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Networked City development

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I’m currently writing for a new Networked City blog which complements our NWC wiki and NWC forum. Networked City is a loose framework within which people, projects and organisations can learn how to use mapping, network building, data and technology for community and social benefit. We are developing a network and communities of practice. Recent posts at Networked City. Smarter London Together starts on the road to people-first design. Can it also lead to strong civil society?

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Test the Idea at (Small) Scale

Michael Sampson - Currents

You have surveyed the current reality, and looked at what else is possible. You – in conjunction with others – have envisioned a new approach to work.

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How Our Bodies Sense the World, and How ‘We’ Misinterpret It

How to Save the World

Las Vegas street mural “sensory perception” by Jef Logan ; flickr photo taken by wiredforlego CC BY-NC 2.0.

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Helping Others to “See Differently”

Michael Sampson - Currents

We hosted a party last night, for our second son who turned 21. It’s was a great celebration of life and living, and we enjoyed seeing family and friends share the dancing, food, fun and speeches of the night. We hired a local hall we’ve never hired before.

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Improving Personal Capability to Embrace New Ideas

Michael Sampson - Currents

We held a push-up competition several years ago at my house. Some of my sons could easily do 20 push-ups, but one in particular couldn’t do any (he was … 7?). “Dad, I can’t even do one” he said to me.

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Marijn Somers on Change (and Progress) with Office 365

Michael Sampson - Currents

Earlier in the week I suggested we should use a different word instead of change. Marijn commented about his slide deck above, presented at SharePoint Saturday in Cambridge in September 2017. Read the whole deck, but I’m making an especial call out re Marijn’s argument around “progress” instead of “change” on slides 26-29. P.S. Slide 13 made me laugh out loud. Adoption & Effective Use Microsoft Office 365 Re-Imagining Effective Work

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