Email Security

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The prevalence of email (addresses, services, checking behaviours) has made it a key vector for hackers, attackers, and others devoted to maleficence. There are many varieties of bad email: – spam – unwanted email messages, normally carrying a commercial offer.

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Evolution of Chat and Email in the Contact Center Industry

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After writing a review on social media and emailing support, I was eventually able to resolve the issue in about 4 business days. Although my experience was not the best from inception, I felt confident in my ability to find a resolution via the email process. I definitely felt more comfortable with emailing the support team. is email the next wave of customer service support versus calling the toll-free customer support line?

Beng Effective with Email

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Arne points to a Swedish company - EGBS - offering public courses on reducing email addiction: " The “stop mailing” training course does not focus on the stress factors, but rather on what you get out of your mailing. You will start thinking and behaving like a non emailer.

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A World Without Email – Year 3, Weeks 29 to 51 (The Email Starvation Continues…)


Yes, indeed, the conclusion so far is that it *is* possible to live a corporate life without using work email! So far I am down to 17 emails received per week ! Yes, that’s a reduction of over 95% in my email traffic over the last three years !

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Banning Email at Cisco

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In an attempt to encourage staff to shift to new ways of communicating, Peter Hughes at Cisco has banned his staff from using email for broadcasting messages : “ Employees’ reliance on email as the primary mode of communication is hurting business productivity, according to an executive at one of the world’s biggest technology companies, Cisco. “Email has become abused.

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Life Without eMail – Year 6, Weeks 21 to 24 – (Newcomer Challenging for King Email’s Crown)


In fact, today’s entry will be about a Newcomer Challenging for King eMail’s Crown. . Somehow the latter approach sounds so much more of an effective use of our time than the selfish, egotistical use of email just to fit our own individual purpose(s).

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Life Without eMail – 5th Year Progress Report – The Community, The Movement


Did I give up on giving up on corporate email? Did I get tired of it and moved back to email? To the point where it’s now evolved into what will be the next stage and my new focus area: Life Without eMail. A World Without eMail – Year 5 – Progress Report.

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Reflections from 2011 – A World Without Email – The Documentary


A World Without Email – The Progress Report. And that basically means that I have consistently gone down on the amount of incoming corporate emails year in year out. Yes, indeed, only 16 emails per week! emails per day! Research on Redefining Email AND Our Use.

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A World Without Email — Year 3, Weeks 19 to 23 (Breaking the Email Addiction)


Has my weekly inbound email increased or decreased? Have I gone back to email after listening again to the sirens singing along ? After all of these years I can finally proclaim I have now, at long last, broken my email addiction !

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The Evolution of Email

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I first covered my friend Luis Suarez move away from email in 2008 – see Luis Suarez Frees Himself From E-Mail’s Grip and Much More.  Luis sates that he is not trying to get rid of email although but to reduce its power over our lives. I saw a study that found half of respondents checking their email in bed, starting at around 7:09 AM and 68% check email before 8 AM. 69% can’t go to sleep without checking email and 40% do so after 10 PM.

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A World Without Email – Year 3, Weeks 1 to 8 (On Email Sanity by Zen Habits)


Of course, I’m talking about living " A World Without Email ", the initiative I started about two years and two months ago, which I still keep going about, probably for a good while now, where I decided to give up on corporate email for good, Thinking Outside the Inbox.

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Life Without eMail – Year 6, Weeks 1 to 20 – (Back to Basics)


Well, that is the “moment” I have just been experiencing in the last 20 weeks of Year 6 of “ Life Without eMail ” culminating this week with something I thought I would never be able to see, say or talk about again. 99 emails!!

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Is Email Killing Collaboration?

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Dan ran some workshops in New Zealand recently to investigate whether email is killing collaboration : " There’s a lot of talk about alternatives to email. They’re using email. We use email because everyone uses email. And email is fantastic for one to one communication. So when you start using email to collaborate in groups of 3, 4 or 5, it hurts. Meanwhile the use of email keeps growing. Email is widely used for many-to-many communication.

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No Email Reply? Don’t Let an Unanswered Email Get the Better of You

Leading Virtually

Such as when there’s no reply to our emails. We don’t care as much when our email to a company’s customer service is unanswered but when we send it to someone we know or an individual we are trying to establish contact with, not receiving a reply leaves us unsettled.

