Sat.Dec 30, 2017 - Fri.Jan 05, 2018

Painting of Tea Kettle New Orleans

Portals and KM

Here is a 12' x 12" acrylic painting of a tea kettle. I completed it as a demonstration at painting class I am teaching at the Community Commitment Education Center (Leonidas and Spruce) in New Orleans.

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The Collaborative Workspace: Improve Productivity Through Engagement

Jenny Connected

If you’re looking to improve productivity at work, it may be time to shift to a collaborative workspace. Whether you’re a small company or well-established corporation, such collaborative office environments can offer great benefits. While smaller companies and freelancers can move to a coworking space, larger companies have the ability to convert their own offices.

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How to Save the World

my life is a play and my role, apparently. is as part of an musical octet. which sings three songs. as interludes in a vast improv performance, and. after each, acts out a short improv scene of our own, a midsummer night’s subplot of sorts.

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Remoteness as a colonization strategy

Chris Corrigan

I’ve been enjoying reading Adam Nicolson’s book “Sea Room” about the Shiant Islands in the Hebrides. The history of the small group of islands that he owns obsesses him.

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Part-Time or Temporary Worker – Employee or Independent Contractor?

Chris Corrigan

Worker classification is tricky business. When you hire a variety of people, some part-time or temporary, it can be confusing to determine how to properly classify and pay them. What makes someone an employee?

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