Thu.Jun 13, 2019

The Value and Limits of science

Jenny Connected

A bit of background. On the recent Field and Field four-day cours e (June 8 th – 11 th 2019), Iain McGilchrist discussed key ideas from his book The Master and His Emissary. The Divided Brain and the Making of the Western World , talking for an hour on each.

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ROI and Office 365 at the SharePoint and Office 365 User Group in Christchurch

Michael Sampson - Currents

I headed into the city early yesterday morning to present on ROI and Office 365. It’s almost an hour from my place to where the session was being held, and not wanting to get caught in the morning rush hour traffic, I left while it was still dark. I stopped at the mall to pick up a couple of items that I needed for my talk (e.g., Vapodrops for a clear throat), and made it to the presentation location just a few minutes after 8am.

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