April, 2019

Publishing in open access journals

Jenny Connected

Periodically I receive a message from Taylor and Francis about how often a paper I published with Mariana Funes has been read. This week they sent me the following message: Of course Taylor and Francis can’t know whether or not the article has been read.

2019 177

Painting of Vintage Chevy Pickup New Orleans

Portals and KM

Here is a 12" x 12" plein air oil painting of a vintage Chevy pickup in New Orleans.    The best way to easily see most of my paintings for s ale is to go to my Facebook page -  [link]  - and look at Photos and albums within Photos.

2019 141

New publication: Participatory Collaboration Mapping in Malawi: Making Mike’s Community Informatics Idea(l)s Work

Making CommunitySense

de Moor (2018). Participatory Collaboration Mapping in Malawi: Making Mike’s Community Informatics Idea(l)s Work, The Jour nal of Community Informatics , 14(2-3):109-115. Abstract.

2019 130

Tool of the month: interactive video

Joitske Hulsebosch

This time the tool of the month is not one but no fewer than five tools. I co-organized a meetup about interactive video in the Netherlands. My own experience with interactive video had been adding questions to videos with the help of Zaption (which no longer exists) and Edpuzzle.

2019 130

Nothing on Offer Here

How to Save the World

image CC0 via maxpixel. P eople want to believe, and they want people who seem to have found answers to tell them what they’ve learned, and what to do as a result.

2019 87

How facilitation can lead to exclusion

Net-Map Toolbox

I was totally thrilled to go to the first Liberating Structures Global Gathering in Seattle last month, to play with my facilitation superheros. Liberating Structures are a set of facilitation tools, gathered and curated based on a strong philosophy. Their aim is to allow anyone (whether trained as facilitator or not) to facilitate better meetings, with just the right amount of structure (not too chaotic and not too rigid) and giving everyone equal opportunity to contribute.

2019 89

Truth in Education

Jenny Connected

To help us prepare for the Rebel Wisdom Summit on May 12 th , in London, participants have been sent links to a number of videos which feature the keynote speakers, Iain McGilchrist, Bret Weinstein, Heather Heying and Jordan Greenhall (see my last blog post for links to the videos).

2019 169

More Trending

The freedom of living undocumented


You either live, or write is still true. The last two months were quite intensive in terms of events – visits of family and friends, travel and making long-term choices with lots of impact. It’s not over yet, but I do have a quiet moment now to think and write before the next wave begins.

2019 116

The folly of political lines

Chris Corrigan

I’m on my way to Europe for a week, cobbling together the first leg of a 26 day trip that will take me to The Hague, Hamburg, Manitoulin Island, Thornbury Ontario, and New York City.

2019 58

The Rogue Primate

How to Save the World

Image from wikimedia by Nick Hobgood , CC-BY-SA 3.0. Is human destructiveness a consequence of the evolution of the self? I have spent much of my life arguing that humans are not significantly different from any other living creature, and thus deserve no special consideration.

2019 61

Rebel Wisdom Summit

Jenny Connected

Next month I will be attending the Rebel Wisdom Summit in Brick Lane, London, with two members of my family.

2019 139

Simpler, Yet

How to Save the World

O ur brains, crazy patterning devices that they are, are constantly trying to see patterns — connections, causes, continuities, reasons, purposes, justifications — for everything they perceive. There actually aren’t any, but that doesn’t stop the brain. It has t o try to know, and there is something about the aha! that comes with seeing a new pattern that makes sense of what previously didn’t, that makes the self just jump all over it.

2019 39