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The Value and Limits of Imagination

Jenny Connected

On a 4-day Field & Field course I recently attended on The Divided Brain. Coming to Your Senses, Iain McGilchrist told us that there are four paths to knowledge: science, reason, intuition and imagination. He gave a one-hour talk on each of these topics.

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Re-Thinking Return on Investment for Office 365

Michael Sampson - Currents

How much do you pay every month for your employees’ Office 365 subscription? Research shows that the payments made by Microsoft customers for Office 365 are not being met with parallel value gains in return. Migrating to Office 365 is not enough to pay back your investment. The real value of Office 365 comes when you and your employees start changing work processes to take advantage of the capabilities in Office 365. This is the core adoption issue.

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Being Adaptable: A Reminder List

How to Save the World

image from PXHERE , CC0. I t’s been about four years since I produced an updated version of my rather complicated Community-Based Resilience Framework.

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Customer Communities Are Critical For Business Transformation

Online Community Strategy

The last few years have seen big brands make extraordinary investments in developing massive “digital transformation” and social media programs. On one hand, these programs have yielded moments of customer connection, advocacy and insight.

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Did Early Humans Have Selves?

How to Save the World

image by Neil Howard on flickr CC-BY-NC2.0.

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