Sat.Sep 16, 2017 - Fri.Sep 22, 2017

Learning poses or learning to model?

Joitske Hulsebosch

Every Monday evening at 20.30 I install myself in front of the television with my daughter for a program called Hollands Next Topmodel, to continue with Models in Paris: The real life. My husband doesn't like it at all, but I really enjoy a view into a completely different world.

2017 153

The Inner Dimension

Alchemy of Change

The impenetrability of the interior dimension, its secrecy, is what makes it so very precious and so very sacred. Featured Soul

2017 152

The need to lead

Ken Carroll

Marketers these days must lead. So many of the things we do in marketing as mechanical tasks, now require a leadership mindset: Winning, competing, positioning, creating a category, influencing the marketplace.

2017 116

Running a Pro Action Cafe for 300 people

Chris Corrigan

Last week I was a guest keynote facilitator at Econous2017 , the annual gathering of Canadian community economic development practitioners.

2017 74

“It rains in the forest long after the sky has cleared”

Chris Corrigan

Isn’t that beautiful image? Here on the west coast of Canada the Douglas-firs and cedars and hemlocks that cover the mountains and islands rake the sky for moisture. As the rains return in the fall, the trees help the forest drink.

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