January, 2017

The Beginning of a New Work Adventure – Joining panagenda!


. On January 20th, it will mark the 20th year anniversary since I started working in the IT industry. A lot has happened over the course of the last two decades both on a personal and work levels, as you can imagine, and, yet, it feels as if it was just yesterday.

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‘The New World’. Fact and Truth in 2017

Jenny Connected

Source of image. Every day this week, BBC Radio 4 is broadcasting a 45-minute programme at 9.00 am bearing the title ‘The New World’. This is a series of programmes examining the major forces that are changing the world around us.

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The New IT Department

Michael Sampson - Currents

The experience of Hollands Kroon, on reimagining what it means to work in a municipal government, and the impact on the IT department: One of the key decisions that Hollands Kroon administrators made as part of the workplace transformation was to empower employees by eliminating standard job hierarchies and reporting structures, freeing up more of the workers’ time and energy to help them better serve citizens.

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2017 How to Create and Use Facebook Business Page Lists

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

2017 How to Create and Use Facebook Lists: the old way has gone. Dear students, In this video lecture I walk you through creating Facebook Business Pages especially for LISTS. Why do you want lists?

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Societal Change System Stewards: A large systems change frontier

Networking Action

Addressing large systems change challenges such as sustainable energy, health care and poverty can be greatly enhanced by development of powerful societal change systems (SCSs) comprising all those organizations, projects and programs aiming to realize change. SCS Stewards can greatly … Net Dev

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The “Other” Consideration of Collaboration Tools; Welcome to the New World of GDPR

Michael Sampson - Currents

Collaboration tools provide amazing capabilities for helping people work together across time and space, and selecting the right tools for your organisation is important. However, there’s another side to the whole area that I haven’t often written about on this site: compliance.

2017 27

How to create a Civilly Disobedient #shitstorm online & off #socialmedia

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

How to create a resistance movement using social media and the steps to do so. This framework came from one I developed for social media campaigns for companies (workshops) but hey! it works for grassroots activism too! Social Media puts the media in YOUR hands now.

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Wanderings of a Liberating Structures Practitioner – Part 1 3 Reasons

Full Circle Associates

As readers of my blog may have noticed, I’ve mentioned Liberating Structures more and more over the past two years. I’ve used them extensively with clients, but I don’t often get the chance to write publicly about that work.

London as a #networkedcity gains support at first event. Now here’s the plan

Social Reporter

First published on mediablends.com. We had a terrific meeting at Newspeak House earlier this week, which I trailed as the launch of the London Networked City exploration. I wrote previously: The exploration we are launching tomorrow , with the London Council for Voluntary Action, aims to complement a much bigger exercise by London funders, LVSC and Greater London Volunteering.

Painting of Creole Tomatoes in New Orleans

Portals and KM

Here is a 24" x 30" painting of Creole tomatoes in new Orleans.    The best way to easily see most of my paintings for s ale is to go to my Facebook page -  https://www.facebook.com/bill.ives2  - and look at Photos and albums within Photos.

2017 11

1st Global Conference on Positive Change

Networking Action

Join me and others at the 1st Global Conference on Positive Change 13 – 14 April 2017, The Netherlands … Net Dev

Update on Microsoft Teams

Michael Sampson - Currents

Update from Kirk on the Office 365 Team on the new (still in preview) Microsoft Teams service in Office 365: … Microsoft Teams has picked up momentum since its launch last November. In the last month alone, 30,000 organizations across 145 markets and 19 languages have actively used Microsoft Teams. snip). We’re especially inspired by this early usage.

2017 24

Facebook Course – Sydney – February 2017

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

Intermediate Facebook Course on Ads, Facebook Insights and PowerEditor/Pixel Retargeting: Mon 6 & Tues 7 February, 2017 in the Sydney CBD. Hey all, I have some spots left in my Facebook 2 day course (it was offered to my email subscribers and current students first).

Wanderings of a Liberating Structures Practitioner – Part 2 the practice

Full Circle Associates

This second post will describe the Liberating Structures string used at the Fire Adapted Communities Network three day retreat in Ashland, Oregon earlier this month to demonstrate the application of LS for strategic planning in contexts that are portfolio based, complex and full of (good!)

CoP 4

Survey instrument: digital workers’ preferences of informal learning opportunities in socio-technical learning ecosystem

Taming the spaces

The survey was developed based on the informal learning interactions in workplaces described by Ley and associates [2014]. The survey items elaborated possible socio-technical system functionalities using the ideas from the prototypes of Learning Layers tools. The online survey comprised of three groups of statements that represent the socio-technical learning system dimensions for informal learning […].

Painting of Live Oaks in City Park New Orleans

Portals and KM

Here is a 16" x 20" oil painting of some of the Live Oaks in City Park New Orleans.    The best way to easily see most of my paintings for s ale is to go to my Facebook page -  https://www.facebook.com/bill.ives2  - and look at Photos and albums within Photos.

