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Truth in Education

Jenny Connected

To help us prepare for the Rebel Wisdom Summit on May 12 th , in London, participants have been sent links to a number of videos which feature the keynote speakers, Iain McGilchrist, Bret Weinstein, Heather Heying and Jordan Greenhall (see my last blog post for links to the videos).

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Simpler, Yet

How to Save the World

O ur brains, crazy patterning devices that they are, are constantly trying to see patterns — connections, causes, continuities, reasons, purposes, justifications — for everything they perceive. There actually aren’t any, but that doesn’t stop the brain. It has t o try to know, and there is something about the aha! that comes with seeing a new pattern that makes sense of what previously didn’t, that makes the self just jump all over it.

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Rebel Wisdom Summit

Jenny Connected

Next month I will be attending the Rebel Wisdom Summit in Brick Lane, London, with two members of my family.

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