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Why We Eat So Badly (and No One Is To Blame)

How to Save the World

W hen I came to appreciate how complex systems work, it enabled me to take a more dispassionate and sympathetic look at the myriad of problems and predicaments facing us.

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Appreciating Kauffman

Chris Corrigan

One of the things I am learning reading Stuart Kauffman’s book “ Reinventing the Sacred ” is just how powerful and pervasive the phenomenon of creative emergence is at every level in our world.

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Full Circle Associates

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The Hanged Man

How to Save the World

When I was younger, two Tarot Cards turned up repeatedly in readings done for me: The Hanged Man, and the Fool. The Hanged Man was interpreted at the time as a sign that I was destined for a life of self-sacrifice, and possibly asceticism.

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Fourth Composition

How to Save the World

I’m pleased to present my fourth composition, entitled Konpasition. Once again it’s entirely original (no loops, no samples).

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