forum conference in NYC, Nov 9-10. The study examines social media use on corporate intranets, and the magnitude, use and popularity of social media by employees and executives. The findings indicate that there is rapid adoption of social media on the corporate intranet in the past year.

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Enterprise 2.0: social scorecard and social media karma

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

Rewarding badges and points systems on your intranet – social scorecards – could be the turning point for turning your enterprise 2.0 ENTERPRISE : contributing to an unpopular wiki subject, logging in before 9am, talking like a pirate on pirate day. Enterprise 2.0:

Interact Offers an Intranet for Enterprise 2.0

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In 2002 they developed an intranet for the UK operations of Pfizer. Another useful tool is @tagging of content – allowing the user to easily link to intranet content including documents, events and people. Since an intranet is more about the people, that is the focus of the analytics.

Report On Intranet Analytics – Required Reading for Collaboration Teams and Analytics Vendors

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In light of my research above and the advice I give in the User Adoption Strategies workshop around measurement and analytics, I was pleased to see the new Intranet Analytics report from ClearBox Consulting in the UK.

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The Intranet Management Handbook - Part 2. Technology

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I wrote a few days ago that Martin White has a new book out , called The Intranet Management Handbook. Chapter 6 talks about managing Intranet technology. In Chapter 6, Martin catalogues a list of technology issues the intranet manager will have to be aware of.

(Intranets2011) "Strategies for Creating a Social Workplace with Your Intranet" - James Dellow, Headshift / Dachis Group

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After the keynote this morning (which was my presentation) at Intranets2011 , James Dellow kicked into creating a social workplace with your intranet. James pointed to Dion's model, at Social intranets: Enterprises grapple with internal change. Collaboration Enterprise 2.0

Rethinking Intranets as Social Workplaces (Dion Hinchcliffe, DachisGroup) #intranets2012 @dhinchcliffe

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Dion Hinchcliffe from the DachinGroup is talking about "Rethinking Intranets as Social Workplaces." I haven't been at the same conference as Dion since Enterprise 2.0 Key points: - Dion is going to talk through the ideas at the leading edge of intranets. - but this isn't being mirrored at the enterprise. How do we take advantage of this in the enterprise? what does a social intranet include? -. (1) what might a social intranet look like? -.

eXo Provides Cloud Workspaces to Enable Flexible Social Intranets

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I have covered eXo before (see Benjamin Mestrallet, eXo CEO, Looks at the Social Enterprise ). He said that the goal with eXo Cloud Workspaces is to provide an easy-to-use social intranet so work teams can start to collaborate in a fully functional space. 

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The True Nature of a Social Intranet

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network KM

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Socialtext Helps Companies Find the People Inside - The Static to Social Intranet

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Socialtext released Socialtext 4.6 , the latest edition of its enterprise social software platform. The key focus is on making the intranet more "social": " First generation intranets and portal technologies have aggregated enterprise systems and enabled self?service And since content requires IT's help to update, intranets quickly become stale and outdated. Personalization of the intranet homepage via widgets. Enterprise Collaboration Intranets

Forrester: Enterprise Search is Maturing and Becoming More Social

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Forrester has provided an interesting new report, Enterprise Search: Six Key Trends to Watch by Leslie Owens with Stephen Powers and Anjali Yakkundi, and social is more positive here. Enterprise search used to be difficult and often unproductive. However, plans for standalone enterprise search services in the cloud lag far behind cloud-based email or collaboration. However, costs are coming down as Web services reduce the cost and intricacy of crawling enterprise systems.

Help Complete the Intranet-Digital Workplace Trends 2011 Survey

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I heard about a useful survey recently, th e 6th annual Intranet-Digital Workplace Trends survey. So far 200 enterprises around the world have taken it. Key topics covered in this year's "Intranet-Digital Workplace Trends" survey are: Mobile Strategies & Approaches, Collaborative & Social Aspects, Search, Governance & Management, Business Value, and Future Scenarios.

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Four Ideas That Will Transform Intranets (Panel Fun) #intranets2012

Michael Sampson - Currents

Four intranet professionals have a short amount of time to present an idea about the intranet transformation. This is the last session for the first day of Intranets 2012. James - "mobile intranets will replace desktop intranets". - I tell people how to design intranets. A desktop intranet won't help them. If I gave them all phones, they could access the intranet. Could I just do an intranet on a phone?".

Achieving "Eureka!" (Martin White, Intranet Focus) #intranets2012 @intranetfocus

Michael Sampson - Currents

At the start of day two of Intranets 2012, Martin White from Intranet Focus in the UK is talking on the topic of Achieving Eureka. James said "Martin is probably the most experienced intranet consultant in the world.". Three key pillars of intranet success - information, technology, governance. Implication - people will expect these capabilities in the enterprise. -. search connects your intranet into everything in your organization.

