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Painting of a Trio of Poblano Peppers

Portals and KM

Here is a 16' x 20" acrylic painting of three poblano pepper. I  I completed it as another demonstration at the painting class I am teaching at the Community Commitment Education Center (Leonidas and Spruce) in New Orleans.

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The Paradox of Self-Management

How to Save the World

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Learning a craft

Chris Corrigan

In his book Sea Room Adam Nicholson describes meeting John MacAuly, a Hebridean boat builder who has just built a boat for him to sail across the Minch to the Shiants. And do you think I’ll make a good sailor of her”. “If If you had another life,” John said. “Ah Ah yes,” I said reeling a little. “I

#SOCRMx: Week 4 – Discourse Analysis

Jenny Connected

(Click on image for source). In Week 4 the Introduction to Social Research Methods course requires participants to move on and 1) reflect on a chosen method, and 2) test our ability to identify specific information about methods in a given research paper.

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What parents don’t see


Homeschoolers hear often that their kids are always supervised by their parents, that they lack time to be outside of the family to learn about other ways of doing things.