October, 2009

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Gary Hayes Social Media Count

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

Social Media statistics: Ever wondered how many people are blogging, uploading videos, tweeting right at this very minute ? Here’s a counter that displays growth of Twitter, money spent on Facebook gifts, number of SMS’s sent worldwide second by second. Social Network activity measured in real time.

Personal Kanban at the World Bank: Modus Cooperandi Info Pak 1

Evolving Web

Personal Kanban at the World Bank - Small Team Rapid Development. View more documents from ourfounder. This is the first in a series of Modus Cooperandi's Info Paks. They are downloadable, and work like a narrative whitepaper. Think of them like graphic novels for business. This Info Pak is best read by clicking the “Full” button above. Web/Tech

The Art of Community Now Available For Free Download | Art Of Community Online

John Tropea - Delicious Community

My passion behind the book was to provide a solid guide to building, energizing and enabling pro-active, productive and enjoyable communities. Thanks!

6 Reasons to Use the Term “Community Benefit Organization”

Hildy Gottlieb

Lately we hear a louder and louder drumbeat to stop using what my friend Mark Riffey calls “the other N word.” Nonprofit. He doesn’t like Italian food.

The Art of Community Available For Free Download | jonobacon@home


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Complex Adaptive Systems, my understanding

Bas Rues

Some commenters on previous posts on this blog referred to CAS or Complex Adaptive Systems. This term is somewhat fuzzy for me, as I’ve never read about CAS before. So now is the time to do so. A first lookup in Wikipedia is always a good start, so that’s what I did. The control of a CAS tends to be highly dispersed and decentralized.

Are Social Networking Sites Easy to Use?

Online Social Networking

Connecting on social networking sites with family and friends requires little forethought or planning. The most popular social networks are easy enough to figure out, even without instruction manuals. Most of us would agree that social networking sites are easy to use for casual networking. She Purged All of Her Friends on Facebook. In Conclusion.

Johnnie Moore, Monoliths and Individuals

Nancy White

Johnnie Moore’s Weblog: The genie out of the bottle. I think we may only have scratched the surface of the impact this will have. Thanks!

Nancy White in Australia

Viv Mcwaters

One of the joys of blogging is ‘meeting’ people who challenge, inspire and are creative. But not this November. Oh, and say hello from me.

Australia: Social Media Marketing Job at Commonwealth Bank

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

Commonwealth Bank are looking for a Social (Media) Marketing Manager – Any takers? Social Marketing Manager – Sydney.

On Governance and Compliance – IBM’s Social Computing Guidelines Webcast


My short answer has always been IBM’s Social Computing Guidelines. Yes, that’s right! Talking about blunt moves! Thoughts? Privacy.

Madeleine Taylor on network weaving

Joitske Hulsebosch

What is striking in the interviews is that the role of the coordinator or facilitator is so new to people.

Digital Habitats and Nancy in Australia

Digital Habitats

November I’m heading back to Australia. Below is a location by location, chronological listing of the events I’m involved in during my trip. Sydney.

Trend Questions: Community “management?”

Nancy White

Having been in the “online community&# world since around 1997, I have seen “community&# ebb and flow. Amazing!). Is the role legitimate?

Blog>> Storytelling Tips

Green Chameleon

Great, concise advice for telling stories from Scott Simon of National Public Radio in the US. Thanks to Shawn for this

COI: Cost of Inaction United Breaks Guitars

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

United Airlines broke a guitar. This is a follow on from my posts on Cost of Inaction , also Steak and Shake and Apple vs Engadget. Mashable ).

How to Organise a Children’s Party – On Simplyfing Business Processes


And, certainly, plenty of others in the last couple of years, too! my KM mentors. Be prepared to have your business world shaking a little bit. Sadly.

Old media declines … social communication entrepreneurs emerge

Social Reporter

I also heard about work in community media centres in Holland similar to that developing in the UK.

Tale of Two Breakfasts in Ivoryton, CT

Portals and KM

First there was the Tale of Two English Breakfasts and then there was the Tale of Two Eggs Benedict in Quebec.

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Trend Questions: More Visuals?

Nancy White

I have fallen deeply in love with graphic facilitation and graphic recording at face to face events. …validating. But give me some slack!).

Blog>> More KM Tools and Techniques

Green Chameleon

They also have a handy newsletter.

Good Game: ABC TV Show and online communities

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

ABC TV show sacks their host – excuse me, founding host – Jeremy Ray. But now? In today’s social media climate? nuh uh. Bad Asher.

Excellent Customer Support Summarised in a Single Word: ScreenFlow


A few days back you would remember how, in a recent blog post , I stated that nowadays it seems it is becoming more and more difficult, and rare!,

Mac 2

Media coaches game a digital neighbourhood

Social Reporter

They are at the sharp end of media literacy - as Ed says, it no good having lots of policy and programmes if people in the classroom can’t deliver.

Why Project Managers Fail

Evolving Web

I’ve managed a lot of projects. I tried to count them – I can’t. What does this mean? Let’s examine these: 1. Because we negotiate it away every time.

Trend Questions: More Synchronous Online Interaction?

Nancy White

Flickr Creative Commons image from James Cridland. I love working asynchronously in text. I can read and write quickly so it suits me. The same?

Painting of Red Onions and Friends

Portals and KM

Here is an 18" x 24" acrylic painting  of red onions, yellow onions, white onions, and garlic. All paintings are for sale  

Donations as Revenue: Social Media Business Podcast

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

Currency has no inherent value itself – only what we, the community, say it’s worth. Caring But Not Committed. Pledgie ). Donations.

The Man Who Should Have Used Lotus Connections — Communities: The Driving Force of Enterprise 2.0


Far too hectic, for sure. But this time around in a good sense. That’s right! Like a phoenix. And yesterday was the big day! Just brilliant!

the power of metaphors

Joitske Hulsebosch

Image by fataetoile/ Cinzia Rizzo via Flickr I'm always amazed by the power of metaphors. Because you will not have any golden eggs in future.

Technologies for a farming community in Africa

Learning Alliances

Sikeku’s project uses an interesting mix of technologies: 5,000 Watt FADECO radio station. Mobile phones.

Laura Fitton’s Twitter Recipe Sharing

Nancy White

Who asked if Twitter had any value? Well, I just got a yummy sounding recipe via Twitter from the famous Pistachio … in two tweets. What karma!).

Painting of My Cat, Rex

Portals and KM

Here is an 18" x 24" acrylic of an orange tiger cat. He has avery regal personality to go with his name

Volkswagen: The fun theory

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

I’m a huge fan of advertising campaigns in social spaces that are fun, narrative, a game, and not in your face. from B&T ).