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#openedMOOC Week 2: Copyright, the Public Domain, and the Commons

Jenny Connected

An infographic created by Shihaam Donnelly from [link]. This week’s videos and readings are a lot more interesting than I anticipated.

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Conferences for ENGAGEMENT…rather than display

Networking Action

“Conferences can lead to both knowledge exchange and impact – we just have to do them differently,” writes Mark Reed. Amen to that. I, too, don’t want to go to conferences designed around cutting off the top of heads and … Net Dev

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Power of Purpose: How Solid Purpose Generates Strategic Strength

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Purpose is one of the most powerful tools organizations have to support strategy. A good purpose places a stake in the ground, declaring what the organization values. It provides flexibility and allows the organization to respond to shifts in the market and customer preferences.

To conference or to unconference?

Joitske Hulsebosch

I was hesitating for a long time whether I would attend the L&D unconference , organized by Ger Driesen in collaboration with the L&D connect community. The unconference costs you a whole day of your time and follows the open space method. There was a theme: the future of L&D.

SOCRMx Week 2 Surveys

Jenny Connected

I have divided this post into two parts. The first part reports on information from the course site. The second part is an attempt to complete one of the suggested activities. Surveys: Part 1. Source of image here.

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Intuitive ‘instruction design’


It’s third season of the workshops for homeschoolers that we organise together with Wout Zweers , who works at an intersection of art, design and making. Today is another workshop and, being up early, I started to think about my role in the process. The first part is logistical. I sort out the dates, write announcements, communicate with the participants and make sure that contributions get collected. The second one is educational.