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IBM Covers the Transformation of Business Email

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Business email remains big despite some attempts to get stuff out of an overcrowded inbox.    As IBM mentioned, organizations still consider email to be their most important, mission-critical application. Ed noted that email has been around for almost two decades.

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A World Without Email – Year 3, Weeks 11 to 18 (Social Networks Spur the Demise of Email in the Workplace)


One that would include a much long overdue update on how things are going with that work related activity of living " A World Without Email " It’s about time, don’t you think? So that basically means 138 less emails from one year to another.

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A World Without Email - Year 2, Weeks 11 to 14 (Email as a Collaboration Tool? No, Thanks!)


That way I will avoid boring you to death with countless progress reports entries on this blog on detailing what it is like not using email at work. I was just getting started with the experiment and was averaging 42 emails a week. From Email Culture To Stream Culture: Out Of The Inbox.

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A World Without Email — Year 2, Week 52 (Email Is Dead… Long Live Email!)


you will see me writing that particular sentence as part of the title of a blog post: " Email Is Dead [.]" I know there are some people out there who have been following for a while this initiative of living " A World Without Email " and all along it has looked like as if they would want me to see email go and die a painful death. I have never said that email will die or cease to exist. When was the last time you ever received 22 emails per week?

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Fluent - Making Email More Twitter-Like

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A World Without Email - Year 2, Week 10 (Is Email Really Dead?)


So, what happened last week then, you may be wondering, with regards to my weekly progress report on giving up email at work, right? Well, it looks like things are becoming steadier by the week and may have settled down around the barrier of the 25 emails received per week thus far.

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A World Without Email — Year 3, Weeks 24 to 28 (Email Is Where Knowledge Goes to Die – The Presentation)


It has been a while now since the last progress report I have shared over here around the topic of living “ A World Without Email “, that experiment that has been going on for over 2.5 Just as much as Ethan Yarbrough ‘s Email’s Role in an Enterprise 2.0

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A World Without Email – Year 2, Weeks 49 to 51 (EMail Is Where Knowledge Goes to Die)


It has been nearly a month since the last time I put together a blog post over here on how I’m doing living " A World Without Email " and, while looking into the last few weeks, I have just realised that I’m almost on the closure of the second year experiment of giving up on corporate email altogether. Yes, 14 emails received per week! One that has allowed me to reduce my email clutter substantially and that can only be a good thing.

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Have any other authors received this email?

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We hope you enjoyed receiving this email, but if you no longer wish to receive our emails please click here I just received this survey request but can''t figure out who "Publishing Research Group" is. The survey is benign but it appears they''re f(ph)ishing for authors.

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Adding email notification to Google Forms and Google Spreadsheets

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Here’s a picture of what it does: Adding email notifications to a Google Form and a Google Spreadsheet. The first time you run the program, you need to authorize it to send email to you on your behalf. email acknowledgement / notification.

Living “A World Without Email” … in Google Plus


but what I am rather surprised about is the fact that hardly anyone has talked or blogged about the fact that Plus does present a real threat to the king of communications, collaboration and knowledge sharing: email! They all said that it was going to redefine the way we do email today.

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OrchestratorMail - Bringing Structure and Clarity to Email Communication

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A lot of business is conducted via email. But as with any use of language, especially in times of limited time and an overwhelming abundance of email, being clear about what you are saying (and what you are not saying) is critical.

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Green Chameleon » Email is Dead?

Green Chameleon blog articles how-to guides events publications book videos about Email is Dead? He’s been posting on the mortality of email , which pleases me. Dave Snowden has been talking about “email detox&# for years. Now back to my email backlog.

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[Podcast] This Week in Lotus 018: A World Without Email? Or Blackberries?


This Week in Lotus 018 – A world without email? IBM Innovation Knowledge Management Knowledge Tools Learning Personal KM Podcasting Productivity Tools Social Computing A-World-Without-Email

No Email Reply? Don’t Let it Get the Better of You

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Such as when there’s no reply to our email. We don’t care as much when our email to a company’s customer service is unanswered but when we send it to someone we know or an individual we are trying to establish contact with, not receiving a reply leaves us unsettled.