5 Megatrends on the Intranet - Jane McConnell's Global Intranet Trends

Michael Sampson - Currents

Jane McConnell has started to share the conclusions of the 5th Annual Global Intranet Trends report and survey , including the five key megatrends. The intranet is becoming the front-door into the “workplace web” (the overall landscape of content, services, tools and applications people need to do their jobs). Business needs” and “productivity” are the number two intranet strategy drivers after “communication”. Tags: Enterprise Collaboration

The Business Case for Enterprise Social Bookmarking: $4.6 Million a Year in Cost Savings!


Something that, in my opinion, is one of the fundamental pillars from Enterprise 2.0. Not sure what you would think, but I strongly believe that social bookmarking and social tagging are still an important and rather critical part of a successful Enterprise 2.0

Building Great Enterprise 2.0 Communities

John Tropea - Delicious Community

Enterprise CMS. Enterprise 2.0. Enterprise CMS List. EMC, Microsoft, OpenText Among Gartner Enterprise CMS Magic Quadrant Leaders. Gartner Magic Quadrant: Update Your Enterprise CMS If Its More Than Five Years Old. Oracle Targets Documentum Customers, Time to Switch Enterprise CMS Platforms? The 5 Deadly Sins of SharePoint in the Enterprise. Enterprise CMS Vendors Must Adapt or Die. Building Great Enterprise 2.0 Enterprise 2.0:

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Ephraim on Collaboration: "Collaboration 1.0 at the Heart of Enterprise 2.0 Success"

Michael Sampson - Currents

Ephraim reminds us of the necessity to get the basics right with collaboration , even with Enterprise 2.0 tools in the mix: " Let’s call a spade a spade: Enterprise 2.0 In a growing trend, folks are starting to replace “Enterprise 2.0? with “collaboration” when pitching social intranets and the like to executives. If you want to succeed at Enterprise 2.0, Ephraim finishes with: " Bottom line, if you want to succeed at Enterprise 2.0

In The Next Version - Enterprise Collaboration Vendors I’m Currently Tracking

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network KM

Enterprise Collaboration Vendors I’m Currently Tracking. Enterprise Collaboration SAP StreamWork For Collab Why Startups Win Over The The Renewed Focus On Gett What’s Next For Soc 3 Things I Find Wrong Wit A Look Back At 2011 In So Predictions For 2012 From Podio’s Integration Will Enterprise Collaboration Enterprise Collaboration Enterprise Collaboration Enterprise Collaboration Enterprise Collaboration.

Looking at the Social Enterprise with eXo CEO Benjamin Mestrallet

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?Much has happened to bring social applications into the enterprise in the past few years. provides a foundation for portal-based enterprise apps.  It is an application development platform and it can manage social interactions within the enterprise. You can set up activity streams within it to integrate enterprise communication. In the past most of their clients were large enterprises.

Mobile Access to the Intranet - Survey #mobile #intranets

Michael Sampson - Currents

I've been a long term believer in mobile access to collaborative systems, and as the Intranet becomes a habitat for many people, mobile access is important. Sabel Online and Frankwatching in the Netherlands are currently running a survey on mobile access to the Intranet : " This research is about the use, needs and developments of intranet. Common terms used in this survey are 'mobile intranet' and 'mobile devices'. Enterprise Mobility Intranets

Intranet Secrets

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ThoughtFarmer introduced Intranet Secrets last week. Or better yet, what's your intranet secret? Tags: Enterprise Collaboration something which started as a joke, but was a bit true-too-life for many people. Which one is your favorite?

Social Intranet: Open Atrium social network for internal use

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

I’m about to install and muck around with Open Atrium as an social network intranet product for a client. It’s based on social networking software Drupal, and is free to download: Social Intranet Open Atrium. Tags: Enterprise 2.0

Digital Workplace Trends 2013 - and Participation Opportunity for 2014

Michael Sampson - Currents

Simply put, if you have anything to do with the strategy, design, or intent of intranets / collaboration tools / social business approaches / governance at your organization, you should be involved in Jane''s work. Jane has done an outstanding job over the past seven years to document the development of intranets, prod people towards good practice, and stimulate effective approaches in these spaces. There is a boom in enterprise social networks, but they are not yet thriving.

2013 16

Reflections from 2011 – A World Without Email – The Documentary


They have also been rather instrumental in helping understand the new kind of leadership that’s emerging with social networking, the Future of Collaborative Enterprise and its rather complex environment and how we all start to fit in together in such ever changing landscape of Social Business.

