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Dispatch from the 2017 Association of Change Management Professionals Conference

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My first time in New Orleans didn’t disappoint! The annual conference of the Association of Change Management Professionals was lively, friendly, and fun. Didn’t attend? Scroll down for my take on what was new and hot at the 2017 conference. Prefer visuals to text?

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Blog>> Developing a KM Maturity Assessment that Supports Action Planning

Green Chameleon

I have always been very cautious about KM Maturity Assessments. They carry a lot of assumptions about how KM should be implemented, that may not always be true for everybody. They often have features that get in the way of action planning that really matches the need of the organisation concerned. They can just be paper exercises to support a check-box mentality rather than supporting a real capability development.

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Mapping complexity theory

Chris Corrigan

If you are as much as a complexity theory geek as I am becoming, you might appreciate this map by Brian Castellani that links to the founders of the various branches of complexity science.

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How to Save the World

image: the tadpole galaxy, a ‘disrupted’ galaxy — source: Hubble Legacy Archive, ESA, NASA, in the public domain, via wikipedia; Processing – Bill Snyder (Heavens Mirror Observatory). ~~~~~. when it awoke, it wasn’t quite clear who it was. or where it was, or even if it was at all.

The creative challenge

Chris Corrigan

Nadia has a small piece this morning on one element of good design, reflecting on a book review by Ian Pinasoo. I like the way she puts this: Great workshops are based on a creative challenge. A creative challenge is real and not fake. It matters.

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