2013 75 Provides Social Email to Push Enterprise Collaboration Adoption

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The goal is to increase user adoption of the broader collaboration platforms now available and stop sharing docs as attachments to email. was launched to bring the social collaboration capabilities into email where business users already work. within your email.

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A World Without Email - Year 2, Weeks 2 to 5 (Social Networking More Popular than Email)


Ok, instead of sharing with you every single snapshot of each of the previous different weeks, since you can find them all at my Flickr account , I thought I would go ahead and just share the last one from last week, where you can see that incoming count of emails from all previous weeks.

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A World Without Email – Year 2, Weeks 23 to 27 (Recovering from a Moment of Weakness)


on living a " World Without Email " Time flies, they say, when you are having fun, eh? Started with week #23 hitting over the mark of 30 emails received then going down to 22, then 19 (Way on target this one!); then a whopping 47 and, finally, 15 emails received last week.

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Email is the Enemy of Collaboration?

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In his August 18 article for CMS Wire, Laurence Hart argues that email is the reason that new collaboration technology adoption is slow in the enterprise. He offers a number of reasons for the dominance of email: - Ubiquity. Everyone has email, and the email system you use works with the email system I use. He also gives the negatives - poorly managed content, the explosion of storage requirements for email, and siloed information.

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Should You Move Your Email To The Cloud?

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I attended the session, Extending Workplace Strategies To The Age Of Distributed Work - Should You Move Your Email And Collaboration To The Cloud? Chris asked the audience in the next 12 months: Who is keeping email and collaboration on premises? I would imagine that the email is more of the barrier than other forms of collaboration. This session focused on email. Email is one piece of the broader collaboration strategy.

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Email Management = Top Information Management Pain Point

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information, the research indicates that just 16 percent of organisations assigned the majority of their budget to addressing email management, despite being the UK’s top pain point. This inability to gain control over enterprise email at a time when information risk is escalating, will have costly repercussions to businesses in the long term. Given how much business communication is transported via email, it's critical to get the management side of it right.

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The Man Who Should Have Used Lotus Connections – On the Misuse of Email


A different matter would be email as a collaboration tool, although that’s perhaps the subject for another blog post at some point in time. Funny enough, if you would ask me for the number #1 misuse of email file sharing will be it, by far!;

Lotus 189 Expands Its Social Email Offering to Include Lotus Notes

Portals and KM

Provides Social Email to Help Drive Enterprise Collaboration Adoption ). to become an aggregation platform operating within the email environment, whether it is Outlook or Notes. You can now see an activity stream within the email client.

No Email Reply? Don’t Let it Get the Better of You

Leading Virtually

Such as when there’s no reply to our email. We don’t care as much when our email to a company’s customer service is unanswered but when we send it to someone we know or an individual we are trying to establish contact with, not receiving a reply leaves us unsettled.

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Will Social Software Replace Email in an Enterprise 2.0 World?


dates back to around two years, more precisely a few weeks after I started this initiative of living " A World Without Email " Most of you know how I have been using social software for much longer, yet things changed when I kicked off that experiment. Email rules!

"Getting off the email hamster wheel"

Endless Knots

We all complain about email but who does anything about it? which prompts me to post this single slide about how to radically improve your use of email. All meeting requests have Subject, Location, and Time (provided by the email client — e.g. Outlook, Notes, etc.)

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A World Without Email – Year 2, Weeks 29 (CBC’s Spark – A World Without Email)


I have been able to get a whopping number of 10 emails in a single week ! Yes, 10 emails from last week, you are reading it right! Last year, the first time where I hit 10 or less emails in a single week was on week 46 , with just 3 of them (During a vacation period, to be noted as well). I mean, if on week 29 I am already hitting 10 emails per week, I wonder what it would be like on week 50, for instance.

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A World Without Email - Year 2, Week 7 (Open Enterprise 2009 with Oliver Marks)


And that’s why I thought I would drop by again and put together the next blog post on the weekly progress report of my " A World Without Email " series, just before I would freak out from the whole thing!

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Is Email Marketing Dead?

Online Social Networking

Vascellaro, we obviously still use email. However, email was better suited to the way we used the Internet in the past, when we’d go online intermittently to read our messages. The always-on connection, in turn, has created a host of new ways to communicate that are much faster than email, and more fun.&#. If more of our attention is being directed toward social media and away from email, is there a future for email marketing ? Advice for Email Marketers.