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Ten Reasons Why "Enterprise RSS" Has Failed To Become Mainstream

Collaborative Thinking

The article below is interesting in that it does call out a dark truth - enterprise adoption of feed syndication tools has been lacking. There are a host of reasons why Enterprise RSS has not taken off yet (vs. The first concept to understand is that the key focus point for Enterprise RSS is not the reader - it's the feed syndication platform (the server back-end) that provides centralized administration, feed management and other services (e.g.,

Green Chameleon » Getting Started on Your Intranet

Green Chameleon blog articles how-to guides events publications book videos about Getting Started on Your Intranet I am increasingly of the opinion that no knowledge management effort can avoid the intranet. Intranets have always been messy work.

Traction Releases TeamPage Attivio Plus and Social Enterprise Web

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Social Enterprise Web allows you to discover, discuss, tag, task and use external documents or database records discovered by search or selected with a TeamPage badge (a "Like" button for collaboration). Social Enterprise Web is an integrated search and badging capability.

Bitrix Provides Robust Intranet with Social Components

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Bitrix is a Russian company with a US presence that offers a number of enterprise products built on their Bitrix Framework. These include Bitrix SaaS, Bitrix Site Manager, and Bitrix Intranet Portal. I recently spoke with Stephen Ankenman and Denis Zenkin about their intranet offering.

2009 Intranet Innovation Awards Now Live!


A couple of days back my good friend Alex Manchester blogged about something that I think would be really exciting for folks out there working in a corporate environment and enjoying the many advantages of having a state of the art and innovative Intranet.

Blog>> Getting Started on Your Intranet

Green Chameleon

I am increasingly of the opinion that no knowledge management effort can avoid the intranet. This means, by the way, that if KM is just a section of your intranet, you have a long way to go). The intranet is not the only instrument of KM, but it is a critical one.

Recommended Resource: Global Intranet Trends for 2011

Michael Sampson - Currents

I spent an hour yesterday afternoon reviewing Jane McConnell's latest publication - the Global Intranet Trends 2011 report. This is the fifth year Jane has surveyed intranet managers on the state of intranets, and thus Jane has a wealth of real world data to aggregate and share.

My KM World 2010 and Enterprise Search Summit 2010 Notes: James Robertson on Intranets in 2015

Portals and KM

Here is another in a series of session notes for KM World 2010 and Enterprise Search Summit 2010. I attended the session, Intranets in 2015 led by James Robertson, Managing Director - Step Two Designs. How can we deliver great intranets if we don't know where we're heading? This powerful presentation outlines a vision for intranets in 2015, describing a day-in-the-life of how staff will work. James has been talking about intranets for a long time.

Collaboration Sites vs the Intranet (or "and the Intranet")

Michael Sampson - Currents

In both cases, SharePoint was being used to power collaboration sites (team sites, project sites), and in both cases SharePoint was also being used to power the intranet. You go here to do collaboration; you go here for the Intranet.". You go here for our Intranet and collaboration sites.". Tags: Enterprise Collaboration

Green Chameleon » Wiki Intranet 2.0

Green Chameleon blog articles how-to guides events publications book videos about Wiki Intranet 2.0 Hurry on over to the e-gineer blog where Nathan Wallace has posted an update on his spectacular wiki-intranet project at Janssen-Cilag. “Shamelessly stealing from the Agile Manifesto, I propose the following values for building Enterprise 2.0

Intranet Focus Ltd - Successful Enterprise Search Management

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Martin White and Stephen Arnold have released a new book on making search technologies work in the enterprise. Successful Enterprise Search Management is the first book to provide comprehensive guidance on all aspects of selecting, implementing and managing enterprise search applications.

Traditional Intranets are so Nineteenth Century

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Oscar Berg posted a useful piece on why traditional intranets fail today's knowledge workers that I want to bring to your attention. Most traditional intranets do not provide the flexibility for knowledge access that knowledge workers require.   As Oscar writes, "most of today's intranets primarily consist of pre-produced information resources which are intended to serve information needs which can be anticipated in advance.

My KM World 2010 and Enterprise Search Summit 2010 Notes: Complete Listing

Portals and KM

Here is a listing of the series of session notes for  KM World 2010  and  Enterprise Search Summit 2010. Thomas Vander Wal: Designing Social Search in the Enterprise. James Robertson: Intranets in 2015.  It was a great and it was tough to determine which sessions to record. I tried to pick a cross section of topics. I hope you find these notes useful.

Global Intranets Survey 2010 Now Open

Michael Sampson - Currents

Jane McConnell's Global Intranet Survey is in its 5th year. At the end of the survey process, Jane writes a very helpful summary of the key trends in Intranets. I have seen two of the reports, and if Intranets is your life, you need to as well. Strategy and scope of the intranet.