2017 11

Whistle language Silbo is disappearing because of technology

Joitske Hulsebosch

I watched The Dutch comedian Javier Guzman on a lazy evening during the x-mas holidays, his shows is called Por Dios. In this show there is a story about the influence of technology I would like to share because it is really telling a story. Javier explains that the shepherd on the isle of La Gomera have a whistle language called Silbo. Through whistling the shepherds communicate with each other to upto 4 kilometers apart. It is actually a whistled sort of Spanish.

Sam Marshall on Re-Imagining Productive Work with Office 365

Michael Sampson - Currents

Sam from Clearbox Consulting recently posted his comments on my Office 365 book on CMSWire: Sampson … has managed to steer a line that shows deep technology understanding without losing sight of why companies acquire these technologies in the first place. snip). I really like the “opportunities” approach. Countless blogs and articles on Office 365 tend to focus on specific tool capabilities or are written for an IT audience.

2017 23

Six Steps to Developing a Societal Change System

Networking Action

Large systems change efforts are greatly strengthened by strategies to create powerful Societal Change Systems (SCSs). Such systems are naturally occurring around any particular change challenge such as sustainable forestry, social justice and food security. However, they are largely invisible … Net Dev

Blog>> Catalogue of Journals Relating to Game-based Learning

Green Chameleon

Our friend and colleague Michael J. Sutton has published an annotated catalogue of journals that publish in game-based learning, simulations, gamification,virtual reality and immersive learning. He provides a brief description of the journal and its topical coverage as well as useful links. This field is so multidisciplinary, this is a very useful resource to have. Check it out here

Two tactics: resist and connect

Chris Corrigan

Last weekend the conversation on facebook about my previous posts took a turn. We are in an emotionally charged time and misunderstanding are everywhere.

Painting of Jazz fest Singer New Orleans

Portals and KM

Here is an 16" square"" acrylic painting of one of Erica Falls backup singers from Jazz Fest in from New Orleans. 

2017 11

The Only Life We Know (edited repost)

How to Save the World

This is a tightened-up version of a (completely fictional) story I wrote in 2004. Still not entirely happy with it, but I can’t let it go.

A Change of Pace in 2017

Michael Sampson - Currents

In early 2013 I was attending a conference in the United States, and on the man-made beach at the hotel resort was introduced by one of my readers to her boss. It became evident fairly quickly that my interest in user adoption and collaboration strategy was commonly held between the three of us, and after getting back to New Zealand I was invited to present a one-day workshop based on my user adoption book for their clients. That happened in June of that year.

Leaving the Neighbourhoods blog


After something like thirteen years, I've decided to stop writing this blog. When  The Divide was screened about a year ago, I started to wonder if neo-liberalism might just be on the way ou t. But then came Brexit and Trump, a double-whammy that has left me feeling more bruised than at first I would have expected. Maybe Mr Trump himself might bring about the end of neo-liberalism, by accidentally signing the wrong document or something, who knows.

How-to Guides>> Behind the Curtain: Understanding the Search and Discovery Technology Stack

Green Chameleon

“Automagicality” has been one of the banes of knowledge management, and specifically within that, understanding the technologies that go into an effective search and discovery experience, and how different technologies can be combined. Here’s an extended piece describing the elements of the search and discovery stack, and how they work individually and in concert, encompassing search, taxonomy management and text analytics for machine aided classification of content.

Conversations across the divide

Chris Corrigan

Last week we were out in Tofino hosting a three-day leadership workshop on dialogue with sixty people, most of whom were from the Port Alberni and west coast area.

Blog>> Cross-Post: Behind the Curtain: Understanding the Search and Discovery Technology Stack

Green Chameleon

(Also posted in How-To-Guides). “Automagicality” has been one of the banes of knowledge management, and specifically within that, understanding the technologies that go into an effective search and discovery experience, and how different technologies can be combined.

One organizing strategy against Trump

Chris Corrigan

I have been spending my Saturday inside watching a bit of soccer and engaging with Donald Trump supporters on twitter. You might consider that a waste of time.

The Mushroom at the End of the World

How to Save the World

A nna Lowenhaupt Tsing’s book The Mushroom at the End of the World is subtitled “On the possibility of life in capitalist ruins”. She’s not talking about the future, when the industrial economy has completely collapsed.

Oppose him

Chris Corrigan

Over the past week I have witnessed many of my American friends wrestling with the demand for loyalty to the president of the United States.

A Criminal Investigation

How to Save the World

R ecently I’ve been going back and reviewing a lot of the ‘less-than-radical’ non-duality material I’ve saved over the past two years, to see how relevant it still is to me.

Things that have been forever

Chris Corrigan

In Tofino for this week, today preparing for 60 people who will be joining us for an Art of Hosting.

A warning for us 

Chris Corrigan

Metro Vancouver Parks, the entity responsible for a major regional park on my home island has posted a warning about the conditions on Killarney Lake. Or perhaps it’s a commentary on global affairs. Bowen