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(video) tool of the month: 1 second video apps for blended learning

Joitske Hulsebosch

This blogpost can be read in Dutch on Ennuonline. Video is an important online trend. The tool of this month is therefore a video tool: the 1 second video app. Video is already important in online marketing, and learning and training follows this trend.

2018 179

Painting of Marigny Homes New Orleans

Portals and KM

Here is a 16" x 20" oil painting of homes on Dauphine Street near Ferdinand in the Marginy, New Orleans completed on site. 

2018 130

Climate Change Transformation Requires a New Research Approach

Networking Action

Ioan Fazey , Councillor – SDG Transformations Forum; Professor Social Dimensions of Environmental Change – University of Dundee. The world is becoming a confusing place, with change all around us. Issues are ever more complex and interconnected and humanity is … Net Dev

2018 141

Announcing the C3/A3 Project: The Connected Future of Communities, AI & Automation

Online Community Strategy

The C3/A3 Project. C3: Community, Crowd, Collaboration. A3: AI, Agents and Automation. Humans instinctively seek meaning, connection and resources through community.

2018 66

Painting of Raw Oysters in New Orleans

Portals and KM

Here is a 16" x 20" acrylic painting of a dozen raw oysters in New Orleans. The two on the right front have been eaten. I can assure you that they and the rest were delicious. 

2018 130

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