Tue.Dec 04, 2018

Digital badges and the purpose of education

Jenny Connected

We have now come to the end of the sixth topic – Recognition – in Stephen Downes’ E-Learning 3.0 For me, this has been the least satisfying of the course topics so far.

2018 148

Community and organization intertwine

Learning Alliances

I’ve been thinking about how community and organization are intertwined, especially when they are interdependent like they are in churches, synagogues, or mission-driven organizations like Amnesty International. The formation of a process team that’s focused on governance in Shambhala prompts me to write some of my thoughts down. Community and organization are different social entities that represent different ways of participating in our human world.

2018 100

Winter garden


There is not much to expect in the garden in the winter, I thought. Everything is harvested by now and we have a few months ahead for most of the maintenance jobs (although I know that those months fly very fast). So, this is what we found: ripe raspberries to eat in beginning of December. a raspberry plant with roots going so deep that I stopped trying finding the end of it (raspberry roots usually stay on the surface).

2018 89

Conversation and Silence, Part Two

How to Save the World

This is the second part of a two-part post; part one is here. photo of Killarney Lake by fellow Bowen Islander Jason Wilde). If I stay here long enough. I will learn the art of silence. When I have given up words. I will become what I have to say. Richard Shelton, Desert.

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