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Why No Lessons Learned Microsoft?

Michael Sampson - Currents

Last week saw the first major service disruption to Office 365 in several years.

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Building an Online Liberating Structures Practice 90 Minutes at a Time

Full Circle Associates

Liberating Structures has become central to my practice over the years. I have dabble with using LS online, but the call to do more online is getting stronger, particularly in introducing people to LS and getting immediately to hands on use.

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Protected: PARTICIPATORY mapping of agricultural collaborations in Malawi

Making CommunitySense

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Who influences the EU’s green infrastructure strategy?

Net-Map Toolbox

It’s not just about information flow and regulations: Social pressure considerably influences biodiversity governance in Europe. It is my pleasure to share more Net-Map work done by capable colleagues. Jennifer Hauck , Jenny Schmidt and Anja Werner analyzed the key actors that influence the implementation of the European Commission’s green infrastructure strategy.

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Links of the Quarter: September 2018

How to Save the World

Cartoon by Hugh Macleod from Gaping Void. P hysicist Sean Carroll, a leading-edge thinker and researcher on quantum mechanics and astrophysics. just did a podcast in which he says: You want to know why the universe is, you’re not going to get a satisfactory answer. You’re not going to be happy.

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Adaptive Strategy Development

Full Circle Associates

Introduction Designing in complex and emergent contexts challenges the traditional log frame approach.

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Chris Corrigan on Complexity Principles and Participatory Process Design

Full Circle Associates

Ah, Kismet! Chris Corrigan posted a great blog a while back about complexity and participatory design process. I had slipped the quote into a draft post and rediscovered it today. I want to build on his brain dump! He is building on Sonja Blignault blogging on Paul Cilliers’ work on complexity. See Cilliers’ seven characteristics of complex systems and the implications … Continue reading Chris Corrigan on Complexity Principles and Participatory Process Design. Source.

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