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The article Mapping the value of employee collaboration has been sent to the following recipients: Mapping the value of employee collaboration As collaboration within and among organizations becomes increasingly important, companies must improve their management of the networks where it typically occurs. Exhibit 3: Employees interaction times can be converted into an average monthly cost ofcollaboration per employee.

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One intriguing study tracked employees in the marketing divisionof a German bank by having them wear small sensors called sociometersfor one month. A recentMIT study found that in one organization the employees with the most extensivepersonal digital networks were 7% more productive than their colleagues –so Wikis and Web 2.0 In thesame organization, however, the employees with the most cohesiveface-to-face networks were 30% more productive.

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Manyika In This Article Exhibit 1: More jobs require tacit interactions Exhibit 2: Performance varies for the highly tacit For many employees today, collaborative, complex problem solving is the essence of their work. Many employees engage in activities of this kind to some extent; production workers at Toyota Motor, for instance, collaborate continually with engineers and managers to find new ways of reducing costs and solving quality problems.